Friday, December 31, 2010

The 100% perfect girl

Lately I have been obsessing over Murakami. I've always wanted to read his work but somehow, the price of his books kept me from doing so. This Christmas however, I finally got hold of two of his works and I couldn't be more excited!

As I try to devour his novels at home, I pass time reading his short stories at work (oops! guilty! shhhhhh...*wink!) Of the stuff I've read, my favorite of his short stories would have to be "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl one beautiful April morning".
This story is actually the first work I've read of Murakami but that was two years ago and I can't even remember what the story was about! I just remember enjoying it very much, enough to imprint Murakami's name on my brain.

...and because I think the story is extremely magical and lovely, I am sharing it all with you here (this is part of the collection of short stories in Murakami's The Elephant Vanishes). Hope you enjoy!

Dreaming of platform sandals and shoe boots..

I saw two exquisite pairs of shoes last night and I can't stop thinking about it. Sigh. I wish I had the cash and the guts to buy it. It felt so surreal to just look at it gawk at it. That Chantilly lace, soft suede, Elaphe snake...that kid leather and sheer mesh...I wanted to hold it, wear it, bring it home. But alas, reality came a-knockin'. There I was, broke from all the holiday shopping I've been doing, leaving the store without it. :(

A glimpse of the shoes I saw (and they were even on sale!)
Jimmy Choo: Miles

Jimmy Choo: Newton

images' source:

Spots and Florals

Spent Christmas at our maternal grandma's house in Antipolo. Donning my comfy holiday attire, I enjoyed the festivities, the food, and my relatives' babies! :) But due to having heaps of fun and being too lazy to use my camera (my sister was using hers, nonstop), I don't have pictures as proof. I do, however, have some pictures of said comfortable holiday outfit.

Can you spot the spots on my dress?
Turtle ring//thrifted

Say hello to my florally garbed sisters!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Qiwellness spa: Mother of Pearl Treatment

A few weeks ago, we were invited by Ken to try Qiwellness' treatments. I chose their Mother of Pearl Treatment. It was a 2 hour treatment which consisted of a Mother of Pearl powder scrub, wrap, and a 10 minute massage.

You're probably wondering how to get Mother of Pearl powder. No ladies, they do not crush the pearls. Ken explained to us beforehand that the powder is acquired by getting the nacre (pronounced nayker like 'maker' but with an N).  Nacre is the smooth inside of the oyster shell. I'm not sure but I think that because the scrub is powder based, it was non-abrasive. Also, I don't know if I was just imagining this but the scrub on my skin actually sounded the same as when you rub a pearl with another or when you try to scrape the nacre with a spoon. Anyway, after I rinsed the scrub off, I swear that my skin felt silky smooth. But after the wrap, my skin felt dry. Totally understood the need to apply moisturizer, hence the 10 minute massage.

The treatment was exceptional but I have to admit that the 10 minute massage (the real purpose of which was to apply moisturizer on your skin)  did not suffice. It left me wanting to avail of a massage treatment then and there. Oh well, now that's another reason for me to go back to Qiwellness :)

If you want to read more on Qiwellness, please click Qiwellness spa: Impressions and Qiwellness spa: Qitranquility Package

Qiwellness (pronounced Chiwellness!) is located at Picasso Suites, 119 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village Makati. Give them a call at 556.18.18/ 836.36.88/ 0916.793.66.66. Or visit their website.


 ...and so my brown addiction continues!

 Lately I have been buying a lot of coats because I feel like I should invest more in classic pieces and versatile stuff I can wear no matter what occasion. I first wore this coat to work and my office mates teased me saying I looked very 'devil wears prada'... except I'm not Anne Hathaway, I am Meryl Streep @_@

I know, I know, the "wings" on the coat say just that! But you can't blame me for falling in love with this piece because I just think it's super and when I close my eyes I dream about it. (haha, exagge) I especially love the coffee color because it looks so classy and British. Aaaah, I could imagine myself beside Prince Harry ♥_♥

The fabric is just a bit hot though. Good thing I wore something classy underneath so even without the coat, it still worked :)
Brown coat: Celine
White button down polo: Solo Larry Alcala Collection
Black trousers: Soiree
Tan Lace-up boots: Parisian

I am obviously still not over my cat's eye glasses... and the lace-up boots!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walk, skip, run with Suelas flats

I've been wanting to order Suelas flats since I learned about them but the designs I want are all out of stock. Luckily for me they recently released their Holiday collection!
Every pair of Suelas shoes comes in this pouch

I love how soft and easy to store they are. These are perfect for those moments when your feet are just too tired to strut in your sky-high heels. Also, true to its catchphrase, you can fold it, flatten it, and roll it.
Suelas by Rosanna Aranaz
Impreso Python Patches

Itching to get your own pair? Visit

Revisiting Sofitel Pt. 2: Spiral

I'm not sure it counts as "tradition" but for some reason my family have been dining at Spiral after Christmas day. This year, I wanted to give up my chance to eat the 3,300php buffet because 1) I want to go on a diet and 2) I'm pretty sure, my vegeterianism will limit me. But no, mom wouldn't approve so I had to find a way to stretch my options. Here goes my futile attempt:

The trademark Spiral staircase

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting Sofitel

Of all the hotels in the Metro, my favorite would have to be Sofitel Philippine Plaza more of because we've  been staying there since I was young. It's like home to me and much like all homes, I have this weird attachment to it.

If I remember correctly, my last stay at the hotel was two years ago. Doesn't feel that long because we're always dining at the hotel so it only occurred to me that I haven't slept there for a while already. Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that much has changed at Sofitel:

Refurnished rooms! I see new hanging lamps and new furniture to match!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Caramel Fudge

For some reason, I've been leaning towards caramels and browns lately. I think it's because I am reminded by baked goods and all things warm and sweet-- which is still connected to Christmas.

It's the first time I've worn a white dress without any occasion. The only time I remember wearing one was during my 1st communion (ha, that's around 12 years ago!). I am not really a big "white dress" fan co'z I've always been on the heavy side so I try to steer clear of whites. Even though I've lost the weight in College, I somehow never found myself having the chance to wear a white dress-- until now.

White looks okay on me, if I say so myself. It's not my favorite but it's starting to grow on me. It helps a lot that I like tans/browns so maybe I can start from there-- pair my whites with browns so I'd feel comfortable in them.

 Blazer- H&M
White dress- H&M
Tan lace-up boots- Parisian
Brown bag- Oleg Cassini
Cat's eye sunglasses - Forever 21

One of the inspirations for this outfit is this wonderful cat's eye sunglasses I got last month at Forever21. I've almost forgotten about it that finding it amongst my cluttered accessories was like finding treasure! I love the size and shape of it because I've often been teased of looking like a cat. These glasses make me feel doubly so and I dunno, it has this dominatrix quality about it that I absolutely love!
 Isn't it a beaut? :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The smell of Christmas: BBW Hand Sanitizers

Last month, I was pestering S to help me find a way to make our own home made sanitizers because I was so tired of looking for sanitizers which smelled great. Our plan was almost perfect except we didn't know where to shop for raw materials. Hehe. To cut the story short, I ended up buying Bath and Body Works' Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers instead--oh, it's not a bad thing. It actually saved me a lot of effort and failed tries. lol!

L to R: Santa's Mallow Mint, Classic Warm Vanilla Sugar, Classic Sweet Pea, Vanilla Bean Noel
For those who are not aware, Bath and Body Works' is an imported brand selling body sprays, lotions, body wash, etc. much like Victoria's Secret and La Senza (all of which offer fantastic scents!)

I honestly didn't want to go on all that trouble just for hand sanitizers but thinking I could give them away as gifts this Christmas, I went ahead and ordered them online :) Deciding which scents to get was really tough but I guess the season won me over co'z I ended up getting more sweet/vanilla-y scents which is more apt for Christmas.

My BBW Pocketbac came with jelly holders
...which you can attach to your bags like so!
I'm really glad I decided to just buy these hand sanitizers from BBW rather than making my own. They are so perfect! Not only do they smell amazing, they also leave your hands soft and smooth. My favorite of the bunch would have to be Santa's Mallow Mint because it smells vanilla-y and minty at the same time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from TMF!

Have a merry time with your family and loved ones today! May you all be filled with love, gratitude and hope. Remember that this day is the birth of that poor boy who was born in a manger. Today then is a reminder for all of us that Christmas is essentially about remembering the poor and opening our doors to anyone who knocks.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Ninin and Sophia
Sorry for the "too happy" faces, we did something naughty when this picture was taken :P

Friday, December 24, 2010

Breezy comfort rooms at Antonio's

...because I think it's inappropriate to combine pictures of food and bathrooms in one Post, I decided to create a separate post to show you the really pretty comfort rooms at Antonio's!

 For reasons I do not know, there are two bowls in the girl's CR. While one was a bit "hidden", the other one was surrounded by open windows!

The idea is fantastic co'z it took the whole comfort room experience to another level of relaxation. I actually prefer the bowl next to the windows. There's nothing to be scared of, especially since the view outside was extremely surreal:

I felt like I was in the middle of the forest with the lush greens! So pretty!

Really, dining at Antonio's is quite the experience! I especially like the small details that make everything perfect. So if you want to try something new, or get a feel of the luxe life, have a meal at Antonio's Tagaytay :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Breakfast at Antonio's

Last weekend, my office mates and I went to Tagaytay as a sort of last hurrah-slash-despedida for one of our bosses (this post is for you Sir!) My boss and his girl treated us to the BEST that Tagaytay can offer. One of the highlights of our trip (at least for me) was our breakfast-slash-lunch at Antonio's :)

Antonio's for most is an unknown destination in Tagaytay but much has been written about it by food enthusiasts, even getting into Miele guide's top 20 Asian restaurants. For me, my knowledge of Antonio's dates back to around 2006 when we were refused entry to the restaurant. Hehe. Then, the restaurant was a "reservations-only" place so we ended up eating at their "branch"(?) overlooking the lake which only served breakfast. Apparently now, that "branch" no longer exists and they've finally made public their restaurant which is nicely tucked in the middle of the fields.

Getting there is quite a challenge because it's a bit far from the highway. But believe me when I say, it is worth the long drive!

 The place is just so relaxing and has this whimsical appeal to it. I particularly adore how everything seems in place up to the smallest detail.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is....


The first time I saw the title of the song, I thought it was a parody of some sort. I honestly expected to hear something funny and punk rock. Well, I did get the punk rock vibe but there's certainly nothing funny about this song!

All of the bells ringing out for christmas
And I'm not supposed to feel this way
But all that I want this year for christmas is new year's day

It's such a sad song for Christmas but I get it. I am so in love with the song right now because I think it's genius. Studies have shown that Christmas is actually one of the most depressing holidays. If I am to explain it, I think it's because we attach so much and expect too much from this season that we get so depressed to realize it ain't gonna be happy ALL the time.

I don't want to be labeled a grinch for loving this song. I am just so amazed at its ingenuity! The lyrics and the whole concept is just brilliant. For some reason, the message hits me spot on. I lalalalalove it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fight the colds away!

...and the weather has won.

I'm down with the flu and it ain't fun! --the only upside to this is that it made me crave for a cup of Coldbuster-C from Big Chill!

..or make that a JUMBO cup!

The Coldbuster-C is PACKED with Vitamin-C rich fruits like orange, pineapple, bananas, yoghurt plus an additional 1000 mg of pure Vitamin C powder! Seriously, it tastes sooooooo good! Much more when you have colds (co'z you could only taste sour food).

Ugh, it's such a bummer to be sick this Christmas season!

Qiwellness spa: Impressions

We got an invite to try Qiwellness (pronounced: chiwellness) a month ago but we were so busy with work that it was only last week one of us got to actually go and try their services. Ninin was still tied up at work but fortunately, a friend willingly obliged to go with me to Qiwellness.

I can't stress enough on how much we enjoyed our treatments. So for us to encapsulate and share the fun with you, we decided to do 3 different posts on it. Read on for part one!

Mr. Ken Tuazon of Qiwellness scheduled our treatments for us and mentioned that he'll be meeting us first to briefly explain the treatments we were going to have. Loved the fact that Ken and Ina were very very accomodating! Ken led us to the lounge to relax while their staff prepared our treatment rooms. He also took that time to explain our treatments (more on those in the next posts!)
The Lounge. This is also where mani/pedi treatments are done. 

Ina gave us some Jasmine tea with lemongrass to drink while we wait.

For sheer simplicity’s sake, we sorted our initial impressions and observations.

Observation 1: Different approach to spas 
Other spas that I’ve visited before usually have the typical zen-type or nature-inspired interiors. Qiwellness chose to have a different perspective – clean, modern, and fresh. They took advantage of the building’s big windows by painting their walls white and, thus, letting more light come in.

Ken also emphasized that their spa veers away from the idea of ‘luxurious treatments’. Instead they are capitalizing on simpler, more personal treatments. This can be observed when one looks at their list of services. No caviar facial treatments are present but there are lots of massages that focus on problem areas.

Observation 2: Prices
Spas that cater to hotels are usually expensive but with Qiwellness, body treatments are affordably priced. Case in point, the 2-hour treatments we had (which consisted of scrub/massage or scrub/mask) cost around Php1,800 to Php1,900 each.

Observation 3: Well-trained therapists
Their therapists seem to have magical hands! The stress of Christmas shopping has made our skin suffer and muscles tense. But their combination of gentle and heavy strokes has helped us relax and even fall asleep.

Edit (Thanks ManilaGirl for noticing): Qiwellness is located at 119 LP Leviste Street, Picasso Suites, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Contact them at 556.1818/ 836.3688/ 0916.793.6666. Or visit their website.

On to what I wore that day..

Bat-sleeved blouse with crown print: iCandy
Khaki shorts: Mango
Beaded sandals: Payless

If you want to read more on Qiwellness, please click the links to our two other posts Qiwellness spa: Mother of Pearl Treatment and Qiwellness spa: Qitranquility Package.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally found 'MY' nude-colored pumps!

I dropped by Steve Madden to check their selection of flats but saw nude colored heels instead! I got so bummed to learn that they no longer have my size. Luckily, the salesman offered to check other branches and have it delivered to their branch. Finally got THE shoes after a few days of waiting:

Oh my gosh...I found you finally!
Steve Madden
Size 7 Ulltra Patent in Blush

Php 4,650
I have to admit, it was a bit of a splurge but I've been looking for the perfect pair for months now. Also, since the height, slightly pointy slightly round toe, and the color are spot on, I knew that I had to buy it. Let's just say that the pair of shoes is one of my Christmas/Birthday gifts for myself. Hehe. Anywaym can't wait to rock this pair out!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

TMF Gift Idea: The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

The name 'Nina Garcia' sounds so familiar to you, doesn't it? Nina Garcia is best known for being a formidable fashion judge on Project Runway. But what I've been unaware of until recently was that she has authored several New York Times Bestseller books. Thankfully, one of our friends included one of Nina's books in her wishlist.

Getting intrigued by my friend's excitement to read the book led to my own search for a copy but I wasn't aware that the book comes in paperback and hard-bound format. My friend had the paperback version so I was looking for that. I already checked 3 different bookstores but didn't see a single copy. Until at the 4th bookstore, something shiny with the author's name became visibly clear.

In the book, Nina enumerates 100 fashion items she can't live without but she also wants you to understand that you are NOT to follow all of them. Her reasons? One must choose which ones fit her style, her body and her continent (some items are seasonal).

There are plenty of things I liked about this book. It's filled with colorful illustrations, cute quotes, interesting fashion facts, and tips on how and where to find the best items.

Items are in alphabetical order

Item Number 10: Black Opaque Tights

Famous fans and perceptive quotes

Pros: Colorful, casual approach to fashion but succeeds to educate you.
Cons: More apt for girls in America (due to her recommended seasonal clothing)
Wallet damage: Php969 for the hard bound copy, Php785 for the paperback cover at leading bookstores
Tip: Look through Nina Garcia's other books (Little Black Book of Style, Look book, etc.)
Best to give to: Any girl friend who wants to build their own signature style or friends who love fashion magazines

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