Thursday, December 30, 2010

Qiwellness spa: Mother of Pearl Treatment

A few weeks ago, we were invited by Ken to try Qiwellness' treatments. I chose their Mother of Pearl Treatment. It was a 2 hour treatment which consisted of a Mother of Pearl powder scrub, wrap, and a 10 minute massage.

You're probably wondering how to get Mother of Pearl powder. No ladies, they do not crush the pearls. Ken explained to us beforehand that the powder is acquired by getting the nacre (pronounced nayker like 'maker' but with an N).  Nacre is the smooth inside of the oyster shell. I'm not sure but I think that because the scrub is powder based, it was non-abrasive. Also, I don't know if I was just imagining this but the scrub on my skin actually sounded the same as when you rub a pearl with another or when you try to scrape the nacre with a spoon. Anyway, after I rinsed the scrub off, I swear that my skin felt silky smooth. But after the wrap, my skin felt dry. Totally understood the need to apply moisturizer, hence the 10 minute massage.

The treatment was exceptional but I have to admit that the 10 minute massage (the real purpose of which was to apply moisturizer on your skin)  did not suffice. It left me wanting to avail of a massage treatment then and there. Oh well, now that's another reason for me to go back to Qiwellness :)

If you want to read more on Qiwellness, please click Qiwellness spa: Impressions and Qiwellness spa: Qitranquility Package

Qiwellness (pronounced Chiwellness!) is located at Picasso Suites, 119 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village Makati. Give them a call at 556.18.18/ 836.36.88/ 0916.793.66.66. Or visit their website.


  1. would love to try this out! <3

    ps. i think the reason they only included a 10-min massage because they wanted you to get the full massage after..hehe.

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  2. Kainggit! I want a spa before classes come back :) Will def check this place out!


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