Sunday, March 30, 2008

Restaurant Review: Cerealicious

Okay, I was a bit torn on whether this is a restaurant or a snack bar. But nonetheless, I want to write a rave review about it. NJ and I love love love cereals. To be honest with you, she was the one who taught me to love cereals. When I was in high school, I didn't like cereals at all. Would you believe that I didn't like even the chocolate-flavored ones? Believe it. I was a rice-for-breakfast type of girl. Maybe I still am-in majority-but things have changed for me. I have learned to appreciate the yummy (and healthy) aspect of cereals.

We've heard about Cerealicious two years ago. They set up a booth in our fair but we weren't able to try 'em! So imagine our surprise when we found out that they have a branch near our school.

A bowl of Cerealicious is of course composed of cereals and milk. What makes Cerealicious special is that you could add various toppings to it. Cerealicious gives its customers the freedom to create their own cereal combination. But for those who want to taste the tried and tested flavors, then order the Cereal Blockbusters. Their recipe mixes, Cereal Blockbusters, give us a hint on how creatively they named their top-selling combinations. My personal favorite, Nutting Hill, is comprised of Koko Krunch, chocolate mini kisses, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. There are a lot of other flavors to choose from. Here's some of the other hit flavors, Jelly Maguire (composed of Rice Krispies, Maltesers, coffee jelly, and chocolate syrup), Jumango (composed of cornflakes, mango bits, honey crumble, and strawberry syrup) and Cashewblanca (composed of Cocoa Frosties, brownies, and cashews). So you see, if you want chocolate-y ones, they definitely have those. If you want fruity flavored ones, they also have those.

The Cereal Blockbusters come in two sizes, Trailer (40php) and Blockbuster (85php). But, if you want to try something else besides the bowl of cereals, why don't you opt for the Cereal Smoochies. The Cereal Smoochies are still cereals but they are smoothies.

Is it just me or are you also drooling over the cereals? Come on PK girls, it's time for us to try these delectable meals whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert!

Where to go to get your cereal-fix:
Taft Avenue (in front of De La Salle University)
Robinson's Ermita Midtown Wing 3rd Floor
Ateneo De Manila University High School Cafeteria
UST Espana Parking Building
The Block SM North Edsa

Thursday, March 27, 2008

water babies

WHAT TIME IS IT?? SUMMER TIME! Haha. Alright, that might have been a little too High School Musical 2 for some PK girls but it really is summer time!

A lot of people would say that no matter what you do this summer, as long as you're enjoying yourself then it's a-ok. But we have to admit that with the season comes SUMMER HEAT.. Well, what better way is there to cool our bodies than swimming!

Although it's vacation time, it doesn't guarantee that all the friends you want to invite are allowed to go on weeklong out-of-town trips..So, we've compiled a few places you can go to to stay overnight or even just for the entire day.

1. Ace Water Spa
Located in Del Monte Ave., Quezon City, it is the first European concept hydrotherapy spa in the Philippines. Whoa, right? Not only do you get to enjoy swimming, you'd also get about FIVE glorious hours of massages. It's really cheap considering that a five hour hydrotherapy spa treatment here only costs 500 bucks. They have really cool pools such as the bubble bed, waterfall bath, hot herbal pool, and many more. This summer season, they are open from 6am to 11pm. What's great about the Ace Water Spa is that it's covered. Perfect for those who are not so ready to get a tan. Click here to know more about Ace Water Spa.

2. Wonder Island
Found in a place close to our National Hero's heart, Wonder Island Resort in Calamba Laguna is one discrete getaway. Who would think that going to a pool resort in Laguna requires riding a mini-'yachtlike' boat? Yes, girls their accomodations include this free boat ride. When you get to the resort full of natural spring water pools, you'd find it hard to stop yourself from running around and jumping into the pools. It would be alright just as long as you've fixed your reservations. Getting excited already? Reserve your dorm room, family unit, bamboo houses or pavillions by contacting their Manila line (02)520-8556 or their Laguna line (049)545-1766.

3.Club Manila East
If you enjoy outdoor pools, kayaking and braving wave and slide pools then CME Taytay is for you. CME is 25 minutes away from Manila. What's cool about Club Manila East is that they have a barkada hotel promo wherein 5 people (6 if all of you have your student IDs) could get one night's stay inclusive of complimentary breakfast and entrance for only 4350 bucks! We've computed and it is really much cheaper than combining the other rates such as occupying two Don Renatos' (2980 for 2 pax. + 695 per extra person = 7350!). If you're tired of the pools in Manila's North and South, go try the East! Click here for more info.

4. Pansol
Laguna is well known for its hot springs. So if you're feeling spontaneous and the 'rents easily give you and your friends permission, go to Pansol Pansol Pansol! You can rent one house-like resort within the vicinity. Just be patient in looking for the one that fits your budget. Of course it would be better if you already have connections such as (1) you know someone who owns a house there (2)you've already tried staying in that resort. If you want to be sure if the resort you rent is safe, secure and accredited then click here to find your chosen resort.

But, wait wait wait...we are also aware that since it is summer, we don't get allowance. So we've listed a few alternatives. You didn't think you can't go swimming just because you don't have money, didn't you?

1. A friend's condo
Most condominiums have pools that could be used by unit owners and their guests. So, do you have friends who live in condominiums? It's time to start bugging them and asking them when you're going to hang out by their condo's poolside!

2. Village's clubhouse pool
Exclusive villages and subdivisions also usually have clubhouses with swimming pools. Some clubhouse pools are free just as long as your friend who lives there registers all his/her guests. Other clubhouse pools, though, have entrance fees. But you don't have to worry. Usually it's just 50-100 bucks and you're good to go for the whole morning or whole afternoon. What's good about this is that you don't have to spend for your food. Hungry? Strike a deal with your friend who lives there and have their helper bring some snacks.

3. Hotel's member privelege
If your family is fond of getting membership cards in hotels, ask your moms if the membership cards come with vouchers. Be patient and search for the free access to the hotel pool. You do not have to be checked-in at the hotel as long as you have those vouchers, you can swim..and swim in class, dah-lings! But since you're swimming for free just be ready to take a bath in the hotel's public pool restrooms after you swim, ayt?

Now what are you waiting for? Start texting and calling your friends and bring out those two-piece bikinis!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Summer's near and we have to be geared!

Okay, summer's nearing and time again for those great summer workshops! I don't know about you girls but I believe that summers should be spent doing something productive and in my case, workshops are of course, a staple! I tell you, not only will you have a way to combat boredom on a summer day, you would also be thankful you engaged on a lot of activities when you're much, much older! (once you get surrounded by those high class, stuck up spoiled brats in college you'd be glad you can share a workshop experience with them) Sooo... to get you equipped and help you combat a boring summer day, we've listed here some of the funnest and fool-proof summer workshops you can enroll in :) Promise, we'll be very honest about them ;)


It's summer and of course, swimming is part of every teen's summer to-do list! But instead of swimming for fun, why don't you try to really learn how to swim?

The Bert Lozada Swim School offers swimming lessons this summer and even all year round! The best thing about Bert Lozada is that they have this particular teaching technique that would really enable anyone to learn to swim in no time! Also, you know you're in professional hands all the time so no worries of getting drowned. :)

The best thing about knowing how to swim? Bragging rights of course!

Everyone thinks that Karate is just for boys but you know girls like us can excel in a man's sport as well! Just watch Little Manhattan! lol!

The Karate Development Arts and Sports offer beginners and intermediate courses in Karate. The best thing about them is that they have a lot of venues around Metro Manila so distance will not be a problem for you. Also, if you get really good at it, there's a big chance you could get into the national team because this center also recruit students to become national athletes. If that doesn't convince you to try karate, how about the thought of telling all your friends that you have a black belt in Karate? Very cool, right?

Ever wanted to be good at Photoshop? Or creating graphics perhaps? Well, if you say yes, then going on a multimedia workshop this summer is for you!

My Masterpiece Art School offers a summer multi-arts program which includes visual arts, mac-based media, music and movement and imaginative writing. Last year, S and I tried to enroll in My masterpiece because they offered Photoshop and graphics design. What's good about this company is that they adjust their teaching mode based on the student's need. Also, they are very flexible with the schedule. Try checking out their site here for more information on their offerings and the price of the workshops. Don't worry, it's not that expensive like others. ;)

Street Dance
Ahhh... dance! If there is one thing that I recall having lots of fun doing, it would be going on a dance workshop. Not only do you get to enhance your dancing skills, you also get to exercise which of course, is a sure-fire way to avoid the inevitable "summer fat".

All Stars, the world-famous dance group is hosting a dance workshop this summer which includes classes on hiphop, breakdance and krumping. There are even special classes which includes: (1) Working Sexy Ladies Hiphop Class, for those who have work on weekdays and, (2)Hot Mommas Hiphop Dance Class, for your mom and her friends!

What's really great about this workshop is that you'd be under the tutelage of the best in the business! I mean, who wouldn't want to brag to their friends that they were taught streetdance by the All Stars themselves, ayt? ;)

click the poster for more information on it or go their site,

With OPM being really famous nowadays, more and more people are starting their own bands! Well, if you don't have a beautiful voice to become the lead singer, why don't you just play an instrument instead?

Yamaha School of Music specializes in Musical Training and instrument playing. The best thing about this place is of course that is well-known! haha! I mean, doesn't it sound cool to say that you're studying drums at Yamaha? It even adds to the wowness of the workshop itself! Just a little tip: if you plan to enroll there, do so with a friend so you can split the fee. See, the course is a bit expensive at about 20thou for 48 sessions. But they allow you to cut that to 24 sessions if you can share it with a friend. ;)

Knowing how to act is a very, very good thing! It doesn't even matter is you're merely acting in class or in front of a huge audience, acting well will always be a plus for you!

Tanghalang Pilipino, a resident company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines is holding a teen theater summer workshop on April 1-27 for teens 12-16 years old! The workshop integrates creative drama, music, writing, movement and visual arts. Students will also be taught script analysis and voice for theater. Now doesn;t that make for the ultimate theater workshop experience?

There are actually many pluses from enrolling here. For one, you will be taught by the BEST in field. Also, come recital time, students get to present in the Cultural Center of the Philippines which I'm telling you, is really big deal! And you know for it's fee of only 6,000php, this workshop is really worth it!

The Cultural Center of the Philippines offers more workshops, you should check them all out here. I am particularly interested in the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) summer workshop offer as I love thinking that I am being taught by no less than a PPO member! How cool is that? ;)

If you have a knack for photography or just want to take really good photographs, then going on a photography workshop is the thing you need!

The Alcove Perspective is holding a photography workshop which includes courses for amateurs and pros. I suggest going on the Digital 101: Photography and the computer course as it is the basic of all the courses and would give tyhe low down on taking good pictures :)

You can check out their site here for more details:

Okay, so maybe not everyone can model but you know, you can always try! Modelling is very fun especially once you start walking on runways and doing photoshoots! It's not even so much about being very pretty because sometimes (like in ANTM) the pretty ones cannot produce a good photograph. So, try, try, try, I say!

My Talent Summer workshop in Eastwood is offering a course on Modelling which would give you tips, tricks and teach you the ins and outs of commercial modelling, doing VTRs and acting in television commercials.

I honestly like this idea because models are not often taught these things so any workshop like this is a big, big deal!

Bonjour! Tu parle fran├žais? Well if not, then it's time you do! Lol! French language for me is the sexiest language in the world. It's so much fun hearing those rolling sounds the french make when they speak. Well, if you want to learn how to speak like the French, then I suggest you enroll at Alliance Francais de Manille.

Alliance Francais is the French Embassy's official language institute in Manila. Alliance offers courses on French language from conversational French to advance classes. It's great to study there because the fee is minimal. It won't cost you an arm and a leg just learn how to say cheese in francais! (btw, it is frommage) The place too would make you feel like you're in France because you'll be surrounded by French people! Your teacher is French so you'd also be assured you're being taught the right thing! If you do enroll here, you should also try eating at their cafeteria-slash-restaurant, I swear, you'd instantly get a knack for French cuisine!

Hola! Me llamo NJ! Soy bonita! haha! :) Understood me? Well, if you didn't and you want to, then you should enroll in a Spanish course this summer!

The first time I got enthralled to learn Spanish was because my mom speaks Spanish for they were taught that in school during her college days. Lucky her, right? Well, you're fortunate if your course in college would offer a language elective but if not, then you should just enroll yourself in Instituto de Cervantes.

Much like Alliance Francais, Instituto de Cervantes is the Spanish embassy's official language institute in Manila so you just know you're getting your education from the real deal. Like Alliance, the instructors are natives of the country too so you'd really feel like you're getting educated by the best. Also, the fee is minimal with courses ranging from 2thou-4thousand pesos. Now, now, with that fee, you'll be speaking Espaniol in no time!

So maybe you don't want to learn a foreign language and instead just want to enhance your English speaking skills! Well, I have the perfect workshop for you!

Speech Power specializes in the English language with courses on speech, vocabulary, conversational skills, presentation and writing. The best thing about speech power is that you get to critique yourself as activities in speech are recorded on tape and played afterwards for you and your classmates' perusal. You'd really see your habits when talking, your antics, mannerisms and others that you might not have noticed before. Don't be too scared of the classes because the class size is relatively small and I tell you, your classmates are not very good English speakers themselves so no need to feel embarassed. And yeah, the instructors at this center are very nice and encouraging so you just know you'd be learning a lot from the experience :)


John Robert Powers
I had a classmate in high school who was sort of geeky and then after one summer at JRP, she came back to school being more confident, more beautiful and generally, less.... geeky. Yes, that's the power of JRP!

John Robert Powers is an institution that is famous for their Personality Development workshops. When you enroll in JRP, you won't really be able to pick out the course you want to enroll in. Instead, what happens is that you for an interview and after that, THEY will determine what course you should take. It is a great idea because sometimes we need other people to tell us "what's wrong with us" so we can improve. However, it's not always easy for us to pinpoint exactly the areas we're weak at. A word of caution though girls! JRP is rather expensive with courses from 20-40thousand pesos. The product however is something you would not regret for the rest of your life so having a talk with your parents to consider enrolling you in JRP is a very good idea.


If you're 17 already, you can go enroll in a driving school! Driving is so much more funner when you get proper education from a real driving school. And with that said, I suggest you enroll yourself in A1 Driving School.

A1 Driving school to me is the best driving school in the Metro. S and I are both graduates of their driving course and we often find ourselves commenting how bad drivers are not A1 graduates. lol! :) But yes, you'd really see the difference of getting an A1 education once you compare yourself with others who did not take the course. Aside from the fact that you graduated that you graduated from A1, another great plus with this company is that you would be practicing on brand new cars! Don't be too scared because even if they're new and are at risk of getting scratched, you would not be paying for any damages to the car because that's already covered in your tuition so yay for you! See how it's better to enroll yourself in a driving school instead of practicing with the family car? ;)

So there goes our list girls! We just picked out the best from the different areas of interest. It was actually very hard to just pick out one from each category for we had lots of places we wanted to add. If you want to know more about a specific area (like music, theater, dance, etc.) just comment here and maybe we could make a separate post that features all the workshops on that area ;)

May you have a productive summer PK girls!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

School ender part-ey!

Summer is just a few weeks away and for most of us, it means saying goodbye to our beloved classmates and friends for a good two months! Well, before you all go off your separate ways, why don't you take one day and plan one last hurrah to officially end the school year? Well, S and I loves to end our school days with a sem-ender activity. To give you an idea of what kind of activities would be a good sem-ender treat, we've listed some here:

Enchanted kingdom - Yes, I know everyone goes here! But then, who can blame them? Enchanted Kingdom is still the best Barkada gimmick place to date. So if you want to unwind and spend a fun day with your barkada, why don't you plan a trip to Laguna and check out EK? I am sure you would have lots of funny experiences with your friends :)

Arcade - So maybe you don't have a lot of money to spend. Or maybe your friends (or you) are not allowed to go on out-of-town trips. What do you do? Go to the nearest arcade instead! Yes, if you've tried going to Timezone, G box, or Tom's world with your barkada, you'd know how fun it is! I suggest you go to Festival Mall so you guys could try the Go Karts too. It'll be so much fun!

Movie Date - This is for the barkada that isn't very adventurous and would rather cherish each other's company instead ;) Yes, it may sound very boring but really, watching a movie with your barkada is soooo much fun! If your barkada is an all-girls group, I suggest you watch something romantic and if you're in a boys and girls barkada, try something scary! :) I tell you, it works! I'm sure the dark theater won't keep you guys from having a good time! ...and yeah, talking about the movie afterwards is a lot of fun too!

Manila Ocean Park - If you're nature lovers or if you just want to try something different, then going to the newly openned Manila Ocean Park is for you! It's fun seeing the water creatures with your friends and sharing with them your love for animals. Who knows you might even discover hidden fears among your friends like if one is scared of starfishes or something. ha!

Red Box Karaoke - Singing is every Filipino's favorite pasttime so I'm very sure you and your friends would enjoy this activity! You can always go to any videoke place but if you want that ultimate karaoke experience, I suggest you try Red Box Karaoke! It's a bit on the expensive side but they have really updated playlists and the rooms are spacious and very clean! Also, you can order food while singing! I tell you, their herb onion rings are just to die for!

Ice Skating - Want to try something different? Something adventurous? Then ice skating is for you! It doesn't matter if all of you do not know how to skate! It's even funner if that's the case because you would have a really funny time on the rink! Besides, after two hours of practice, I assure you that you would learn how to skate already and then you wouldn't want to stop skating! lol! This is also a good barkada activity because you'd discover hidden talents among your friends and even hidden fears as well!

Tagaytay - This is for that barkada who have the means and the determination to go out of town! Tagaytay is the perfect barkada get-away because you can do a lot of fun things together and still be able to come home in the afternoon. You can go horseback riding, go on a picnic, see the view and just spend time bonding in the cool Tagaytay weather :) Another plus: you'd have a lot of beautifully taken pictures to brag to all your classmates in your multiply accounts! *wink!

Sleepover - The ultimate barkada experience! UBE! Yes! Sleeping over a barkada's house is the ultimate bonding experience because you get to do a LOT of things together. It may just be going on dvd marathons, singing karaokes, gorging on junk food, playing cards, creating your own fashion show or what-not, I am sure sleepovers will make you all feel so much more closer as a barkada!

Well, whatever you choose to do, just remember that you don't have to overthink it. You're with your friends and bonding with them should be on top of your priority list! Have a great sem-ender PK girls!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cyber you

PK message: Well hi girls! It's been a while since we last posted and we're very sorry for that. We've been very busy these past few weeks. Thank you for still visiting the site and checking back often. We will try very hard to post more from now on :)

I don't know about you girls but I am such a sucker for cyber reality games. I like playing the sims and other cyber games which would enable me to create a whole new world for myself as I take on the role of a restaurant owner, chef, fashion designer, businesswoman or even a simple citizen. That's why I could only be too happy to share with you some of my favorite sites where I can play these kind of games:

Neopets ( - neopets has been around for quite a while already, I am pretty sure most of you have accounts there. But tell me honestly, how many of you have been actively taking care of your little neopets? Ha! Got ya! hihi ;) Well, don't worry, admittedly, I have been neglecting my pet too but with summer just around the corner, I feel like I can finally go play with my cute little Kacheek again and earn millions of neopoints to build my neo-empire! bwahahaha!

Well, if you're not aware what neopets is (which is very unusual), le me give you a brief description:

Neopets is an online gaming community where you can create your own identity and become a neopet owner. There you can buy your pet food, clothing, toys and others through the use of Neopoints. You get neopoints by playing fun games in the site. These neopoints can even be placed in a bank or used to gamble whichever you prefer. The goal of most pet owners in the site is to earn a lot of neopoints to enroll their pets in school and overall create a neopet which is beautiful, intelligent and strong enough to brag to all their friends!

Taaz ( - Ever wondered how you'd look like with straight bangs? Or how about curly hair? Well, if you have then I am very sure you would enjoy this site! I've recently just stumbled upon Taaz and am I enjoying myself! It's so much fun because you're not limited to traditional styles. I even played with my own picture wearing purple eyeshadow, green eyeliner and blue contacts. Hahaha! It's really hilarious but in a way the diverse colors and styles give you a more concrete idea of what styles would look good on you :) But then if you don't plan on giving yourself a makeover, giving other people virtual makeovers is already enough to keep you preoccupied on a boring summer day!

Polyvore ( - Since we're already into the makeover thingies, why don't you try to create your own virtual fashions too? I am really enjoying mixing different styles through this site. I honestly got a lot of fashion ideas on what items work well with each other. It is so much fun! The best thing about it too is that the items are actually being sold in shops so you know the styles are not just made up. Think of it as like playing with paper dolls without the dolls. lol!

I have here two looks. One is for your summer internship while the other is a laidback summer-slash-rockstar look with a twist :)

So go on, have fun creating cyber yous girls! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Restaurant review: Secret Recipe

I don't know about you girls but when it comes to desserts, I just totally go crazy! It's S and I's favorite pasttime and I guess also a way to unwind from our piles of schoolwork. We love visiting restaurants and checking out their food especially those that offer desserts! Don't you just love seeing those little pieces of heaven displayed on shop windows? It's so very cinematic! It's like you're in one of those foreign flicks where you actually eat in specialty shops and buy pastries from those cute little bakery stores. Ooooh, very posh!

Well, where did our cute little feet take us this time? To Secret Recipe!

Secret recipe is a quaint little dessert shop famous for their wide menu of cheesecakes, lovely moist cakes and brownies. With their really tempting menu and colorful display, it's no wonder S and I found ourselves sitted comfortably in one of their red cushioned sofas munching on their glorious cakes. So, before anything else, let me give you a low down on the desserts they offer:

Secret Recipe is famous for their cheesecake line. It's actually these that tempted us in the first place. They have really extraordinary flavors like cappucino cheese, lemon cheese, raspberry cheese, espresso cheese, marble cheese, yogurt cheese, chocolate cheese, oreo cheese plus a lot more! Now, doesn't those just sound delicious?

Chocolate cakes and fresh cream
Aside from the delectable cheesecakes, Secret recipe also offer moist chocolate cakes and fresh creams. Some of their rather unique cakes include: chocolate chip walnut, white chocolate macadamia, and chocolate indulgence. Yuhummy!

The real test!
So, after drooling over their menu, S and I got down to business of actually picking our desserts from the long list. So, here are our picks!

1. Caramel Cheese Cake

Honestly, this wasn't our first pick. It just so happened that the other choices we had (expresso cheese and cappuccino cheese) were not available. (We're such huge coffee addicts!)

Well, how was it? Surprisingly, it was very, very good! It tasted of yema but with a really soft and smooth texture. It was sweet but not too sweet. The crust was especially good too! It was tasty and had almonds in it which made it crunchy, adding to the overall texture of the cake!

Eating it is like eating sweet treats from our youth. Its sweetness reminds me so much of being a girl of seven and lying down in bed with a cadbury crunchie in tow. haha :) A word of caution though girls, because of its sweetness and texture perhaps, this treat is best shared with a friend and recommendedly, eaten with another kind of cake as its simple taste may become boring after some time.

2. Chocolate Indulgence

I am not a big fan of chocolate so pleasing me with chocolate is a task. I don't like my chocolates too sweet and I want them more on the bitter chocolate-y side rather than its milky sweet counterpart. Well, I still gave this treat a chance to prove itself in case, the chocoholic in me would finally emerge. lol! :)

Well, well, well, I'm starting to be a convert!-- err, well not really. I guess what I'm saying is that, this cake is one of the very few chocolate cakes I actually enjoyed!

It's actually a combination of moist cake and cream. It had Creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling. Surprisingly, it was very light and not sweet. The Caramel cheesecake was even sweeter! I really liked this one and S agrees too. We even finished it faster than the others because of its light taste. Somehow, because the flavor is subtle, you would want to eat a lot at one time.

3. White Chocolate Macadamia

The first time I saw this on the menu, I was drawn to it already! I mean, doesn't it sound so delicious? Well, it does especially since its description reads, "an incredible combination of fresh roasted macadamia nuts and creamy vanilla filling coated with white chocolate". oh, yum!

Well, our order came and mahn was I... disappointed. Yes, it did have all that it boasted of but somehow the combination didn't work for me. I felt like it was too rich and too "white". I was looking for some kind of contrast to the flavor. I cannot even distinguish anymore which part was the vanilla and which the white chocolate. It all tasted like one huge mound of cream to me. I think it would have worked better if it had some kind of fruit in it. The whole time I was searching for something a little tangy, bitter or fresh just to off set the dull, boring taste of the all the "white".

Others: Secret Recipe also offer lunch and dinner food aside from their cakes. We've tried their fish and chips and so far, we're lovin' it! It's great too that they let you order kids' meals even if they can see you're no longer that young. The price of the food is a bit high ranging from 150-300php per meal. The meals however are shareable because portions are big. The cakes on the other hand are a little pricey with each slice from 90-110php. It is however very worth it so you know your money's not wasted :)

Best for: Personally, I think Secret recipes is best for occasions where you're meeting with someone really special like your long lost relatives, old classmates, school teachers, clients, or those who need special attention. It's one of those places where you can dine and not be afraid that the one you're with will not enjoy the food.

So go on girls! Try out Secret Recipes and tell us what you think :)

PK rating: 8/10

Ground Level, 32nd Street Corner Fifth Avenue,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel: +632-856 2953

Level 4, Robinsons Place Midtown Wing,
Pedro Gil Corner Adriatico Street,
Ermita, Manila City
Tel : +632-567 2042

Level 5, Shangrila Plaza Mall,
Epifanio De Los Santo Avenue (EDSA),
Corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
Tel : +632-637 0367

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's on top of the cake?

...Candles of course!

Well, I've recently celebrated my birthday and of course part of the usual birthday tradition is one to have a smashin' birthday cake! Well, my birthday cake came on the day of my birth itself but the candles on top of it? Bought it a day ahead! Haha! :)

The only reason I got my candles earlier than my cake was because I found these really fabulous candles from Our Home! I was shopping around with my mom when we chanced upon Our Home. The display of cupcake stands on the store front made us go in. The baker in me just couldn't resist the cute cupcake stands and fun-shaped baking molds. Well, well, well! I was in for a treat!

I was looking at the edible pen markers when my eye caught something. It was these really cute soccer balls. I thought they were toys to be placed on top of the cakes but to my surprise, they turned out to candles instead! Whoooa! Talk about non-traditional, ey?

Most of the themed candles there were from a company called Wilton. They had really cool non-traditional candles which cater to everyone! They have champagne bottles for dad, swirly sparklers for mom, football thingabobs for bro, ice cream cones for lil sis and chubby stars for you!

I was very, very happy when I saw these really cute thingies! I just had to buy myself some! So, what did I get?

I got this pink dinosaur (which S keeps on insisting is a pirated version of Barney) and these traditional triangle sparklers! I am so very happy with my candles this year! It's like the first time I got myself cool candles. Every year, I get to blow the traditional numbered candles. It's so much fun to have a different thing to blow this time :)

I really didn't know that cool candles like these exist in the Philippines! I know they're sold somewhere but I sort of got the notion that they're only available abroad. Well, well, well! Guess I'm very wrong! They are available in the country and they're not even that expensive too! The sculpted candles range from 80-270 pesos, sparklers from 60-200 pesos, and themed candles from 100-300 pesos each. (yes, believe it or not, I got my sparklers for only 60 and my little dino friend for 80 pesos)

If it's not yet your birthday but think these candles are just oh-so-fun why don't you try giving it as a gift instead? I am very sure that the person receiving it would love this because not often do you receive such a very non-traditional but equally useful thing as this. And with graduations in March coming up, you could even buy these candles for yourself or for someone who might be graduating this year! Hey, if cakes are still too expensive for you, candles are the next best thing!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Arcade games, anyone?

You have a PS1, PS2, PSP, Wii, and a PC on top! You you just love, love computer games! But have you ever found yourself at shockwave or reflexive, downloading trial versions of fun computer games only to get frustrated that your trial expired just when you're enjoying already? Well, I have! And boy did it get me all worked up!

I wanted to find a way to retrieve the full version of the games for free in my pc or if not download it, even to just be able to play them online. I searched high and low and even got my friends to help me find ways to hack the system. We were girls on a mission and it was a mission we wanted to accomplish with flying colors! We practically downloaded every program we found on the internet. We risked getting viruses from the various versions of the games we got. We spent a lot of our time on the pc just for this task alone. Weeks passed and still no way to hack the system. We were losing hope. But just when we were about to give up, S's cousin gave us the solution we have been looking for! An all reflexive games key generator!

*disclaimer: having a key generator is illegal. we wish to inform you all that the key generator we got hold of then was kept for ourselves and was not given to anyone else nor was used to generate any profit. S and I do not feel proud of what we did then.

So for months, we were downloading and playing games nonstop on our PCs but then a day came that the key generator wouldn't work anymore. I guess Reflexive found out about it and changed their system. So... we were back again to where we started. :(

But no! Do not lose hope! I have great news for you girls! There is now another way to play the newest downloadable arcade games offered at reflexive or shockwave! -- and this time, it's no longer illegal! Yes, finally! No more guilty feeling for all of us!

Without further ado, let me disclose to you one of the best ways to play the full version of your favorite online games:! let's you download games to your PC. They say it's also the trial version but a glitch in their system actually allows you to play the full versions of the games! So when you download your game, play it and don't be afraid of it suddenly shutting down when the time expires. It won't! The key to it is to keep playing the game until you finish it nonstop. That means you cannot exit the game until you have succeeded already. When you close the game, you won't be able to open it again so if you want to play it until the end, you have to have will power!

I know, I know, not closing the game would be very tiring so let me share with you a few tips when you do play them:
  • Check your schedule. Make sure you really have time to play. Most of the games in full version lasts for about 5-7 hours so playing shouldn't interfere with any of your plans for the day.
  • Pause the game when you're tired. Not exiting the game doesn't mean you cannot rest too. Once when I played Chocolatier 2, I even left my pc open and slept for an hour. The game has a pause button. USE IT.

Yes, playing for sale downloadable games for free is still illegal but unless you have the moolah to actually pay for a game that you most probably would tire of in a week's time then I think downloading from would be a better move. So go girls! Have fun playing! :)

here's the link to the games from the site:

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