Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's on top of the cake?

...Candles of course!

Well, I've recently celebrated my birthday and of course part of the usual birthday tradition is one to have a smashin' birthday cake! Well, my birthday cake came on the day of my birth itself but the candles on top of it? Bought it a day ahead! Haha! :)

The only reason I got my candles earlier than my cake was because I found these really fabulous candles from Our Home! I was shopping around with my mom when we chanced upon Our Home. The display of cupcake stands on the store front made us go in. The baker in me just couldn't resist the cute cupcake stands and fun-shaped baking molds. Well, well, well! I was in for a treat!

I was looking at the edible pen markers when my eye caught something. It was these really cute soccer balls. I thought they were toys to be placed on top of the cakes but to my surprise, they turned out to candles instead! Whoooa! Talk about non-traditional, ey?

Most of the themed candles there were from a company called Wilton. They had really cool non-traditional candles which cater to everyone! They have champagne bottles for dad, swirly sparklers for mom, football thingabobs for bro, ice cream cones for lil sis and chubby stars for you!

I was very, very happy when I saw these really cute thingies! I just had to buy myself some! So, what did I get?

I got this pink dinosaur (which S keeps on insisting is a pirated version of Barney) and these traditional triangle sparklers! I am so very happy with my candles this year! It's like the first time I got myself cool candles. Every year, I get to blow the traditional numbered candles. It's so much fun to have a different thing to blow this time :)

I really didn't know that cool candles like these exist in the Philippines! I know they're sold somewhere but I sort of got the notion that they're only available abroad. Well, well, well! Guess I'm very wrong! They are available in the country and they're not even that expensive too! The sculpted candles range from 80-270 pesos, sparklers from 60-200 pesos, and themed candles from 100-300 pesos each. (yes, believe it or not, I got my sparklers for only 60 and my little dino friend for 80 pesos)

If it's not yet your birthday but think these candles are just oh-so-fun why don't you try giving it as a gift instead? I am very sure that the person receiving it would love this because not often do you receive such a very non-traditional but equally useful thing as this. And with graduations in March coming up, you could even buy these candles for yourself or for someone who might be graduating this year! Hey, if cakes are still too expensive for you, candles are the next best thing!

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