Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Things

Hello readers! Just wanted to share four other random things..
Bought this recently. I apply this to my face after I use the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Its consistency is quite thick so I only use a pea-sized amount for the whole face.

Hoarded the nail polish station of Rustan's during its sale last June. Finally got a Deborah Lippmann in Happy Birthday! (the glittery one on the left)

Various scrubs I've collected. I reorganized my bathroom the other day and saw that I've amassed a number of facial scrubs. Aveeno was purchased from S&R; Reviva (small pot) is from Healthy Options; lip scrub from Tony Moly

I'm fond of lip tints. I like it more than lipsticks because even after eating there's still some color left on my lips. My officemates and I are fond of eating out for lunch. So most of the time we can't reapply lipstick after eating. We have to wait until we get back to the office. So this really is a lifesaver. What I usually do is I first apply lip tint on my lips then I apply the lipstick on top.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Slammin' Weekends

It always starts from one good thing—a craving satisfied, a great discovery, a pleasant experience, or even a memory—and at once you find yourself wanting to replicate the activity. And before you realize it, the repetitive process ensues until it becomes a routine. That, my friends, was how it was with Sophia and I’s experience with ordering from

Two weeks ago, Sophia and I were introduced to’s food delivery service. is an online food delivery service that houses a number of Manila’s best fast food chains and restaurants. Its restaurant roster includes the likes of California Pizza Kitchen, Pipino/Pino, Banana Leaf, and Crisostomo. Now doesn’t that line up sound so enticing?—and who knew they delivered??

Last weekend, Sophia and I tried’s service for the first time. It was a rainy Saturday morning and we were set to meet up with our college barkada. We ordered the food the day before through The site interface is actually very simple to use. Just remember to select FIRST your ordering area (indicated by the red arrow) to get the full list of restaurants that deliver to your area.

Sophia and I ordered from Slammer’s Burger. After placing the order, Sophia got a call from a customer representative providing more details on the order (verifying the delivery time and confirming the order). We were really glad we ordered the day before because Saturday came and with it came torrents of rain! The food delivery was a saviour because there was no way we’d leave the house.

We have fond memories of Slammer’s Burgers. Back in college, Slammer’s was our “default” cinema food. Instead of the usual popcorn, we’d get their super fries which is basically fries with toppings. Sophia and I LOVE their mighty mushroom (fries with mushroom, tomatoes, onions and cheese!) But since we’re a group of 5, we chose their burger meals too.

Of the food items (apart from the mighty mushroom), our group decided that the tastiest was the fries with cheese dip—actually, it was more of the dip. Lol! I know, I know, you’re thinking “what’s so special about a cheese dip?” Well, it’s not just any plain cheese dip! It’s a special kind! (haha, can I be even more vague??) It’s special because the cheese dip was a bit sweet and salty. It was really very good especially paired with the fries. We found ourselves wiping the plastic containers clean with our fries—or for some who ran out of fries, with their fingers. Lol! We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the drinks that came with our meals were Slammer’s special tea and not the usual softdrinks. The tea perfectly complemented the burgers and the fries.

We had so much fun hanging out that day especially since it was raining cats and dogs outside! So a big thank you to and for the trusty delivery guy for braving the rains for us!

Fast forward to a few days ago—guess what? Soan had some Slammer’s again! (I told you, it only takes one good thing and you’d find yourself repeating it).

This time, the order was placed a few days before for delivery on a Sunday. We really like the scheduled delivery service because we’re working girls and most times, work peaks at different times of the day and sometimes you even forget to order your own lunch/dinner. Having prescheduled deliveries is a saviour especially if you just want to get that task done and over with at your most convenient schedule—and speaking of schedules, is open 24/7 so you can place your order literally ANYTIME!

We are so glad to have been introduced to’s service. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to order from Slammer’s, without them we wouldn’t be able to enjoy their amazing fries, and without those fries, we won’t be the happy campers we are now! Lol, just kidding! But jokes aside, we really are two happy customers! Four thumbs up (from both Sophia and me) to Slammer’s Burgers and!

Order now at

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Limited: Starbucks Tumbler Collection

I realized I've been amassing limited edition Starbucks tumblers.

L-R: Pilipinas, Valentine's Day All I need is you & coffee, Russia, Anniversary Edition
The ones above are my most unique tumblers from Starbucks. I try my hardest not to buy tumblers whenever I'm in Starbucks (since I'm always at Starbucks) but there are times that they release limited editions and I can no longer resist!

The one from Russia was given to me as a gift. I'm not usually the type to buy "country" Starbucks tumblers co'z I find them too generic but that one from Russia featuring a matryoshka doll and this one from Japan are too unique to pass up!

Too cute! That one from Japan was actually the main reason why I got that Pilipinas tumbler. I was hoping they'd come out with a better version of the Manila tumblers and then my wish came true! It was a no brainer, I bought it the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Although I never meant to have so much tumblers from Starbucks, I realize now that I can't help it. I frequent it too often and get too carried away by nice graphics that I forget I don't NEED another tumbler. Lol! I am actually excited to add another one to my ehem--collection. Hihi :P

Do you have a unique starbucks tumbler too? I wanna see!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare." -Flipped

Such beautiful words and an even beautiful promise those lines hold.

That's always the hardest part-- hearing a beautiful line; believing in it; and holding on to that fleeting idea until reality breaks you.

Not that I don't believe it. In truth, I believe it with my whole heart. Someone iridiscent-- I know he's out there, not just waiting for me to find him, but seeking me as well.

Yes, some are dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss-- but there are also those who are iridiscent-- whose light will penetrate the darkest corners of your reality and help you realize why it never worked out with anyone else before.

Never give up on the search. Quoting Kahlil Gibran, "Love, if it finds you worthy, shall direct your course"

White Polo - Jatujak market, BKK
Black & White lace shorts - Maldita
Black clogs - Parisian

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Obsession du jour: Thai Milk Tea

It's no secret that I love coffee... and tea. There are so many different variants and many different ways people prepare these two drinks that it is not hard for one to develop favorites. These days, I'm getting more and more hooked on Thai Milk Tea.

My addiction started with this thai tea in can I found in 7/11:
It retails for 50 pesos and I must say, it's close to the real thing! It's just a bit too sweet that I end up putting more water to dilute it. But for the minimal cost and convenience (available at 7/11!), I give this a thumbs up!

Then just yesterday, a colleague in Bangkok sent us a variety of Thai goods. Apart from the spicy sampaloc candies (another favorite!), I got myself a huge stash of instant Thai Milk Tea!

Even if this is in powdered form, it still tastes authentic! It's super good! If you're ever in Thailand and want to buy Thai milk tea as pasalubong, I highly suggest getting these ones from Nestea.

My office drawer is overflowing with milk tea! No more space for pens! lol :P
Like my other "addiction" phases, I expect this Thai milk tea addiction of mine to last another two to three weeks-- or in this case, while my supplies last! ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

White Chocolate Pudding

I admit, I jumped on the bandwagon on this one. It's just that the ad looked so appetizing!

photo credit: Starbucks Singapore
White chocolate pudding?? OHMYGEE! Starbucks Philippines even put up countdowns for these babies and boy did I get so excited! That is why the first chance I got, I trooped to the nearest Starbucks and got myself a Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino!

I'm already a Green Tea Frappuccino fan so ordering this was not new to me. What's new however is the pudding. So how was it? To be honest, it didn't live up to my expectations. I was thinking white chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate. But my tongue kept telling me, milk, milk, milk. It was missing that white chocolate-y ness. It tasted just like any other milk pudding. It even kind of bothered me because the texture of the frappe with the pudding didn't feel right. I'm used to having pudding with my milk teas and I think putting the pudding in an iced coffee drink would have been better and have a smoother feel to it.

With that said, I don't think I'll be availing of their promotion anytime soon. *sigh* Guess I'll be sticking to our trademark The Two Miss Fits signature brew for now. (oh btw, you can have this as a frappuccino or iced too!)

*The White Chocolate Pudding duo will be available at Starbucks for a limited time only.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Go Centerstage

There's nothing like a mid-week karaoke session to reenergize you in the midst of a hectic work week. So what karaoke place did we raid? Centerstage in SM Mall of Asia!
I was very excited to check out CenterStage because I've heard good reviews about the place. Sophia and I were actually invited to the opening of CenterStage MOA but as usual, our work schedules did not permit us to attend. It was 5:30 pm on a Wednesday so as expected the place was not packed.

We got a room for 5 people and because we were very hungry, we opted for their karaoke + food package. We got the barkada package worth Php2,000 which included 3 hours of videoke session (regularly charged at P250 per hour), 4 snack foods and 10 drinks.

Since we were hungry, we ordered additional rice and two more viands.

Much to the delight of our grumbling tummies, the food arrived fast and was surprisingly tasty. I say surprisingly, because I didn't expect it to taste exceptional but the food items were rather delicious. So thumbs up for the food!

Photo credit: Centerstage website
In between chowing down food and washing it down with ice cold drinks, we belted songs to our heart's content!
CenterStage does not have a printed out song book and instead has its selection on screen which you can pick from using a remote. To be truly honest, we found this really inconvenient. Since we had to rely on arrows, the task of choosing songs became tedious. Like the example above, you have to go through all the songs that starts in "S" to find your choice. The process was really time consuming and can be confusing for others. Also, is it just me or does the song selection at Centerstage a bit too small?

Minor complaints aside, we still had a grand time at our karaoke session!

Our three-hour session cost us 2,800php and I think that's not bad for a group of 4, we even had an extra drink left over ;)

Taking a break from a stressful environment really is the best cure for grumpiness. We were back to our jolly selves the morning after, thanks of course to the great time we had at CenterStage :)

For more information, visit

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cinemalaya 2013

Was at the Cultural Center of the Philippines yesterday to catch the Virgin Labfest and look what I found:

Yes! It's Cinemalaya season once again! Mark your calendars, 26 July to 04 August!

You know where to find me that week! ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love You, ILLY

It was inevitable. I was bound to go back to Illy's at the first chance I get. And true enough, a couple of weeks after, I was sitting in Illy's again enjoying a cup of brew and gorging on a new-found favorite, their tiramisu.

I got an Expresso Freddo Shakerato. I don't really have a full grasp of what it is, I just knew I wanted to drink something cold and so I asked the barista what their top sellers are and he said that. 

Well, what have you, it's actually very very good! I loved it so much! I got sold on the frothy cream on top. It was so good! Much like all the drinks in Illy, this too was not very sweet-- and that is precisely why I enjoy it a lot. The taste was just classy and again, for lack of a better adjective, sophisticated.

*drools* Tiramisuuuuu! I love you my tiramisu! Illy's tiramisu is special with a capital S! First, you're the one who'll pour the expresso over it so you can adjust how strong the coffee flavor is. Second, dollops of cream on top are too tasty!--no wait, there's nothing TOO tasty for me. lol! It's actually cream cheese frosting which in my part of the universe means heaven. It was really, the best tiramisu I've had so far. Just thinking about it now makes my stomach growl in longing. This is tortuuuure!

At the rate I'm going, it won't be long 'til I come back to Illy's. Until my next visit!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The lips say it all

You know how I have very sensitive lips and how I'm always on the look out for the perfect lipstick. Well, I've been researching a lot and since I haven't really found that perfect lipstick for me, I decided to try VMV, thinking maybe it's the solution I've been searching for.

I know how VMV is designed for those with sensitive skin, and I know it should have been my first choice in searching for the perfect lipstick, but I never did until now because I get turned off at the very few color options they have. I mean, I'm looking for the PERFECT lipstick-- one that doesn't irritate my lips and has the perfect shade too!

Well, because my lips have been chapping more frequently as of late, I decided to just go for it and so I bought my first tube of lipstick from VMV.
 I got a matte one in Flamingo and so far it delivered on its promise of being hypoallergenic! My lips have stopped chapping and even feels softer and smoother now! My only problem with it is that since it's matte, it doesn't glide smoothly on my lips. The color is also a little too subtle, compared to my other lipsticks which are more noticeable. Like I said, there are very few color options so believe me when I say, this shade is already one of the younger and chic-er shades they offer. With color issues aside, I still say it's a good lipstick for everyday use. And since it doesn't irritate my lips, I no longer have to worry of getting chapped and dry lips from using it regularly.

Next time, I'll try to get a lip gloss to wear over it so it will look trendier and more appealing. I can't say I've found my lip saviour in VMV because there are still things I'm looking for in the perfect lipstick for me but for now, this will do. I'm just grateful my lips are not irritated anymore.

For more information, check out

Monday, July 1, 2013

Labfest Virgin

Finally, after 8 years of being a labfest "virgin", I got to watch my first play last Sunday! :)

Virgin Labfest is a theater festival that celebrates budding playwrights and showcases their "untried, untested, unstaged plays". It runs for about two weeks at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is now in its 9th year  and runs from June 26 to July 7.

I don't really know why it took me this long to finally catch a show. Imagine, 8 years has already passed and I only try it now?? Well, after my first labfest experience, all I can say is, what have I been doing all these years??
My godsister urged me to catch a screening with her. We picked a Sunday afternoon schedule for practical purposes and I'm glad we did because it happened to be a special feature on Virgin Labfest favorites from last year. I think it's one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much because my first labfest experience  featured the BEST of last year and not surprisingly, they did not disappoint! It was the best way to introduce me to what the virgin labfest had to offer.

The one-act plays were really enjoyable! I liked how the plots were simple yet deep enough to make an impact. But of course with this kind of festival, the thing that would really draw you in is how GOOD the acting is. You would appreciate how good theater actors really are! The script is just one part of it, the thing with a good production is how every little detail contributes to the entire experience. There are so much room for mistakes and yet there they are, drawing you in, making you feel like you're watching a scene from a movie.
I had so much fun at the Labfest! If time would permit it, I'd like to catch another show this week. There really is something very special about "untried, untested, unstaged plays". It's their novelty that lends 'em that quintessential appeal. Congratulations Virgin Labfest 9!

*The Virgin Labfest runs from June 26 to July 7 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pasay City

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