Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The lips say it all

You know how I have very sensitive lips and how I'm always on the look out for the perfect lipstick. Well, I've been researching a lot and since I haven't really found that perfect lipstick for me, I decided to try VMV, thinking maybe it's the solution I've been searching for.

I know how VMV is designed for those with sensitive skin, and I know it should have been my first choice in searching for the perfect lipstick, but I never did until now because I get turned off at the very few color options they have. I mean, I'm looking for the PERFECT lipstick-- one that doesn't irritate my lips and has the perfect shade too!

Well, because my lips have been chapping more frequently as of late, I decided to just go for it and so I bought my first tube of lipstick from VMV.
 I got a matte one in Flamingo and so far it delivered on its promise of being hypoallergenic! My lips have stopped chapping and even feels softer and smoother now! My only problem with it is that since it's matte, it doesn't glide smoothly on my lips. The color is also a little too subtle, compared to my other lipsticks which are more noticeable. Like I said, there are very few color options so believe me when I say, this shade is already one of the younger and chic-er shades they offer. With color issues aside, I still say it's a good lipstick for everyday use. And since it doesn't irritate my lips, I no longer have to worry of getting chapped and dry lips from using it regularly.

Next time, I'll try to get a lip gloss to wear over it so it will look trendier and more appealing. I can't say I've found my lip saviour in VMV because there are still things I'm looking for in the perfect lipstick for me but for now, this will do. I'm just grateful my lips are not irritated anymore.

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