Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The secret is in the recipe

I love Secret Recipe. Back in college, me and my friends vowed that one day we'll order a slice each of ALL of their cheesecakes. They serve, to date, the BEST cheesecakes I have ever tasted.
Cheese Choc. I don't like chocolate but I find myself occasionally craving this. Yuh, it's THAT good.
My "it" cake. Pecan Butterscotch. I cannot tell you just how goooood it is. You have to taste it for yourself

Well, a couple of months back, Secret Recipe added more items to their menu. The first thing I got to try was their Pad Thai and at once it was immortalized in my palate. I loved it. So when I found myself at Secret Recipe one rainy day, I made it a point to get the Pad Thai again-- as well as try the other equally inviting items on their menu.
Beef Lasagna for my mom. It looks messy but my mom testifies to its outstanding taste! I have to agree though, just the smell of it, almost made me forget I was vegetarian.
Malaysian Hookien Mee. I haven't tasted Hookien Mee before so I can't compare but it was good nonetheless!
MY Pad Thai. Excuse the not-so-inviting photo. I was too excited to eat it, I didn't bother "fixing it up".
To give it justice, let me just post Secret Recipe's official photo instead:
There. Looks MORE inviting than my puny shot.
I love Secret Recipe! I love it more because of the additions to their menu. So good! I can't wait to go back! :) ...and oh, I COMMAND you to order their Apple Kasturi drink, the taste is one-of-a-kind! Please take my word for it.

Check out their website for more on their food (prepare to drool!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reusable coffee jacket

While passing time in the mall, I found myself getting coffee from Krispy Kreme. I was in a hurry to leave so I took my drink, got in the car and almost forgot about it.

Grabbed the cup from the holder when I noticed the cup felt weird. I stared at it and realized why:
The coffee "jacket" was made of cloth! (not sure what type of cloth) It was a pleasant surprise co'z I'm used to Starbucks coffee jacket which is made out of carton.
This is so cool! It's reusable too!
...and oh, before I forget, the coffee was surprisingly good as well! Got myself a caramel latte and I was not disappointed with the taste. Good job Krispy Kreme!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bead It this Summer with Freeway!

Summer's fast approaching and I have been driving myself crazy looking thinking of the best summer getaway! Well, one option of course is the beach! Yes, yes, yes, it's that time of the year again to take flaunt our best swimwear and go frollicking in the sand! lol!

Freeway releases its summer swimwear collection, featuring "beads", making for their funky tagline... "this summer, bead it!" (so cute no?)

2010 Fashion forecasts have included beads in their list as up and coming in fashion. Foreign designers have already taken the lead but honestly, the idea doesn't really appeal to me... yet.

Well, if you're like me and you're still in the process of seeing the "good", the "nice" and the "pretty" in beads, maybe these swimwear from Freeway may help change our minds:

Ooooh, this red one's hawt! (or is it just the model?)

Weeeeh! I have yet to see these up close (and try them on), so for now, we have to rely on these sexy shots from Freeway and hope that these swimwear look as good on us as they do on the model. hehe :P

Neon black

The skies have been so gloomy that even after the rain has stopped, it remained overcast the entire day. It's weekend and despite the urge to sleep in, Sunday duties must prevail so off to church we went-- with the fambam looking cheery and me... well, in black (as expected on a weekend).
Gave the outfit a little bit of oomph by wearing this graffiti print skirt with neon details. I originally planned to pair the skirt with something fun and equally colorful but the gloomy weather compels me to wear dark colors.
I was so amused when I realized the color of the skirt is reflected on my peacock earrings. What a wonderful surprise. I love it.
Sorry for the glum expression on the photos. I was not in a cheery mood. And oh, you might have noticed I took photos in three different locations. I always forget to calibrate my camera for gloomy/too sunny weather. I tried so hard to find the best place to take photos :P

black biker jacket - Betty
black spaghetti strap with applique - Revenge Fork
graffiti print skirt - H&M
black clogs with chain detail - Parisian
peacock earrings - Aldo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's better with Milk

Ever had instant hot chocolate with milk instead of water?

...It makes a world of difference! 
Easy, just get yourself some fresh milk (or in my case, my favorite Fortified Milk), heat it in pan, mix in your favorite instant hot choco and voila!  Heaven in a cup!
We hope you're all warm and safe in your homes. The weather is perfect for a warm cup of hot choco :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Follow our blog with Bloglovin

Yey! I finally got to claim our blog in Bloglovin...problems stemmed from our old feed url or somethin'. :)

If you don't have a google account, feel free to follow us there by clicking the link above or by clicking the beautiful exposed lady at the right side of the page ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Subtle and addicting: Patchi

A fried from Lebanon gave me Patchi chocolates as pasalubong. Basically, Patchi is a brand of ultra decadent chocolates from Lebanon. It was made famous in the Philippines when Ben Chan brought the franchise here last year with a store at the Fort. Supposedly, Patchi offers the most expensive box of chocolates in the world in their corner in Harrod's in London.
I'm not a big fan of chocolate but I was so excited to try Patchi!
The box he got me had landmarks of Lebanon printed on 'em. What a great way to show someone a glimpse of the country without being so "tourist guide-y"
I chose my favorite landmark first. Love the NatGeo feel of the arcs!
Such a gem! So small yet so interesting!
My first bite was magical! The taste was so subtle and mild that I had to chow down the entire block in one bite. It was milky and light, it reminded me of being a kid when everything in the world was beautiful and bright.

I couldn't resist, I had to get another one!
I have to say, I understand why Patchi chocolates are so expensive. It is so elegant, the chocolate just melts in your tongue. I would love to try their other flavors like dark chocolate perhaps, or those with nuts in them. I hear Lucy Torres' favorites are: the Milk Chocolate with Pistachio Croquant and Milk Chocolate filled with Gianduja and Pistachio pieces. Sounds yum! I would love to try those.

I can't say I've become a chocolate-convert already. I think I have yet to find chocolates that would really sweep me off my feet. But for its elegance and daintiness, I would have to say, Patchi chocolates are up in my list :)

To buy Patchi chocolates locally, go to:

Building 5 B5
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Official Website:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mustard's a must.

I've been lusting over all things mustard lately but I can't seem to find any in the market. So, I resorted to the next best thing.. look for items in that lovely deep yellow shade, online.

Here are some of the items I found..

Gaaah.. sooo pretty! Can anybody give me some tips on where to find items like those above?? :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fearless under the Sun!

Summer may have ended too soon but the memories of this summer will forever live on. Before we finally say adieu to the bittersweet Summer of 2011, allow us to share with you our storybook, reminding us of the fun times we spent under the sun!

You might remember us blogging about Nivea Sun products a while back. Well, since then, Nivea Sun products have been our constant companion in all our activities under the sun. Believe me when I say we got very particular in making sure we didn't get sunburned.
We LOVE Nivea's invisible sun spray. It's so easy to use, non-greasy and does not smell bad!
Of all the sunblocks I've personally used, these ones from Nivea proved to be the BEST. Can you believe no one even suspected that I went to the beach? I didn't even tan at all!--to think I hit the beach two weeks in a row! Amazing what great sunblock can do!
Don't forget the sunblock!
...And now, let the fun begin!

A trip to the beach will always be on the list of our personal must-do's in Summer! The sun doesn't always shine this brightly all year, so we made sure to make the most out of the beautiful weather :)
There are so many water activities you can do aside from swimming. Summer is about all things outdoors and since you've already put on your sunblock, there's no reason for you to fear the sun!

I am in love with Nivea's Invisible Protection Transparent Spray  because it is so easy to use, non-greasy, smells good and is really really effective!

Another thing I've noticed from Nivea is that it mixes well with sweat. You'd forget you're even wearing sunblock!

Soan had her share of fun too! She went to several swimming trips for more fun in the sun. But one new thing she did last summer was what they did during a company event...
How satisfying to participate in a worthwhile endeavor. Philippines for the win!

The rainy season may have started to kick in but as they say, summer is a state of mind. If we were to go on one last summer getaway, we would love to visit the beautiful Misibis Bay!
Sophia visited Misibis Bay 2 years ago during its construction phase and until now she keeps raving about the place! Oh yes, no need to convince me! The pictures do all the talking! It looks like paradise! Really, who wouldn't want to go on a luxurious island getaway at Misibis bay? It's extravagant. Captivating. Peaceful. And truly enchanting.

PLUS! The resort is teeming with interesting activities that I am dying to try! Was so excited to find out that you can ride an ATV or dune buggy! Hooray for adrenaline thrills! You can also try bottom fishing, kayaking, aqua biking, mountain biking, windsurfing, snorkeling, coconut hat weaving, diving, and our favorite, stargazing :) Don't believe us? Check out their website and drool over this luxurious island playground!

What a wonderful summer 2011 was! Hope this post helped you realize that being vain and particular about your skin does not stop you from having fun. As Nivea's Summer 2011 campaign goes, be fearless under the sun!  

Click here to read about Nivea's 2011 campaign, fear the sun no more!


I've installed the Instagram app a few days after I got my phone but it was only last month that I created an account. Here are some of my instagram images..
Bedside buddy
Cuppa hot choco
Cute customized push pins
Happy Lemon's Lemon Boy
Overused to the point of abuse..(but still loved)
 Instagram is like twitter but instead of constant status updates, you get to see picture updates from the people you follow. :)

Got instagram? Feel free to add me, sophialiscano ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheerly professional..

sheer top // H&M
tank top and overlapping lace skirt // Topshop
ring // thrifted
clutch // Zara

I wore this to a fancy dinner last Saturday but ended up getting compliments about looking so professional. I guess I ended looking like I just came from work! Hahahaha. I know I mentioned that my office isn't that keen on dress codes but I'm quite sure that this outfit won't cut it at work. I just think that the skirt is too short for work.

So, I can't stop thinking how I can un-professionalize this look (haha!) Possible solution: Untuck the back part of the sheer top for a more casual vibe and change shoes to something more edgy and less, well, corporate.. ;)

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