Friday, June 3, 2011


One thing I love about work (well technically, it isn't about work) is that even if we are supplied with uniforms, we are not required to wear it. Aside from that, I like that their definition of 'corporate wear' is waaay lenient. We can wear open-toe shoes, flat shoes, sleeveless tops...I sometimes see others wearing leggings!

With that in mind, let me share with you what I wore one fine Monday...
Top // Gap
Cardigan // H&M
Two-toned maryjanes // Marks&Spencer
Necklace and ring // Aldo

Oh, and in case you were wondering..Roseus is Latin for 'rosy' or 'pink'. :)


  1. tumawag ang HR,. may bagong rules dahil sa revelation mo. hihi

  2. Love this post!! I am so happy that I just stumbled on your blog. It's fantastic and really original! I love everything that you cover.

    We are definitely following you now! Hope you'll visit us sometime! ;)

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  3. Hahaha! Finally, a fellow fashion blogger on what a gal wears to work! I love what you're saying about office wear, Sophia! My office, too, has uniforms and dress code, but I just break all the office fashion rules and somehow can get away with it. I guess HR becomes tired of scolding me, and the bosses couldn't care less what I wear as long as I get the job done. I'm not important enough for the biggies to make an issue, anyway! It's great to be a girl, right.
    Warm regards from Jakarta, Indonesia to both of you, Ladies.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. Hahaha! Hi Sir Lance! :) Wag ganun. Hehe.

    Jewls and Liza, I visited your site and followed you already.:) I'm so glad that you feature a ton of different things that interest you.. from your favorite bloggers to images that inspire you to your travels and outfits. ;)

    Hi LeeAnne! Thank you for your comment! I think you're right, if HR were stricter I'd probably get scolded most days too. Hihi.


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