Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheerly professional..

sheer top // H&M
tank top and overlapping lace skirt // Topshop
ring // thrifted
clutch // Zara

I wore this to a fancy dinner last Saturday but ended up getting compliments about looking so professional. I guess I ended looking like I just came from work! Hahahaha. I know I mentioned that my office isn't that keen on dress codes but I'm quite sure that this outfit won't cut it at work. I just think that the skirt is too short for work.

So, I can't stop thinking how I can un-professionalize this look (haha!) Possible solution: Untuck the back part of the sheer top for a more casual vibe and change shoes to something more edgy and less, well, corporate.. ;)


  1. Lovely outfit! Perhaps you could wear a colored tank top under the sheer shirt to make it look less "office-y" and match that color to colored high heels?
    Great blog by the way, so much fun to read!

  2. Hehe. Thanks for the tip! :) I will try that one of these days and post it ;)
    I dropped by your blog gosh, the pastries all look so good!


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