Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wooden spoons are for ice cream only

I love White Hat. Of all frozen yoghurt places I've tried, White Hat is my favorite. Their yoghurt recipe just appeals to my palate, I can't get enough of it. I was at White Hat the other day and I almost forgot why I stopped going there for a couple of weeks when I suddenly remembered: it's because of their wooden spoons.

Recently, White Hat came out with wooden spoons for their yoghurt. I think it's because of the whole sustainable thing which is the hype nowadays. But the day they introduced their wooden spoons, was the day I started to want less of their yoghurt.

The spoons are cute, and yes, it's great that they're doing their part for the environment but I dunno... the sour taste of yoghurt mixed with the "woody" taste of the spoon just doesn't go well with me. The tangy taste of the yoghurt and the rough surface of the spoon irritates my tongue. I don't want it to touch my lips, much more lick it! It's just so unpleasant.
My solution is to ask for a plastic spoon just so I could eat it
Maybe it's just me but I just have to say it co'z I love White Hat and I don't want their spoons keeping me from going back.

I think using wooden spoons should be confined to ice cream ONLY. The smoothness and creaminess of ice cream and its quaint taste weirdly goes well with the earthy taste of wooden spoons. If you're NOT selling ice cream, please, don't even consider going the wooden route. Just saying.

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