Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As spontaneous as the time I decided to perm my hair, I again, semi-spontaneously got it rebonded. Ha! Talk about extremely fickle-minded! In my defense, it's not really about liking my curls or not. They were pretty and all that, except I didn't feel like myself. The curls created a whole new Ninin. I felt like my curls compelled me to be dainty, sweet, and cute all the time-- but I'm not naturally like that. I'm more of the rockstar kind of girl, and with the curls, I just couldn't pull it off.
It's so weird, but I really did feel sad about it-- about losing that part of my personality; of feeling tied down. I know it's just hair, but see, I'm a firm believer of always doing what feels right to you. As I always say, "If it's bringing you that much pain, it's not worth it". My curls were starting to make me feel sad and even if everyone around me was against getting my hair straightened, I had to choose my own happiness-- and I knew I would be happier with straight hair.
I admit, I am somewhat missing my curls. My pictures from last week is a painful reminder of how pretty they were, but frankly, I just want to move on from that phase, like it was just a beautiful dream. That for a time I was Cinderella and now the clock has signaled midnight.
I am obviously hung up on these shoes. They are getting so much mileage on the blog-- it's just that they are so comfortable and I guess I'm still not over the red, blue, white phase of mine. Sahreee.

Top: Kamiseta
Petal shorts: R.A.F. by Plains & Prints
Wedged sandals: Tiva by FILA
charm necklace: Accessorize
watch: Ice watch

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