Friday, August 29, 2008

Duet, anyone?

I don't usually watch local tv networks but while I was channel surfing the other night, I chanced upon Celebrity Duets at GMA 7 and whoa was I shocked!

Phil Younghusband is a contestant there! *gasp!*

S and I have been drooling over the Younghusbands since they arrived in Manila about a year ago. We were totally into the whole, ex-Chelsea turned Philippine team player idea. Soooo hot! We once found ourselves almost arguing over James Younghusband, Phil's older brother. But hey, hey, James may be hotter but you cannot deny Phil's outstanding good looks too! *drool!*

Let us introduce you to the hunk who 'got game' *wink!

Full name: Philip James Younghusband
Age: 21
Birthdate: August 4, 1987 (belated Happy birthday sweetie!)
Height: 5'11
eye color: green
hair color: brown
some of his favorite songs:
ayo technology- 50 cent, dakota- stereophonics, I want to hold your hand- the beatles, Stop crying your heart out- Oasis, This is why I'm Hot- Mims

Okay, okay you can stop staring now... hahaha! :P You know this scenario reminds me so much of the case of the royal brothers Prince William and Harry. You know how everyone was always gushing over William? Then time came that Harry 'bloomed' and bam! He became soooo hot! Well, well, well, are we seeing the same thing about the Younghusband brothers? Maybe to a degree but then, they're both hot to begin with so maybe not. hehe :P

Well... in case you were wondering why S and I are so in love with James, here's a teaser:

*drools* No, I won't post any of his hanford ads, like in here, or here because I know you'd just swoon. No-no girls! S and I are are already fighting over him so don't add to the list okay? Haha, I'm kidding! Oh my, he's such a sweetheart *bats eyelashes*

Catch Phil Younghusband sing to his heart's delight on Celebrity Duets, Saturdays, 6:45 pm at GMA ch. 7 :)

tip: have a look at the audience too so you can catch a glimpse of his oh-so-drool-worthy brother :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting lofty at Jack's

S and I are such suckers for food. We just love, love traveling the metro in search for the best food it can offer. We go to places just because we "heard" they serve good food. Well, where did our pretty feet take us this time?

To Jack's Loft, Ermita :)

Jack's Loft looks like your typical semi-posh restaurant. It's like one of those places yuppies hang out after work. But Jack's Loft is not your typical restaurant! Suprising, it is actually a dessert joint!

Yes girls! We're not lying! It may not look like it but Jack's loft is famous for their dessert line! So, what did we get?

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake - P88.00

This one is really great. It's light, creamy and really satisfying! You really could eat it alone because it's not so sweet or too overwhelming for your palette. :)

I Declair! - ?

The I Declair is basically an eclair covered with layers and layers of whipped cream then topped with nuts and chocolate syrup. Sounds enticing right? Well, yeah. But don't be fooled too much. What we didn't like about this dessert is the fact that it is practically covered with whipped cream. We found ourselves removing the cream co'z it was just too much.

Fried Ice cream- P115.00

This one really got my attention at once. I had tempura ice cream in Red Kimono at Silver City once and I've never stopped craving it since then so I almost jumped with glee when I saw this! The fried ice cream is basically vanilla ice cream covered with batter. Simple but irristibly enticing! Well, how was it? Not better than the one at Red Kimono but enough for one thumb up! The outer covering was flaky and was not hard to cut. It also has this "melt-in-your-mouth" feel to it which is good. The ice cream however was quite mediocre as I felt like I was merely eating Magnolia Ice Cream. But overall, I say the taste is wonderful! Really gives you a lot of texture. Very interesting indeed!

We tried the main courses there as well but we don't think they're too remarkable to write about. And one thing: stay awake from their onion rings! Horrible, I tell you. Horrible. On a lighter side, you have to try their Fishbowl Iced Tea. It's soooo cute! It's Jack Loft's own blend of iced tea placed in a FISHBOWL! Great for sharing but fun even if you drink it alone. Haha! :P

So go on girls! Get 'lofty' at Jack's! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The great escape!

I.Cannot.Believe.It! Boys Like Girls are coming to Manila!!! *shrieks!*

I have been wondering why I have been singing The Great Escape a lot lately when it's not even new anymore. The interesting thing about it too is that I keep hearing it on radio and seeing it on tv at odd times! I mean, hey, isn't it an old song already?? Well, well, well, turns out it's a premonition of good things to come! Yes girls, it's true! They're finally coming to Manila! *screams!*

Get set to see Martin, John, Bryan and Paul live in the flesh as Ayala Malls give you the Boys Like Girls great Ayala Mall tour! Wowee!

Catch their shows at the following dates and venues:

Alabang Town Center Activity Center
September 3 at 6:30 P.M.

TriNoma Activity Center
September 5 at 7:00 P.M.

Glorietta Activity Center
September 6 at 5:00 P.M.

Oh my! I cannot wait! So, this must really be why I was singing the Great Escape a lot lately! Finally, my GREATEST "great escape!" :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

The best damn clothes

Since you guys are already revved up to see Avril's concert in September, why don't we up it a notch by going a la Ms. Lavigne herself? Yes girls, you can now don your favorite Avril look with less hassle! Introducing, Abbey Dawn, Avril's own line of Apparel!

Abbey Dawn is the name Avril's dad calls her. The line reflects Avril's "best damn thing" style to the letter with graphic clothing, funky pieces and fun colors! The line is available at Kohl's and sells for about $20-$60 a piece. Pretty cheap for dollar-earners but when you convert it, it would set you back 900php-2500php. Still, it's a pretty decent price, if I say so myself.

The line is really cute! Very punk rock but not "messy". Too bad it still hasn't reached Philippine shores yet, but I'm sure it would soon. As for now, let's just satisfy our eyes by checking out Avril's other pieces here :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Of fairytales and castles

We are all growing up and in this fast-paced world, there are times when I would find myself wishing I was back in my grade school days merely playing with my dolls and thinking of princesses and fairytales. Well, now you don't have to merely imagine being back in your youth anymore! You can actually traipse on lala land once again and relive the joys of your sweet childhood by watching Cinderella!

Cinderella the musicale has been making waves since the latter part of 2007. I mean, it's Lea Salonga! It's expected to make waves! Now that it is being shown at the CCP, Cinderella's appeal still hasn't vanished :)

The musicale does not depart from the traditional Cinderella story. Afficionados will not be disappointed as all the characters were there and the story sticked to its playful, colorful and light disposition. Watching it will make you relive your childhood days when everything was colorful, glittery and magical.

The show really is beautiful but don't expect outstanding songs like Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon or Music of the night from the Phantom of the Opera. This time, the songs were simple, fun and in a word, "for children". But then, that's the real appeal of the musicale! It's designed to unleash the child in each of us :)

I say you have to watch it. It would really make you feel good about yourself and somehow, make you believe that Happy Endings are possible. Besides, Cinderella's golden carriage is too beautiful to pass up!

For ticket inquiries, visit

Monday, August 11, 2008

hey, hey, you! you!

Time to save up girls, Avril Lavigne is coming to town!

Dubbed as "The best damn concert tour 2008", Avril Lavigne is set to put fire on the Araneta Colliseum stage on the 3rd of September of this year!

I am so excited about it! I remember the first time she was here with Simple Plan and I didn't get to see it so I ended up watching the replay on tv. Mahn, does she perform soooo well! Avril really has got this amazing energy that makes her such an amazing performer!

Here's the supposed song list she will be performing at the show:

I Can Do Better
My Happy Ending
I’m With You
I Always Get What I Want
When You’re Gone
Give it Up
Losing My Grip
Bad Reputation
Everything Back But You
The Best Damn Thing
I Don’t Have to Try
He Wasn’t
Boyfriend (remix)
Sk8er Boi

The following are the seat locations and ticket prices:

PATRON VIP (101,103 1ST 20 ROWS) (Reserved Seating) - PhP 10500
PATRON (Reserved Seating) - PhP 6750
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) - PhP 5250
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) - PhP 2850
UPPER BOX B (Free Seating) - PhP 1400
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) - PhP 600

Whoa, 1o,ooo? I told you to save up now! But then, if you're low in cash but still want to go see Ms. Lavigne in the flesh, there's always general admission. hehe :P

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My sassy girl

I don't know about you girls but I am a huge believer in destiny, fate and "the one". Talking about our lives and imagining our prefect fairytale endings has always been my friends and I's favorite past time. Well, just recently, we found ourselves in the cinema watching Sassy Girl and boy did it make us fans of destiny again!

Sassy Girl is a story of two people who meet each other, tried to work things out, almost lost each other only to find out in the end that they were "destined" for each other. (sorry girls, can't elaborate, it will ruin it for you)

The cool thing about the two characters is that they are so unlike each other that you would really doubt if their relationship could actually work. For one, the girl is nuts! She's too crazy for words! While the boy is timid, responsible, and basically, the total opposite of the girl.

So, why did it work out for them in the end?

Co'z they're meant to be.

Yes, you may not be a big believer of destiny and all that but watching the film would really make you think. It's like the whole flick is full of the usual cliches about finding love like, "opposites attract", "you can find love at first sight", and "if it's meant to be, it will be". :)

I don't know if the American version is better than the Korean one but S attests that the lines from the American version is better. The downside however is that the actors in the American version are only half as good as in the Korean. For one, Koreans have a way of making things look cute so their silly actions are not so awkward. Whereas in the American version, their movements doesn't look so natural nor cute. Still, still, I say it's okay.

So as an ending note, I'd like to share with you girls one thing I learned from watching the movie:

Remember when heartbroken people ask, "Was everything he said/did real?"

It was answered:
"Yes it was real then. But if you still believe it's real now, then you're fantasizing"

See how you'd learn a lot from the movie? hehe :P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rainy day songs

♪Rain rain go away, come again another day...♪ a tune we used to sing a lot when we were still in preschool. But don't you think it's too pessimistic of us to shoo away the rain? Now that it has been raining nonstop, we have decided to help you embrace the rainy season by preparing a playlist for you. Hopefully, the playlists would help you enjoy the downpours while drinking hot cocoa or while taking hot baths. ;)

(this consists of songs that are obviously rain-related.hehe. if you're feeling foolish, childish, carefree or corny then go right ahead and download the songs.)
singin' in the rain- gene kelly
come rain, come shine- tata young
through the rain- mariah carey
raindrops keep falling on my head-b.j. thomas
rain on me- ashanti
it's raining men- geri halliwell
umbrella- rihanna
when it rains-paramore

(this playlist consists of songs that would enhance your rainy-day-relaxation-mood.)
breathe (2am)- anna nalick
you- switchfoot
don't know why- norah jones
when the stars go blue- bethany joy lenz
the rain don't last- hope
better with you- five times august
put your records on- corinne bailey rae
the call- regina spektor
sweet and low- augustana
mixtape- butch walker
the little things- colbie caillat
be the one- tony rich project
deep- binocular
dusk and summer- dashboard confessional
can i go now- jennifer love hewitt

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tunes for your tunes

I have always loved playing musical instruments. I think it runs in our family to be big fans of anything related to music. We have guitarists, pianists, flutists and a whole bunch of singers and occasional belters (hehe!) Well, when I was young, one of the things I would spend money on was big books of piano pieces and a whole bunch of "songhits" for guitar chords. When internet became popular, I tried looking for sites which provided free music sheets--but to no avail. They were all being sold for an amount. But fortunately, not anymore! Yes girls, you can now get piano pieces and guitar chords of your favorite artists on the net for free!

My Piano
Check out the collection of piano pieces on here, I'm sure you'll love it! I'm currently in love with the sheets of Superman by Five for fighting, it's so good and unbelievably, rather easy! Just click on the link (if it's a link), right click, "save target as", and voila! It'll be in pdf format so you have to have acrobat reader installed. :)

Ultimate Guitar
I love this site a lot. Not only do you get the chords, you also get to learn tips on how to strum properly so you get the correct melody. Plus, you can choose from different versions so you'd know which sounds best :) One tip: try to have your guitar with you while checking the site so you can try out the piece already before printing because like I said, there are different versions and one version is better than the other so you have to know first.

Have fun creating your own collection of music sheets girls! Time to unleash the ultimate rockstars within! haha! :)

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