Saturday, March 19, 2011

Written in the cards

One morning over coffee, S and I were just talking about getting our fortunes told when we decided to just go for it! So off we went in search of a "fortune-teller" booth of some kind-- that's when we were "led" to the Seekers' Cove.

S said her officemates were talking about going to this place in Galleria to get their fortunes read. When we got to the supposed place however, we saw that they did tarot reading which surprised us because we were expecting to see signs that specifically said "fortune-telling". What greeted us however were notices that stated that it was for those who wanted to be one with themselves, etc. etc. (huh?)

Since we were unsure, S had to text her officemate first to check if were indeed at the right place. Turns out, we were :P So although we were already having second thoughts, we decided to just push through with it because we were already there, plus, it would be a good experience, either way.

Much like how Ms. Stella (our guru-slash-adviser) briefed us, let me brief you first on what Tarot reading is all about.

Tarot reading revolves around the belief that cards can be used to gain insight on your past, present and future. It relies on a person's subconscious, meaning the things that would come out are the things you yourself would want to express/tell you. Tarot reading also relies on a person's intuition-- that psychic ability to foretell events. Basically, tarot reading involves you, your inner being and the universe.

The tarot cards themselves are not too intimidating. They are very clear on what they mean. You can rely on the pictures and the titles on them to interpret what your subconscious is telling you. The role then of the "spiritual adviser" goes from being a fortune-teller to just being an "interpreter".

When the session begins, you can opt to focus on specific areas of your life you feel is most confusing/unsettling at the moment or you can also ask for a general spread to see all areas of your chart. You can also ask specific questions during the session. One interesting thing is when you pick out the cards, you have to pick using your left hand because it is said that the left hand is the one directly connected to the right area of your brain (that one that holds your subconscious thoughts).

So on to our experiences!

Ninin's take
I was the first one to have the reading. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on taking it seriously, maybe because, I was a bit turned off by the idea that everything would be revealed would be from my subconscious anyway. I felt I knew myself too well already, and having someone just reiterate what I already knew was a waste of time.

I opted for the general spread because it was my first time. Also, since I knew my lovelife at that moment was a bit controversial, I didn't want to touch it too much for fear I might break down. haha! :P When Ms. Stella started to interpret my cards, I found myself agreeing to all she said. It was true, it did reveal my inner thoughts! Although I was disappointed to see that there was nothing "new" about it, I was still impressed at how accurate the readings were. All the areas she discussed: career, family, love, etc. were spot on!

A few minutes left in the session, Ms. Stella noticed I was still a bit detached, so she gave me what I wanted so much to gain from the session: my prediction for the next three months! Sorry if I sound too shallow but in my opinion, when you do things like these, you don't want to dwell on your past, you want to see your future. I mean, if I wanted to reflect, I should have just gone on a retreat right? Anywaaaaay, so how were her predictions? Interesting. Very interesting. Not too specific; not too surprising either but they were so apt for that specific area of my life that I can't help believe it. Example, a "good student" card falling on the education spot. See?

Overall I say the experience is very interesting. I can't say I'm sold on the idea because what I want more is to see my future rather than understanding my present (or past). But then maybe I'm just too keen on seeing my future that I fail to realize that understanding your past and present is the real key. Whatever. I think I want to try a different kind of psychic reading next time. Numerology/Palm reading perhaps?

Soan's take
Growing up in an all-girls Catholic school, we were taught not to believe in fortune telling. The only reasons I could think of why we pushed through with our tarot card reading were because our whims got the better of us and we were really just curious..

While waiting for my turn, I was still really very nervous because it felt like I was betraying my faith. But after the short internal struggle, I retired to the thought that I was just doing the tarot card reading for fun.

Ms Stella asked me if there were any areas I wanted to focus on. I blurted two main things, love and career. After picking out my cards, she interpreted it saying that I'm currently being governed by 'The Fool'. So my attitude towards life (and probably in the 2 areas I mentioned) was that of a fool's, meaning I live by the "Go with the flow" attitude. She said that it's good in the sense that I'm flexible and that I deal with whatever comes my way. But, with my current pressing concerns she told me that I better stop being like 'the fool' because I'd eventually have to work and fight for what I want. (Ooh, so deep, right? Haha.)

Everything was accurate except for when she mentioned that there's a person that's been in my subconscious and that person is the most probable reason why I'm still concerned about my concerns. She said that I should learn to forgive the person even if not the action. I'm not so sure how that notion's (the forgiving the person, not necessarily the action) supposed to work. But seriously, I'm not definite on who she was talking about. So if you think you're the one who's made me "jaded", come on tell me so I can start forgiving you! Or better yet, You, whoever YOU are, you're forgiven! :) Sigh, wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy?

What I liked about the tarot card reading was that she put into words what I really felt deep within. Everything she said about my attitude now towards life was really accurate, I just didn't want to admit it verbally. So for my 'treatment', she advised me to do some personal soul searching or spiritual studies by communing with nature. Now that's an idea! I'd love to go to a deserted beach, sit on the sand and think.

Initially I was quite ecstatic with the reading that we searched for the movie/book she suggested. But now, here I go again, acting just like 'the fool'. Waiting for the CD or book to just land on my lap.

I'd like to try tarot reading again but maybe next time I'd ask for a more general spread and one for TMF ;)

How 'bout you girls, have you ever tried getting your fortune told before? We'd love to hear your experience!


  1. Hi ninin:) i read tarot cards (i;ve been reading for almost two years) but i'd like to think of myself as more of an interpreter. it's actually rather exhausting for the reader, but i think that comes with the process of aiding the other in unraveling the secrets of his/her subconscious mind. i believe it's all about our vibes, and the cards that come out are more or less representative of what we already know but are reluctant to acknowledge. it's really interesting.

    i'm glad your reading went well.:)

  2. im not sure if i had logged in when i posted the comment. it's paudev btw:)

  3. hi ate paudev! it's so nice to hear you read tarot cards! very interesting!

    what a relief to hear that you think my reading went well. i see it's not really about fortunetelling but more of being one with your inner being. thanks for your explanation! :)

    ..and thanks for dropping by our blog! it's a nice surprise :)

  4. Im a fan of your site, actually;)

  5. wow, "fan" is such a heavy word, I'm so flattered! thank you so much Ate! much love from Soan and me! :)


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