Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cherry, rose and denim days

As a pre-birthday celebration, Soan and I decided to pull a "truancy" stint and not report to work that day. Instead, we opted to revisit some of our favorite spots back in College (where we committed a lot of truancy and class-cutting :P)

Since I wanted to feel young again, I chose to go with a light and airy summer dress. But since I like keeping my look eccentric, I put on this denim vest to make the look a bit more edgy.

Sorry if my eyes are closed on this shot. For some weird reason though, I think my closed eyes give a bit more character to the picture. hahaha!

My rose bracelet makes an appearance again! I really like how whimsical it is!
Remember how S and I have the same camera? Well she introduced me to some cool stuff the S95 can do. So kewl!
The reds look doubly pretty!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Denim vest: Next Jeans
Cherry printed dress: Divi find from a year ago
Gray skirt (worn underneath): Soiree

Beige lace-up boots: Parisian


  1. saw this on chictopia, but didn't know it was strawberry prints. SO CUTE!:)

  2. The cherries are so retro :) I liked how you styled it with the denim to stop it from looking too sweet!

    Bea from A plus B

  3. i love the strawberry prints. i have a pair of cherry earrings that would go great with that dress. haha.

    following. :)
    kathi folds five

  4. @ava: thank youuu! speaking of strawberry prints, I just realized they are indeed strawberries! haha. In my mind they were cherries, hence the title of the post. hahaha!

    @bea: thanks! I don't think I could do 'too sweet' outfits, I'm always tempted to go 'edgy' :)

    @kathi: cherry earrings? yes, that would be perfect with the dress! thank you for following us!


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