Sunday, March 28, 2010

Starbucks Flavor Mix No. 7

I was chatting with our intern last week about Starbucks coffee when I remembered we had an entire post dedicated to "flavor experiments" more than a year ago. It started co'z we were getting bored ordering the same thing over and over that we just HAD to come up with new flavors ourselves! Well I almost forgot we did and for some reason I had this urge to experiment again. So what did I whip up this time? (this one's interesting!)

Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato

Basically, they just substitute Soy Milk for regular milk. It's a Vegan alternative which I suppose is "healthier".

Normally, I only order Caramel Macchiato when I need some serious caffeine boost because it's one of those coffee flavors with a bolder and stronger taste. However, I was so surprised when I tasted the one with Soy and it wasn't strong at all! It was actually creamy, I thought it had no coffee in it. The Soy off set the bitter taste of the coffee and it gave it a lot more dimension. It did however overpower the caramel. I think next time, I should add two more pumps of caramel to make it sweeter, but overall, it worked!

This one has the PK seal of approval! Woot, woot! I will be experimenting on more Soy Milk-based coffee flavors so check back soon! I'm so excited! lol!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tell-tale signs you're crushing

I haven't had a crush for a while now so for some reason I find myself questioning my feelings. It's like I no longer know if I'm really crushing on someone or not. Lol!

Seriously though, I was pondering over this a few days back when I remembered we posted something on crushing in '08. So now, I'm listing down some telltale signs you're crushing on someone! (based on the list, "why crushing is better than dating" post found here)

Read on and try to have a guy in mind (or not!):

1. You plot hallway (or street) routes just so you could casually "bump" into him.
2. You choose your outfit in the morning, considering what he would like.
3. You recall moments you had with him before falling asleep at night, trying to analyze his every move
4. You get kilig whenever you see his name written somewhere (on the class list, bulletin board, etc)
5. Whenever you hear a sweet song, an image of "him" comes to mind.
6. You get giddy everytime your cellphone beeps, thinking it's him.
7. Watching romantic flicks is not the same anymore. You find yourself casting you and him as the stars of the movie.
8. You wonder if he, like you, believes in "destiny" and you hope he realizes you are his perfect match (so okay, this is a little crazy... but yeah)
9. You find yourself "stalking" him on Facebook, trying to learn new details about him judging on his picture co'z you're too much of a wimp to actually add him as friend (lol!)
10. You find yourself daydreaming about him... of what he likes, what he's into, and what would make a good conversation piece.
11. You suddenly find yourself getting a "slow mo" moment with him, like the world is at a stand still
13. Wherever you go, you get giddy at the thought that he might be there too :)

Yiheeeeee! So, you think you've got the hots for a cutie right now? Well, the list is of course open to revisions and additions but I do hope it has somehow helped you understand your feelings. The question now is: what are you gonna do about it? (nyay @_@)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haagen Dazs cafe!

I have extremely weird preference in ice cream. Like most of the stuff I eat, I like it when my ice cream has a lot of dimension. Meaning, it has texture, is unique, un-bland and preferably... took time to prepare (versus the usual, 'scooped out of the tub' servings). This is why I really enjoy going to ice cream parlors co'z they satisfy my 'list'.

One of my favorites would have to be Haagen Dazs cafe because not only does Haagen Dazs ice cream taste heavenly, they also prepare 'em in the most special way!

See for yourself:

...the famous Haagen Dazs ice cream fondue! Yes, you are not mistaken, the serving is smaller with this one co'z I got the "valentines day" special which is only good for two. The up side to this however is that it gives you two free movie tickets of your choice! :)

For dipping! I am truly amazed at the ice cream balls and how it goes so well with the melted chocolate. When I first tried this I wondered how the chocolate would stick to the ice cream only to realize later on that the melted chocolate would harden upon contact with the ice cream!

The melted chocolate is another highlight! I absolutely love it! It is so chocolate-y and rich that I often wonder what kind of chocolate they use. I think they merely melted a bar of lindt or something because it's not watery and the taste is just phenomenal!

Here's another ice cream "preparation" I really enjoy at Haagen Dazs:

Can't remember the name for this but it's dulce de leche ice cream, brittle nut macadamia ice cream with bananas and crepe. This one is tdf! Of course the ice cream tasted heavenly but another thing I particularly like is the crepe! It's thicker than the normal but it's sooooo good! Nom, nom, nom, nom!

I am absolutely drooling right now, it's not even funny anymore!

If you happen to find yourself at Haagen Dazs Cafe, you SHOULD get yourself some of these delectable treats, you will not regret it!

PK tip: also try getting the hazelnut brittle with the waffle (not sure what the name of that is), and the chocolate and coffee sundae (as always, don't ask me what it's called.hehe), they are incredibly good and two of my other personal favorites! Yum!

Wallet damage:
chocolate fondue: 888php (for the valentines treat)
crepe: 389php (?) around 3oo-ish

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovely time at the Lovely Bones premiere

Truth be told, I've never been to a movie premiere before. Save the occasional opening gala of ballets, plays, musicals and indie films, I've never had the experience of going to a "mainstream" movie premiere--that is until this Monday when my good friend surprised me with premiere night tickets to the Lovely Bones!

I was so excited for two things: The Lovely Bones is one of my favorite books and like I said, it's my first premiere! Weeeeeh! (pardon my shallowness)

Apparently, it's an invitation-only event. So I was there around 7-ish and there was a line at Cinema 1. When we got in, I was pleasantly surprised to see they give free food and drinks! For this premiere, we got to eat Delifrance sandwiches, chips and coke (from what I heard, food differs depending on the movie).

When we were all inside, the organizers welcomed us and then they had a mini raffle which turned into a roll call of winners co'z there were tons of items for grabs! (seriously, they were calling out numbers nonstop, no pauses, no nothing!) My good friend even got a free speaker! Unfortunately for me though, I didn't win :( Next time, next time!

Anyhooo... on to the movie!

As always, the movie didn't stay true to the book although I have to say it was very, very close! Maybe I'm just too fond of the book that I couldn't appreciate how it was translated to a movie. But it did resemble a number of things from the book which I really liked!

One of the best would be the choice of actress to play the lead, Susie Salmon. Saoirse did a brilliant job! She was so innocent in her acting that she stayed true to the character. There were parts in the movie that I was pleased that she was able to properly portray Susie's role as I have imagined.

The movie was really simple... but then, the book is too so there's not much to expect. It has however the potential to be great as it was whimsical and not overly done which makes for something that you'd want to watch over and over again.

As a whole, this first premiere night experience was a total blast for me! Free ticket, free food, satisfactory movie :)

Thank you so much D!

PK rating for the Lovely Bones: 7/10
For the premiere: 9/10 (just because I didn't win in the raffle. haha!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mini Me!

I've always been a fan of caricatures and other 'big head' freakazoids-slash-cartoon characters. Well, while I was about to see the queen of 'big heads' herself, the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, we passed by "mini me", a stall selling made-to-order doll replicas!

See for yourself:

Aren't they just the cutest?? I've always wanted to have a figurine of myself (yes, I'm vain like that), and now, I can! Hooray!

oooooh! Manny Pacquiao! The man of the hour! (yep, his fight is today! Go Manny!)

Gosh, these dolls are really so life-like! The doll really looks like Manny Pacquiao! They got everything perfect, especially the details. I mean, just look at how chiseled Manny's abs are! Absolutely, precise!

I'm really loving these figurines! I'm wishing somebody will give this to me as a gift but if not, then I'll start saving now so I can get one for myself. lol!

wallet damage:
2000php - exact replica
2500php - replica head, with customized body (superman body, whatever you like)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer trends for the Corporate Girls!

As much as it hurts to admit I'm now a member of the 'working class', it's a fact I must learn to embrace and love. Well, it's a fact I'm slooooowly digesting...what with the adjustments I have to adapt to in terms of schedule, priorities and preferences. Yes, preferences! Especially in clothes! There are days I sorely wish I could wear fun and fashion-forward clothes to work but that's a big no-no in the corporate world-- especially in my office which is so traditional and conservative. Ack!

Well, well, well, Ensembles is giving "us" corporate girls a chance to still be "in" during this summer season with their fun (but still office-friendly) work clothes!

Ooooooh! I'm likin' this one! Yellow definitely screams SUMMER!
OMG. Is it just me or does Carmina look stunning here? She looks sultry and sexy. Hotness!

On a slightly "funny" note, here are some goofy pictures Ms. Mira sent us:
Hehehe. So cute!
...Now this is what I call unpretentious laughing!

To see more of the collection (sans Carmina's behind the scenes goofy shots), check out

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Go Nuts gets Disney-fied!

I haven't been to Go Nuts since the one at Robinson's Manila closed about two (?) years ago. So when I found myself in Go Nuts Bonifacio, I was pleasantly surprised to see new additions to their menu! (they're offering breakfast buns! But I'm not gonna talk about that. haha!)

Presenting Go Nuts donuts-- disneyfied!

So cuuuuute! Mickey! Closer now:

Here's Donald donut! Don't ask me why "Donald" looks like that, I have no idea too! lol!
Weeeeh! These donuts are so cute! They definitely perked me up and made me feel like a kid again. Oh, btw, don't ask me please what they taste like because although their uber cuteness was calling out to me, I still had to get my fool proof cream cheese donut. Hehe :P

Hooray for Go Nuts!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Alice!

Watched Alice in Wonderland on 3d today. I'm not sure what's with the hype but aside from the fact that it's sooooo cool to watch fantasy films in 3d, it's really not that spectacular.. it's dreary even.

Just saying.

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