Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 fashion forecast

Every fashion-savvy girl knows what to look forward to fashion-wise for every season and year. Well, even if you don't really pay that much attention to trends, we at Peppermintkiss would still love to give you a glimpse of what we believe would be very hot come 2008!

50's fashion
If you like the outfits worn during the '50s, then 2008 is for you! This year, we would be seeing more and more 50's inspired outfits especially baggy dresses that fall below or just above the knee. Yes, no more form-fitting outfits in '08, baby doll baggy dresses are the fad!

We would also be seeing more and more corsage inspired dresses (note the shape of the tube top) which was already seen in early 2007 in Hollywood on stars like Nicole Richie pre-pregnancy of course. Also note that the colors are more toned down this year as emphasis on the classic look is being made with plays on black, white, gray and yellow hues.

Hollywood would be seen donning more and more of these in 2008. However, Manila fashion would still be limited to its less "vintage" sister, the trouser shorts and capri pants. Start loading up on these short garments as anything showing a little bit of leg is the in thing this season (hence, the dresses)
LeggingsDon't keep your leggings away just yet as we would still be seeing a lot of them coime 2008. The trend however is to wear long leggings that cover the entire leg or colored or fishnet stockings.

Flats would still reign supreme in '08 with more and more designs leaning towards the classics (black, with gold buckles/ribbons). The classic black flat is the must-have shoe for this season as the other pieces of clothing would look perfect with this type of shoe.
BootsYes, you read it right. Boots. They are another of this year's it items as more and more celebs are wearing their winter boots in the summer. Try limiting yourself to ankle boots though as not to look silly in the Manila heat. Also remember, that it's all about not over-doing it. Go for flat boots as boots with heels don't reall spell e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y wear if I say so myself.

Ethno- inspired thingamobs
We would be seeing more ethno-designed thingies this year ranging from clay bracelets to geometric necklaces and huge glass rings. Polymer clay products are very in this year so if you can get your hands on cheap clay bracelets this holiday season, do so as they will be very big come 2008 and we all know how expensive these little pieces are.
Animal piecesAnything with animals is in this season. May it be a shirt with a cat design, or a piece of jewelry with a chicken or something would be cool this season. We would be seeing more prints in animal designs plus more "jungle" inspired objects. Cat silhouettes would be very common and owls and dog prints would also be seen. So for now, keep your cartoon shirts and take out your Ms. Piggy shirt from way back as Ms. Piggy and her animal friends would be making waves this year.

Sporty chicThe sporty look would still be seen today with less punky-ness and more class. Think: patent leather jackets with white trouser shorts. Or even wearing ballers-slash-silicone bracelets are cute this year. Just make sure they're not too loose, try to find ones which fits your wrist perfectly. Also, wearing dog tags are still in this year and goes very well with the sporty chic look. Again, don't over-do it and pair it with less manly pieces.
Well, that's it for our 2008 fashion forecast! These are some of the things we believe would be very cool this coming year so if I were you, I'll try to keep some of my xmas money to buy the next in things while stores are still in sale. Go, go Peppermintkiss girls!

DUI, anyone?

And 2007 just couldn't end without almost every Hollywood it girl getting their mug shots, ey? Well, much to my shock (and disappointment), I share with you, the latest DUI arrestee, Mischa Barton.
click image for full story
I really cannot believe Mischa would be found guilty of such accusations. Who would have thought our beloved Marisa from the OC is capable of such things? Well, looks really can deceive. Apparently, she's not a good girl afterall! So sad.
Well, 2007 is coming to an end and I do hope Mischa is the last of our it girls to get arrested for DUI. 2007 has been really harsh on our girls with Paris heading the bandwagon. Let's just hope none of the other girls would follow their lead-- or they could be less stupid and hire drivers this time. I mean, hello? They're too rich already, paying a driver is no biggie. Really.

Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 rocks!

Nothing foretells how great 2008 would be than a bunch of great acts coming to the Philippines! Can anyone say, My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5 and Incubus?

Yes girls! These great bands are going to hit Philippine shores very, very soon! The earliest of which is My Chemical Romance who is set to take the stage at 8 pm on the 25th of January at The Fort Bonifacio Open Field. Tickets are available at Ticketworld, Robinson’s malls and National Bookstore branches. Gold tickets are at P3,375.00 while silver tickets are at P2,250.00.

Maroon 5 on the other hand is set to perform at the Araneta Colliseum on the 5th of March, a Wednesday, at 8pm. You can call Ticketnet at 911- 5555 for more information about this.

A few days after Maroon 5 rocks the big dome, Incubus will also be holding their concert at the Araneta on March 9, 2008. Avid fans of the band are already booking their tickets as early as now so you better call Ticketnet to get your hands on those elusive tix before they run out!

So better save up on your Christmas cash Peppermintkiss girls! You wouldn't want to miss out on seeing the really hot Gerard Way, Adam Levine and Brandon Boyd, right?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pass the Cheer

It's red again! Christmas season is upon us and this means one thing for Starbucks afficionados, time to load up on the stickers! If you haven't claimed your Starbucks planner, let Peppermint Kiss be the one to do a planner review for you.

It would be very hard not to compare this year's planner to the previous ones so I hope you'd bear with me as I refer to the previous planners as I review the `08 planner. Now, let's begin analyzing this year's much awaited planner. The `08 planner is not as bulky as last year's planner.

It still has the leather case and it's still ring-bound. Although Starbucks removed the memo pad, they've put the Notes part (before or after each month) back!

Now, what about my reservations? Let me see, I wasn't pleased with the noticeable decrease of the inspiring quotes on life. The planner still had quotes but the quotes were mostly about coffee. Sure, it's a coffee-company produced planner but they forgot that coffee-drinkers who love to chill at their stores are the ones who are going to use the planner. They need inspiring and relaxing reads. The quotes they put were too trivial, and it somehow defeats the planner's real intent.

Another change that seems irrelevant they made is that they placed the important dates on the monthly markers instead of under each respective date. I do not like this because it would be such an effort for the users to constantly check the monthly marker for the national holidays or feasts.

Finally, the pen that saved the `07 planner from shame (a lot of people found it to be too bulky and masculine) has been removed and replaced! Maybe changing the gorgeous pen to an ordinary pencil was an economic move but they should've thought hard about it first. They could've still added a pen to the planner, just a cheaper one. But opting for a pencil? Wrong move Starbucks-planner people! Sadly, the pencil doesn't add to the planner's flair.

Well, enough with the negativity. At least the free space for the daily part is still spacious. And at least you still get to do a hole-in-1 thing: drink coffee, get the planner for free (hmm....well, as long as you collect the 21 stickers), and donate to SparkHope Foundation. ;)

Hot under the rain, Cool under the sun!

In a country with only two seasons, we are really excited about the fact that there are more and more tropical country-friendly and fashionable footwear available for us to use. One ingenious footwear every Peppermintkiss girl should know is the PLUEYS.

Finally, we now have fashionable rain boots! Yes, you read it right, rain boots! Their name is a clever word play of the French word for rain which is 'pluie'. Plueys are made from durable natural rubber, are softly lined for your comfort, and feature sturdy treaded soles. These rain boots has taken the US and UK by storm! Now it's time for Manila to have a blast with the Plueys.

Interested? Why don't you girls go and check out their sites and

Surely you'd find one that fits your personality. If you order online (their multiply site), a pair which comes with a fashionable tote goes for 1,900php. While the kids Plueys would go for 950php a pair.

It is possible for the Plueys to take the center stage with you this coming year. What with the ever changing weather here. Besides, us peppermint girls would surely find a place to wear this funky footwear. Even if it's not raining, your Plueys could also be worn in the beach or while giving your precious pups a bath.

My choices among the Plueys are the Lotsa Dots, Origami Me and Sugarplum. But I'm quite positive that NJ would love to have a pair of Puppy Love.

How about you? Which ones do you prefer, which ones are you planning to buy, and which ones do you already own?

Another footwear that is not only loved by metro girls but is also exceptional is well-known already. The Havaianas line is the hottest flip flops brand in the Philippine fashion scene nowadays. So before the year of the rat enters, we would like to show you one of the lines of the Havaianas 2008 models. The Havaianas Slim line's tagline says it all. "Gold, silver, and other treasures. Watch out for cute guys, they'll try to get your phone number." The 2007 Havs slim models are in those exciting shades (gold, silver, etc.). However, the 2008 models designs are more attention-grabbing, and crazy yet it still possesses elegance and sophistication.

Want to own these? Check out All Flip Flops in Mall of Asia or Glorietta 2, Rustan's Department Stores, Nail Spa Shangri-la, and Chocolate Clothing Co.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

News from Tinseltown

Hey Peppermint Kiss girls! Before you go on celebrating and minding your own businesses this Christmas season, you have to know this bit of news first: Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant!

Yes girls, that's right! Britney Spears' younger sister and star of Zoey 101 Jamie Lynn is 12 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge's baby!

The 16-year old Ms. Spears swears the pregnancy is unexpected but she has no plans of abortion. She is even considering marrying her already 2-year boyfriend Casey although their parents are against it as they think they are way too young.

Jamie's parents were 'devastated' with the news as "they tried very hard to have her act different from Britney" and thought she "had learned a lesson from watching Britney". Older sister Britney on the other hand denies her sister's pregnancy and refuse to comment about it although the Spears' have already sold the rights to OK! magazine to run the story.

There is still no news however on whether Nickelodeon will be axing Jamie's show as she is deemed a bad example to kids her age. But good news still to fans of the show as Season 4 will still be released as shooting for the season has already been completed.

More news from Tinseltown soon. Have fun gossipping Peppermint Kiss girls!


When I think of Christmas, I am reminded of freshly baked cookies, apple pies, cinnamon rolls, scrumptuous cakes and warm cups of hot chocolate. Wow, talk about gorging on food during the holidays! Yes, we're all very scared of gaining weight during the xmas season but we also can't resist the smell of these delectable goods! So, what do we do? We go for the next best thing: Buy ourselves some sweet-smelling perfume!

I have always been a fan of Vanilla-scented perfumes. It's like my signature scent. I love how home-y it feels and how it bizarrely reminds me of myself (weird!). However, the problem with these scents is that you can't really wear them all year round especially in sunny Manila. See, vanilla scents don't smell too good in warm weather. I tell you, it doesn't smell sweet when it gets mixed with your sweat. It's just plain disgusting. Eww.

Well, no problem here because Manila's December weather is perfect! It's cold but not too cold so your vanilla-based perfume is sure to hit it off this season! =) If this is your first time to try this type of scent, you might get surprised at how sweet it is but trust me, with our current weather? It will be so perfect! Just make sure to not over do it. Apply minimally to your neck, wrists and pants (yes, pants!) About 4 spritz would do;)

So now, you're ready for your new perfumes! I've listed here some of the greatest vanilla-smelling perfumes I have personally tried over the years:

1. Escada Magnetic Beat

- Really, really, vanilla-y! It smells so good because the scent does not change at all unlike others that change after a few hours on you. It's a little on the expensive side though but Escada often has Christmas sales anyway so there's a big chance you can get your hands on a discounted one this season.

2. Nina Ricci Les Belles Amour d'amandier Almond Amour

- It's not really vanilla based per se however it smells so much of vanilla that it can pass for a vanilla-scented perfume. I like this one best because it's isn't very sweet. The smell is subtle with soft hints of mint, citrus and soft woods. This is a good choice for first-timers and just want to try wearing vanilla scents this season. It's not too sweet or overpowering, it's just right. Again, like the Escada perfume, this one is also a bit pricier.

3. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Sugar

- Sooo vanilla-fied! I used this for a really short time because it was too sweet for me. Yes, it was very true to its word that it smelled like vanilla and sugar and the combination was indeed awesome but somehow, I felt like I was edible already. Still, you could go check it out and try it for yourself, maybe it might suit your fancy. I mean, it is still vanilla scented so there ;)

4. Juice Bar Teddy Bear Refreshee Spray

- I still use this up to now because I love it! It reminds me of my high school days. It's rather sweet but the vanilla scent is to die for! Absolutely fabulous! My only problem with it is that it changes its smell when exposed to heat. If you opt for this, just make sure you don't go overboard as it gets irritating to the nose when you use too much. Strictly three sprays only! Again, wrist, neck and pants.

5. Kris Aquino by Bench

- Weird that this one smelled good. It's rather humiliating to be spritzing on perfume by Kris but I tell you, it's gonna be worth it! S gave this to me for Christmas and I am so loving it! It's vanilla- scented but has lemon-y undertones which balances the sweet smell of the vanilla. Also for the price of 288php, I say it's a good buy! So if you want to check it out, go head off to the nearest Bench outlet asap =)

Well there! 5 sure-win Vanilla scents for the Christmas season! These would surely make you feel and smell sweet this season of giving. Have fun sporting your new scents! It's gonna be good only for the cold season so make every single moment count!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are you an it girl?

You should be since you're reading this blog. I mean, this is afterall, the ultimate it girl's online guide, right? *wink! Well, hooray to you it girl! But before you go on celebrating, there is still one very important thing that an it girl should have-- and no, that is not make-up. It's more of the thing to keep us, it girls, organized and aid us in remembering all the coolest sales and parties all year round-- the Belle de Jour Planner!

Properly called, 'Belle de Jour' which in French translates to It Girl, this planner is 2008's first must-have item! Aside from being the ultimate girls' planner, it also boasts of a wide array of discount coupons from top brands such as Bayo, Red Box, All Flip Flops, and Crustasia, among others. Fab, right?

Well, me and S already have ours and so I've provided you the real low-down for the power planner:

Let's start with the cover: wonderful design! It's quite weird though that it's not glossy. It's smooth but shine-free. Because of that, I'm scared that it might get scratch marks once I use it. Still, it gets high thumbs up for the really "it girl" look it gives.

The articles are a really cool thing to add to the planner. It gives you tips on various things. My favorite as of the moment being the one on how to change a tire. It actually features a lot of things from how to be independent to how to find your prince. Each article is found at the start of each month so you're sure to learn something new every 30-31 days. Cool, ey?

Aside from the articles, one of the very, very unique things about the planner are its sections on menstruation, budget, travel, goals, picture page and birthday guides. I really love the part for the menstruation tracker because I track my period by encircling dates on my calendar (which by the way is displayed in my room for everyone to see! ack!). Aside from the the place where you can indicate the date you had your period, there is also a space you can fill where you could jot down anything and everything you experience when you feel like you're about to have your period. I was telling S about this and how it's a good thing because sometimes we say we're grumpy when we're about to get our period but in reality, we're actually very happy the day we get it. See how we could be wrong?

Well, here's a sample page from the planner. Honestly, I don't like that it's not lined like the Starbucks planner but I like how it has big space for all my little escapades and appointments. Each page also has a cute little line above which aims to boost your confidence. Each week also has a section where you can put the urgent tasks, important stuff, treats you want to enjoy, and errands to run. It's cool that you are able to see all your tasks for the week and also how you're given leeway to treat yourself too each week.

Finally, the coupons! These little things are one of the reasons S and I got our planners back in October-- yes, the discounts! I mean, who wouldn't want to get stuff a little bit cheaper right? Well, the coupons did not fail us! They had everything for your every whim-- clothes, makeup, food, gimmicks, spas, you name it! They're very cool because the coupons appeals to different kinds of girls with different wants and needs. =)

And finally, the one very special surprise that made my eyes sparkle-- the page marker! I was incredibly pleased when I saw how cute the page markers were. They all had little items attached to them like small slippers, notebooks, and puppies like mine!

Overall, I am very happy with my Belle de Jour planner. I can't wait for 2008 so I can fill it up already. I am actually already stacking up on pictures to be printed so I can paste mine in the photo space of the planner-- yeah, what a way to make it feel so personalised!

So, to all you it girls who didn't get the chance to order their planners beforehand, don't fret too much, you could still check if they are still available in their website or you could go visit the following stores. Just make sure to call ahead to check if they're available already.

Crossings: The Ramp
The Podium (Ortigas), Shangri-La Mall (Pasig), TriNoma Mall (Quezon City).

Sonja’s Cupcakes
Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio Makati.

National Bookstore: Selected branches
Quezon City (Dec 17): TriNoma Mall, Katipunan Ave., SM City North EDSA
Quezon Ave. Ortigas (Dec 16): Shangri-la Plaza, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria
Makati/Taguig (Dec 16): Glorietta, Rockwell, Market! Market!
Alabang (Dec 17): New Alabang Commercial Center
Manila (Dec 16): SM Mall of Asia
Provincial (TBA): SM Cebu, SM Iloilo, Gaisano Mall Davao, SM City Davao

Powerbooks Specialty Store: Limited copies in selected branches
Makati (Dec 16): Greenbelt, Glorietta
Ortigas (Dec 16): Megamall, Shangri-la
Alabang (Dec 17): Alabang Town Center
Manila (Dec 16): SM Mall of Asia
Quezon City (Dec 17): TriNoma Mall

Each power planner costs P548

So goodluck girls! Hope you all could get your hands on the powerplanners because again, you're not an It Girl if you don't own one. Ha!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A different christmas party

The first three weeks of a partyphile's December events calendar is surely booked by now. However, every Peppermint Kiss girl should make it a point to fit one of the most important Christmas parties this year. With clubs sprouting all over the metro, wouldn't it be a good change to spend some time at home with your girlfriends watching movies and chatting over cups of hot chocolate, bowls of popcorn and chips, and stacks of s'mores? To start off your movie marathon, I've listed several movie themes for you to choose from...

1.childish - there's a saying that you don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. so we suggest that instead of heading to the thank-you-doctors, why not try watching sensible cartoons first? you'll never know what lessons on life you might get from the cartoons ;)

2. childhood romance - if you have friends who have fond memories about their childhood sweethearts, i suggest you remind them about it and watch these:

3. girly bonding - reminiscing about your friendship is also a nice thing to do. let these flicks help you remember:

4. latest fantasy film -want to watch the latest chick flick/fantasy flick releases? try these heartwarming movies:

5. screamfest -why not extend halloween? ;) if you're the type who doesn't get easily scared or surprised, then try observing your friends. which of them get talkative, which of them get speechless? which of them shouts the loudest, shouts first? :)

6. tearjerkers -dare each other to not cry! or stock up on kleenex!

7. christmas spirit -since it is christmas, it would only be proper to watch christmas themed movies such as:

now, whatever theme you choose, remember to have FUN! no matter where you are, you are with your friends. so go and enjoy their company ;) tah-tah!

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