Saturday, December 29, 2007

DUI, anyone?

And 2007 just couldn't end without almost every Hollywood it girl getting their mug shots, ey? Well, much to my shock (and disappointment), I share with you, the latest DUI arrestee, Mischa Barton.
click image for full story
I really cannot believe Mischa would be found guilty of such accusations. Who would have thought our beloved Marisa from the OC is capable of such things? Well, looks really can deceive. Apparently, she's not a good girl afterall! So sad.
Well, 2007 is coming to an end and I do hope Mischa is the last of our it girls to get arrested for DUI. 2007 has been really harsh on our girls with Paris heading the bandwagon. Let's just hope none of the other girls would follow their lead-- or they could be less stupid and hire drivers this time. I mean, hello? They're too rich already, paying a driver is no biggie. Really.

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