Thursday, December 20, 2007

News from Tinseltown

Hey Peppermint Kiss girls! Before you go on celebrating and minding your own businesses this Christmas season, you have to know this bit of news first: Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant!

Yes girls, that's right! Britney Spears' younger sister and star of Zoey 101 Jamie Lynn is 12 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge's baby!

The 16-year old Ms. Spears swears the pregnancy is unexpected but she has no plans of abortion. She is even considering marrying her already 2-year boyfriend Casey although their parents are against it as they think they are way too young.

Jamie's parents were 'devastated' with the news as "they tried very hard to have her act different from Britney" and thought she "had learned a lesson from watching Britney". Older sister Britney on the other hand denies her sister's pregnancy and refuse to comment about it although the Spears' have already sold the rights to OK! magazine to run the story.

There is still no news however on whether Nickelodeon will be axing Jamie's show as she is deemed a bad example to kids her age. But good news still to fans of the show as Season 4 will still be released as shooting for the season has already been completed.

More news from Tinseltown soon. Have fun gossipping Peppermint Kiss girls!

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