Monday, June 29, 2009

Araneta fills with stars

It's amazing how many concerts are in line in the next two months at Araneta! And they're not just concerts, they are CONCERTS if you know what I mean. So, who'll be rocking the dome this July and August? These guys:

I see the Philippines will be pretty busy the next two months! Now, tell me, is this really how a country with a flu pandemic fares? I don't think so!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh rest in peace!

I am honestly shocked at the news my twitter celebrity "friends" have been tweeting about. "RIP Michael Jackson"; "RIP Farrah Fawcett" Are you serious?? Well, from the number of tweeters repeating the same thing, I have to assume it's true. Yahoo! also confirmed this news with a full story on their website:

I don't really know much about Michael or Farrah. They became phenomenons years before I was born but growing up, I hear so much about them that I somehow developed this great respect for both of them. Even during Michael's trying times with the molestation issues, I was ironically behind him, totally disbelieving the rumors (hehe). Farrah's story on the other hand I got to see on screen when I saw the documentary on the original Charlie's Angels on HBO. I had great respect for these two people and this news makes me very sad (especially Michael's! It's so surreal!)

So to end this post, with all sincerity and respect,

May you rest in peace, Farrah and Michael. long as the music plays and Charlie still needs his angels, you two will be remembered...

Farrah Fawcett

Michael Joseph Jackson

Sale alert!

It's raining cats and dogs but here's something to lift your spirits!

I don't know about you but I absolutely love sales! The midyear sales are perfect because they're just in time for another school year (which has been on temporary break because of the flu scare). I sure know where I'll be this weekend! *wink!

p.s. freeway's new website is up! Check it out, Anne's picture in the homepage is so conservatively sexy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healthiest drink?

I was browsing the newspaper last weekend when I chanced upon a full-page advertisement for C2. It featured all their products which included their newest offering, the C2 ENVIDIA.

So maybe you're asking, what's new with this product? Well, I think you'll be surprised with this one!

It's Green Tea plus L-Carnitine!

Whoa right? I mean, Green Tea on its own is great for those on a diet. My friend K can attest to that and since I've hopped onto the bandwagon too, I say the same thing. I'm not really into the L-Carnitine drinks because I see right through them. I mean, have you read the sugar content on those drinks? Horrible. Sugar camouflages as sucrose but natural sucrose in fruits is still sugar, diabetics don't even eat a lot of fruits co'z of this. See?

But then, I know a lot of people who actually enjoy Fit n' Right and Fab! and I have to admit, I occasionally buy them as alternative to soda. I don't really know if the L-Carnitine actually works since I haven't heard of a friend who can actually testify to this aside from Marian Rivera (which unfortunately is not a close contact of mine).

Here goes the battle for which one is better? L-Carnitine or Green Tea? Well, C2 made our lives easier by introducing Envidia! So on Father's Day, I dropped by the grocery and grabbed myself a bottle! Here's the lowdown:

I was very excited to taste it that I immediately opened a bottle and took a big gulp. I was very surprised! Turns out, the drink is sparkling! The fizz almost burned my throat! I immediately reread the bottle but couldn't find where it says it is sparkling. Gosh! Next time please, indicate it in the label!

The drink has two variants, the Pine-Orange and Apple Flavor. Both tastes good although I think I like the Pine-Orange better. Overall, I think Envidia tastes very good. I mean, it's C2! And if you've tasted the original C2 flavors, then I guess you can predict what these tastes like. Again, just bear in mind that it's a little different co'z of the fizz.

Health benefits
Here's what the label reveals: It has 300mg of L-carnitine, 25mg of ECGC and it has no sugar in it. Cool right? It literally says, zero grams of sugar! BUT it does contain 85g of sodium so I don't know if that's good or not. But here's my favorite discovery: it contains only 10 calories! Unbelievable right? I mean, the original c2 has 45 calories. See how the Envidia has incredibly lower numbers? So cool!

Wallet damage: 21 php

I'm not sure if it's recommended that you drink this everyday to see results but honestly, I don't recommend you take drinks like this to lose weight. If you really want to lose weight, just stick to good old water. But on occasions you'd want something tastier, then I suggest you go for this because so far, this is the healthiest over-the-freezer(hehe) drink in the market today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go see this..

Today is the official opening date of one of the most awaited films this 2009. I'm gonna see it tonight! How about you? :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Uniform Project

Before I stepped into college, I've been hearing a lot of talk about girls making a big fuss over you when you wear pieces of clothing more than once a year. As if we all had endless wardrobe space and bottomless wallets for that, right! This myth somehow makes college sound so stressful but maybe talks about your "you seem like you repeated those clothes" look can be avoided through styling.

From my endless blog hopping, I chanced upon this really cool site/project.  THE UNIFORM PROJECT. One dress, 365 Days. The owner of the site wants to promote sustainable fashion and what better way to promote this besides wearing the same exact dress for one whole year. Okay, there's actually seven dresses for every day of the week (and come on, for hygienic purposes) that are of the same fabric, cut, and style. Sustainable fashion means being able to wear one essential clothing piece in various stylish ways.

Here's a preview of how she styles the really cute dress..
The left one is the simplest way she wore the dress so far (as she is on day 54 as of today). I like how she wore the dress on the right picture. I adore the cute pop of color of her leggings and the neutrality of her vest.

If you want to check her site and help her raise more funds (yes, she's also doing this for a good cause!) click  THE UNIFORM PROJECT.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy bday Edward!

It's apparently our favorite vampire's birthday today! Yes girls, EDWARD CULLEN turns 108 today! A year older but no less hotter! hihihi :P

Edward Cullen, born June 20, 1901

Happy birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lady Lenka's "show"

It's been common to hear of tv shows launching careers of music artists. I mean, there was Grey's Anatomy with the Fray and Snow Patrol, One Tree Hill with Gavin DeGraw and The OC with Phantom Planet. Tv soundtracks are the stuff of legends on instant stardom! Well, PK's featured artist is a TV soundtrack baby too! Introducing, PK's pick of the month, and my current favorite artist, Lenka!

Lenka Kripac is originally an Australian artist who trained under Cate Blanchett. Why she suddenly turned her attention to singing, I don't know but for that same reason, I'm thankful she did because she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

You've probably heard her on Grey's Anatomy with "Trouble is a Friend", and my favorite, "We Will Not Grow Old" on 90210. Lenka just has this amazing voice that is sweet but punky at the same time! What a great pairing! And have you seen her video for "The Show"? It's upbeat and refreshing and super fun, you would immediately be drawn to her. I absolutely love the lyrics too! It's supposed to be sad but it's uplifting and the way she sings it gives it a very light and optimistic vibe!

I am just a little girl
lost in the moment
I'm so scared
but don't show it
I can't figure it out
it's bringing me down
I know
I've got to let it go
and just enjoy the show

I'm excited to hear more from her! She is definitely one artist you should keep an eye on, because I tell you, she will be BIG! For now, check out her video for The Show we've posted here :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have you tried this? DariCreme Blends

I found this in our refrigerator a few days ago and I decided to try it.

DariCreme Blends in Orange Flavor

Honestly, the first bite was disgusting. It reminded me of orange flavored cookies I used to have in Grade School which I absolutely hated. But after a few more bites and the butter started to melt, it started to taste better-- more like butter with orange marmalade which is a little more palatable to me.

So... I guess, for this one, I leave it to you girls to decide.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been fixated on this video since I saw it on MTV Exit Concert but I couldn't find a copy of it on youtube until today.

I am awed by the energy of the video! I don't think you'd get the same effect by just listening to the song. Yael and Gary V.'s performance definitely made it so much more interesting! Definitely a very, very good collaboration!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Livin la vida rico... dog style

When I was watching Ellen the other day, she had Paris Hilton as guest. They were talking about Paris' doggie mansion which immediately sparked my curiousity! Fortunately for me, Paris also tweeted about it so lo and behold! We show you Paris' Doggie Mansion!

Can you believe her dogs live here?

A grand staircase, huge closet, plus a chandelier?? Are you sure this is a dog house? Oh wow, the inside is as glamorous as the facade!

I can't believe her dogs have chewy vuitoon beds! Gosh! But then, what can we expect? Their mother is an heiress after all.

Here are the lucky pooches:

Marilyn Monroe, Dolce, Harajuku Bitch

Prince Baby Bear

I have to admit though, they aren't as cute as I expected to be. I mean hey, it's Paris' dogs, I assumed they had golden fur or something. Hehe :P Kidding!

What really lucky dogs! It's a little too much especially when you think of how there are people who doesn't even have roofs over their heads. But as a dog owner, I kind of understand Paris. It's just so hard resisting your pets especially when you treat them as your own little babies. It's so easy to spoil them!

Ahhh... for now, Cookie and I will just drool over Paris' dog mansion and hope one day we'd get to buy Chewy Vuitoon beds too! ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are these passe?

Okay, it's kinda weird but it's only now that I'm starting to go gaga over these four fashion items. These are scarves, boyfriend blazers, corsets and cami tops.

Camisole tops could be categorized under 'basics' so I guess this could still be considered as 'in fashion'. Corsets, on the other hand, I'm not so sure if I can pull it off (especially with the season). Scarves, are also supposed to be fashion staples but in a tropical country, somehow scarves seem seasonal (or even, just a passing trend). Jersey boyfriend blazers have been out in the market for quite a while now. But it had just caught my attention now. I saw some 'regular' people (meaning those who don't tend to dress overboard and tackily) wear it in a fashionable, non-corporate way and that's what made me want to buy some! There's this one particular jersey boyfriend blazer that I'm dying to buy from Top Shop. Unfortunately, they don't have it in the stores anymore and the ones available online aren't in my size. :(
I actually have some ideas on how to make the camisole tops and the blazers look more now. With the scarf, I'm not so sure if it'll be wearable with the weather we're having (rainy and then really hot summer heat). So, what do you think, are these still in or should I go and find other pieces to fall in love with? :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Phil. fashion week sneak peak

So as you may know, S and I got invites to Philippine Fashion Week Collection D. Unfortunately, S couldn't come and because I ended up alone, I didn't feel in the mood to take good pictures. I even took the lousiest seat in the whole place co'z I was too glum. Hehe :)

Well, it's my first time in Fashion week so I'm sharing with you some things you'd generally expect from it. Take this as Philippine Fashion Week dummies' edition :P

Philippine Fashion Week is an invitations-only event. You get invited by having contacts with designers, event coordinators and the like. Your invites arrive in the mail a few weeks before the show (or in our case, a week from the show. We even got one that arrived AFTER the show. nyay) Although the invitations are not given too "freely", you can actually score one by having a friend with many tickets! See, they do not check the invitations which means other people may use it regardless of who it was given to in the first place. Don't worry, come next year and we get multiple tickets, we will definitely be giving out some of them here :)

Another tip! The event from now on will be in SMX Convention Center and Mall of Asia. The one at Mall of Asia is for the general public. I have friends who saw the show even without invites. Just go there, it's a big event and there are shows which are open to all!

What to expect
Well, what do you expect? Fashion of course!

There's a registration booth at the door where you leave your name and email address. I honestly do not know what it is for but I registered anyway.

Then you'd be greeted by a long line! I suggest you do fall in line! Truth is, even if they say that there are seat allocations, it's a lie and it becomes a first come, first serve thing. So if you want to get good seats, you have to be the first in line!

The place is actually very cozy inside. It's very intimate with minimal seating. Can you believe I'm actually seating at the leftmost chair in the last row? But I still have fairly good view of the show from my place. (why the lousy seat? I told you I was too glum! Normally, I would have run and elbowed my way to the front row :p)

Don't ask me which designer's collection is which because I didn't pay attention to that. Hehehe :) I'm sorry. I was just really sad the whole time that I wasn't in the mood anymore. But honestly, EVERYTHING was beautiful so props to all the designers! :)

Philippine Fashion Week 2009 has been one very interesting event! It was a weird but fascinating first time for me. Hehe :) I think what I absolutely loved about Fashion Week is how you'd see a lot of fascinating people and their choice of clothes. There were a lot of "characters" like punks, goths, glamouramas, classical chics, and a whole lot of "artists". That's what makes Fashion Week wonderful! You can be happy in your own skin without getting stared at for your fashion choices!

So here's what I wore:

So this has been NJ, giving you the lowdown on Phil. Fashion Week from a dummies' point of view! See you next year! :)

Almost Back to School..

Majority of the schools, colleges and universities postponed the start of the classes due to the infamous virus. Even if it should somewhat be threatening or scary, most students are happy because postponed classes mean something else for them.. They get to have more vacation time.

Come on, admit it. You may miss your friends very much already but you're still dreading to go back to school, right? You're are probably not yet re
ady to go back to following the strict dress code, looking at your boring-looking required notebooks, and wearing plain black shoes. Well, fear not! We've prepared a short list on how to help you feel excited about going back to school. Yup, we tried our best to address your concerns!

1. On "following" the dress code...
Have you seen the Legally Blondes (it's a semi-rip off of Elle Woods' Legally Blonde)? In that film, the twin blondes who were from Europe, had to transfer to a boarding school in the US and they had to follow a school dress code. What they did was they tried to dress around the code. You can do just that or test your shopping skills and scout for pieces that don't break the dress code but are still really pretty. For example, you're only allowed to wear black and white colored headbands, well why don't you wear your pretty zebra print scarf as a headband? A little reminder though, the rules are there for a reason. So in dressing up, think if you're going overboard. You should still look polished and classy, not dirty and tacky alright?

2. What to do with those boring notebooks (or even books!)..
My sister's school is kinda conservative and required them to get school notebooks (the ones with the school logo in front) even if they're already in Grade Seven. I mean, hello, come on, allow them to have some sort of self-expression already! Anyway, since my sister was a bit bummed out with how her notebooks looked, I helped her spruce up her school stuff. We decorated it with magazine cut-outs, stickers, flat jewels (check the scrap booking section of bookstores), beautiful gift wrappers or fabrics. Initially, I wanted to print her name-for her books' labels-with our new puppy's picture (if ever she misses Star while she's in school) but she said she didn't want to. I used an online photo editor instead. This is what I came up with:

3. This is ShOe boring!
If your school isn't that strict with the types of shoes you can wear then go right ahead and buy that fashion-forward pair of black shoes you've been eyeing. But if your school is strict, 
then try to find a pair of shoes that follows your dress code.My sister wanted a really cute pair (patent flats with an ankle strap) but her school requires them to wear simple leather shoes. Somehow, we both felt that the ankle strap screamed "fancy!" so we looked around some more, and found something else. It still had a strap but the strap was positioned diagonally. So instead of looking 'fancy or over-the-top', it just looks like a funkier pair of Mary Jane's.

What are you girls waiting for, start letting those creative juices flowing! Get perked up for school again 'cause yeah, you have to admit it.. school is cool! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The cat is out!

Although Adam Lambert never denied or admitted being gay while on Idol, people immediately assumed he was. Well, no more speculation for all of us, Adam has set the records straight with his Rolling Stones Magazine confession, saying, "I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay"

Good job Adam! No one is absolutely braver than one who is true to himself! Congratulations on making the cover!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bright eyes

I've always had eye bags (Thank you very much dad!). It doesn't matter if I stayed up late or not, I have them all the time. I'm rather used to them already that it doesn't bother me that much. But in college, I began noticing them more and more and they've began to annoy me! It wasn't helping that all the late night-slash-early morning cramming made them worse!

I've been experimenting on finding the perfect eye cream for my eyes. So far, I think it has helped keep my eyebags from really drooping low. I haven't found the perfect eye serum yet that would miraculously erase my eyebags forever but I'm sharing with you two things I use to lessen the "damage" school has bestowed on my tired eyes.

St. Ive's Eye Stress Gel
This product is the best when it comes to instant eye rejuvenation! I remember when I was young and I hardly had any sleep, I would put two spoons in the refrigerator and when they're cold, press them against my eyes. The puffiness and "tiredness" of the eyes disappears! It's a very good remedy for those days when you've been up crying or studying.

Well, the St. Ive's Eye Stress Gel has the same effect as the cold spoons. They're better though because not only do they give a cooling effect, they also tighten the area under the eyes, thus, "pulling" the eyebags up (cold spoons will never achieve that effect).

The effect is instant! Your eye area will look brighter and fresher as if you've just woken up from a good 8-hours of slumber.

To apply, just squeeze a small amount in your middle finger and massage carefully under the eyes.

As you can see, it comes in gel form. Be warned though that a small amount goes a long way since it can become watery once applied. Don't be scared co'z it dries easily as well and does not leave a sticky feeling. It's also very safe and be used numerous times during the day, anytime you want to rejuvenate your eyes.

Wallet damage: 166.50php

Garnier Light Eye Roll-On
I've heard reviews about Garnier and how it is effective. Being the desperate eyebag hag that I am, I just had to try it for myself. Well, I've been using it for more than a month now and I can honestly say that I can see improvements!

Garnier Light contains caffeine which is well-known for its stimulating properties. It also contains vitamin b5 that helps hydrate the skin. Having vitamin b5 in an eye product is rather ordinary because what your eyes really need is to hydrated, hence, why dermas advise you to drink lots of water to lessen eyebags.

At first, I was curious on how the product was going to eliminate my eyebags. I mean, the ingredients it contains is not enough to address all my eye problems! Caffeine? Vitamin b5? Nothing else?? Well, turns out, Caffeine and Vitamin B5 can go a long way. Since I used this product, I've noticed that my dark circles are starting to lighten up. Now, I have to tilt my head a little to see where my eyebags end because there's no longer that dark half moon that makes my bags prominent. It has lived up to its name "Light" by literally whitening the area under my eyes!

However, what it hasn't addressed yet are the two half moon lines a.k.a. "wrinkles" which defines my eyebags. I wish the product had a more "tightening" effect to stretch that area and put to rest my eyebags forever. But then I've only been using this product for a month, I still have a whole tube to finish so maybe my eyes will still improve.

When you get this product, one of the most immediate concern you get is how awkward it is to use a roll-on under your eyes. I mean, isn't it weird? Well, apparently, it's a wise thing to use because rolling on the product leaves only a thin layer under your eyes which is the perfect amount to put. The roller also serves as a massager which makes putting it on rather very relaxing. Besides, the roller is metal! It isn't one of those cheap plastic ones deodorants have.

See how thin the layer is? It spreads the product evenly on your eyes. It's also very economical because even if I apply it twice a day, it isn't even halved yet.

Wallet damage: 299php

So there goes two of the products I use to eliminate my nasty eye bags. I'm still on the lookout for the best product to use. But until then, I'll just keep you guys updated :) Here's to having beautiful, bright, eyebag-free eyes!

Monday, June 8, 2009

PK Guide: Buying a dog

S and I have recently purchased puppies! Yes, yes, we've got really cute and adorable pups to keep us company during the summer months. We super love our new babies especially since it took us a lot of time to find our perfect pets and *ehem* a lot of money to buy them too. Hehe :)

Well, because of our experience in buying puppies, we're sharing with you here some tips in purchasing your own cute pup!

Step 1: Decide, decide, decide! The first step is to find a breed that is perfect for you. Think of what kind of pet you would like to have (appearance-wise) then consider if that breed is fit for your lifestyle and home environment. If for example, you're very active, get a breed that likes to run around and play. Like, you can't force toy dogs to be very active since their body can't take too much activity. Also, Know your limitations! This is very important because dogs are not toys. They're living beings that have requirements. If you can't handle picking up poo or always grooming your pet, then maybe high-maintenance pets like Shih tzus are not your best picks.

Step 2: Research the price! It's good to look around pet stores to canvass pet prices but we do not recommend that you buy from them. Just check out how much your breed of choice normally costs so you'd have a basis for your search. Then, we suggest you GO ONLINE! Check out sites selling puppies. Private owners and breeders sell lower than pet stores so you know you're getting a good deal. Some sites to check out are: and

Step 3: Question sellers; Be critical! Since you're dealing with private individuals, you're not given assurance/warranty like that in a store. This is the time to bring out the Nancy Drews in you! Text/call the seller. Ask them these very important questions: (1) is the dog's breed pure? (2) Does the dog have shots/vaccinations? (3) Is the dog registered? Does it have complete papers? (4) Is the price posted the last price? (5) Can I see the dog? The last one is the most important one. For me, it took three failed "go-sees" to find my perfect pet. The thing with it is that if you're merely given a picture, you're not sure if that dog doesn't have any defects. It's best to see it first before purchasing in case its personality or general look does not come to par with your expectations. Remember: the thing with buying a pet is that it should be perfect for you.

Another tip: myth claims that if the seller has a lot of puppies, you should pick the one that approaches you first. As they say, it's the dog that picks its owner, not vice versa :P

Step 4: Bring a box and lots of towels when transporting the pet. They are bound to wreck havoc in your car. That I assure you! It's best if you could cuddle your pet on the way home since they get really stressed out during the trip. You should keep them as comfortable as possible. Be prepared to wipe dirt the moment they puke, poop or urinate the entirety of the trip. It's normal for them to be so stressed out. In my case, we turned the a/c high which made my puppy sleep soundly in the cold during the rest of the trip.

Step 5: Acquiant them with their new home. Don't leave them at once upon arriving home. Acquiant them first with the place. And also, wait for 30mins or more before giving them water! If you give them water immediately, they will start to vomit. Let them rest first before letting them eat anything.

Step 6: The first day is always the worst! Be prepared for it! Be there for your dog all the time because they need help adjusting to their new home. They're bound to cry at wee hours of the night. Just be there so they'd see a familiar face.

Other tips:
1. Don't change your pet's dog food immediately. Give them the kind of food they're used to eating in their seller's home. If you want to change dog foods, change it gradually, starting with 50/50 on the first day, then changing the proportion everyday for 5 days until they're given the new dog food purely on the fifth day. This will keep them from getting loose bowel. (would also help you from cleaning up wet poo from the floor)

2. Give them chew toys. Puppies grow teeth and it's very itchy for them so in their early months, give them something to chew on lest you want your precious shoes and stuff toys to get destroyed (or sometimes, they even bite your feet and legs. Nyay!)

3. Complete their vaccinations! Most likely, when you bought your pet, they've just been given 1 vaccine shot and one deworming. It's not enough! You have to continue the shots which most of the time takes about 5 sessions with the vet and repeat the deworming process. It's scary for them not to get shots since one of the most common diseases puppies get is Parvo which is often characterized by having blood in their poops and which is deadly for dogs. Parvo shots is not a one-time big-time thing. It takes a series to complete it so you have to make sure your pet gets to complete it! *Trust me on this, an old puppy of mine almost died because of this disease*

So there you go! The complete guide to buying a dog! Hope you learned something new and we hope you enjoy playing with your future pup!

p.s. Cookie and Star says "arf, arf arf" which in human talk is, "Hi PK girls!"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ako mismo!

When the Ako Mismo campaign came out, what I had in mind to end that phrase was, "Ako mismo... nagtataka kung para saan ang campaign na ito" Hehe :P Pardon me for the immediate negativity towards it, that's what stupidity gets you. Well, being the curious girl that I am, I went online and checked out what it is actually about. Turns out it's a CSR campaign of numerous companies. From college I learned that CSR's (Corporate Social Responsibility) are things that companies partake in to give back to the community. It's a way to show that big corporations are not always big bad wolves, they can be fairy godmothers sometimes ;)

So Ako Mismo! is a CSR campaign of DDB. It has gained a lot of support from partners because it is one of the few CSR campaigns that actually involves ALL Filipinos. Because of its success and also because of its very optimistic message, I know a lot of people want to become pledges. Well, before you only have to go to their website and finish the "ako mismo..." phrase to pledge but now, they're making it more official with what else? The AKO MISMO DOGTAGS.

On June 12, Ako Mismo is having their DOG TAG DAY.

There will be sign-up booths for those who want to be part of AKO MISMO. Then I guess you'd be given an official dogtag or something. But apart from that, there will also be a number of other booths that you can check out to show support for different charities. You can buy AKO MISMO merchandise, proceeds of which will go to charities and socio-civic activities. So think of it as helping the country while scoring some ultra cool items!

You know what's the coolest thing about it? It's FREE.

So if you're not doing anything on Independence Day, why not do something worthwhile and fun? You can always begin your Ako Mismo pledge with, "AKO MISMO pupunta sa event na ito" ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Seeing double?

I have always noticed it since Idol began but now I just can't take it anymore!

Am I seeing double? Sisters? Mother-daughter? Twins??

Everything about them is so similar! Even the "dimples" in their jawline is the same! I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be related to each other. The resemblance is even greater when you see them talk. I think it's the jawline, and the shape of the face. Even their personalities are the same. Same fierceness and tough-girlness.

So PK girls, did you ever notice the resemblance too?

Are you ready Asia?

This is unbelievable: The Biggest Loser goes to Asia!

But apparently, it is true! They even began promoting in Malaysia and Hallmark channel has been advertising it nonstop. I have to admit, I'm excited for it! News is, they'd be getting two contestants per country. I just wonder who they'd get from the Philippines. Hmmm.... exciting!

If you're wondering, the contest will be held in Kuala Lumpur. Casting/Audition/whatever it's called will begin in July and the contest will start at the end of Ramadan, which this year is set on September 20 :)

I really can't imagine what the show will be like. Asia is known for bone thin races so seeing the fatter side of Asians would be an interesting change.

I wonder what the minimum weight for joining is?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have you tried this?: KitKat Peanut Butter

I love chocolate. Who doesn't? Okay, maybe a handful but still, we're a majority. NJ and I love love love Reese's chocolates. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is just perfect. So when I saw another chocolate with some peanut butter, I had to try it.
The original KitKat for me is good comfort food so I might be biased in reviewing this. But I honestly think this is really delicious. It could actually be a substitute for when I have an appetite for Reese's. The only difference though is that Reese's is quite smooth while the KitKat Peanut Butter has more texture. The KitKat chocolate and peanut butter melts in your mouth as you chew on the KitKat wafer.

If you also love Reese's, I recommend that you try this too. Don't forget to comment if you like it too or not, ayt?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SB in the Grocery

Craving for some Starbucks Frappuccino but you can't get out of the house to satisfy your fix? Why don't you stock up? I bet you're wondering how in the world you'd be able to stock up on some Frappuccino right? Well, the next time you go to the grocery, head to the coffee section and voila! you might be lucky enough to find these:

How does it taste? It actually tastes like the real deal sans the whipped cream. If you're craving for the regular bittersweet taste of Starbucks beans, go for the Coffee one. If you want subtly bitter and milky sweet coffee, choose Caramel. Mocha Lite, on the other hand, is more creamier in taste than the Mocha flavor. Yes, the four tastes good but my favorite would have to be Mocha. I love how you can really taste the Mocha apart from the kick of the coffee.

You see, with these Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink available in groceries, we wouldn't have to stand a day thirsting for some caffeine fix because now, it would be available to us in arms reach. So stock up. Buy your stash and put it in your chiller. Last but not the least, don't forget to enjoy!

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