Monday, October 28, 2013

Amateur DJ-ing

I like multimedia. I think you've kind of figured that out by now. I like playing with Photoshop, movie maker and just recently, I've gotten into mixing songs.

Introducing my latest addiction, Mixpad:

Mixpad is an audio mixing software that allows you to mix songs, much like how it is in clubs. I downloaded the software because I wanted to do a remix of this song we recorded a year ago and I wanted to make it more hip. I first intended to just edit it in movie maker but it was quite difficult and so I looked for a program online and found Mixpad!

The interface is so easy to use! You can create clips easily and slice the songs in a jiffy. I got the hang of the program in an instant, I didn't even feel like I was using it for the first time.

I feel like a dj now! So cool! Sorry I can't let you hear the first track I did because the remix is meant to be a surprise. I'll try to do another one and I'll share it with you guys :)

That's me on the left btw in a party we went to in July. Can't wait for the next time!
 How 'bout you guys, have you tried your hand at doing remixes? What program do you use?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mentos Mystery Flavor

So I saw this in the grocery and my life changed after. (hahaha, joke)

Mentos Rainbow Mystery! This is special because it has a mystery flavor! I couldn't wait that long to get to the mystery flavor so I had my office mates eat the rest. Hehehe

There are only two of them so I had only two guesses! So what is it? What's the mystery flavor? I don't know actually. Hahaha! It was citrusy, my first guess was lemon. But my office mates claim it's not. Other guesses were pomelo and grapefruit. In the end, we still couldn't tell!

I searched online to end our speculation but guess what? No one knows for sure! Apparently the mystery flavor is a new campaign of Mentos. So everyone in the world right now is also busy guessing. I saw one who had a whole tube of Mentos mystery flavor. Having more than two pieces would have been helpful for us. We had such a hard time cause we split it into 5 just so everyone could guess. Hilarious!

Please buy these when you see it in the grocery and comment here with your guess! I really want to know what flavor this is!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wear Your Color Proud

Every Filipina is different. But all Filipinas are beautiful. And is it that belief that drives L'oreal's  Wear Your Color Proud campaign which aims to bring out and develop every Filipina's beauty to empower them to showcase their looks and character.

L'oreal  aims to be able to educate hairstylists on the science of proper skin tone diagnosis to give all types of Filipina mestiza, morena or chinita- the hair color that suits them best.  Through the Wear Your Color Proud Campaign, L'oreal intends to bring back proper consultation and diagnosis in the salon. The campaign targets to create discussion between the hairstylists and their clients on what color would go best with any Filipina skin tone. 

Our hair is our crowning glory and you guys know how important hair is to Sophia and I (what with the many blog posts about hair products and treatments we have). Personally, one of the things that I find really tricky is hair color. It's very easy to decide on coloring your hair but it is hard to determine whether the color you choose would actually look good on you. That is why I am personally excited about L'oreal's newest campaign which aims to bring back that integral consultation with hairstylists. We are all different and yet the goal is the same-- to become the most beautiful version of ourselves. Whether you are a---



or #proudchinita.

Now, it is your chance to get the hair color that will suit your skin tone best! L’Oreal Professionnel is holding the Wear Your Color Proud Week where women are invited to get the hair color that will bring out their best featuresThis November 11 to 15, L'oreal is offering a special promotionFor every hair color service that one person will avail, get another hair color service for a friend absolutely FREE! 
REPOST THIS! Caption with: "I wanna be part of the 9000 Filipinas to Wear Their Color Proud!"
This will be available in the partner salons of L’Oreal Professionnel: Bench Fix Salon; Bang’s Tony & Jackey; Henri Calayag Salon; Philippe Tordjman Le Salon (Sofitel Hotel) and  Regine’s.

Get the best hair color for your skin tone by availing of this exclusive offer during the Wear Your Color Proud Week. But before this, 

I'll be one of the firsts to be part of this color movement and 
I'm giving away the slot for my +1! 

1.Follow @LOrealProPH on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
2.Regram or Repost in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the Wear Your Color Proud Week poster and caption "I wanna be part of the 9000 Filipinas to Wear Their Color Proud!"
3. For INSTAGRAM: Follow and tag me @nininja and @LorealProPh with the hashtags #wearyourcolorproud and #TMFgiveaway *For private accounts, kindly accept my follow request/ set your account to public to allow me to view your entry*
4. For FACEBOOK: Tag us @thetwomissfits and @LorealProPH with the hashtag #wearyourcolorproud and #TMFgiveaway

CONDITION:1. Must be available for the date of the treatment. Proposed date and venue (for confirmation within the week): NOVEMBER 3 (Sunday), 2 pm at Bench Fix - Mall of Asia

Let's go girls! Join me for a fun day of getting our hair done by the best brand in hair color-- L'oreal! Can't wait!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinoy Komiks

Most of my friends know that I like to draw. In that same level, I am also into beautiful drawings, paintings and other art forms. I like art. A lot. But it was only recently that I realized I may have a thing for comics.

It was brought about by our exhibit at the office on Pinoy Komiks. I saw different kinds of drawings and in some of them, I felt at home with-- you know... gave me that sense of "belonging".

The Filipino comics industry is not really as big an industry as others. As mentioned in one of the speeches, the Philippines doesn't really have a "comics industry" per se given that to be considered such there is a need to infuse capital. However, it cannot be denied that the talent is there. And what talent do our Filipino comic artists have!

To be truly honest, before this week I had very little knowledge of Pinoy comic artists. Never was a fan of comics. Or of anime. Which is a bit weird considering I like drawing. So when I think about it now, maybe I just didn't "appreciate" the art in comics before. I saw it more of a commercialized cartoon. Now that I've been introduced to the world of comics, I saw the artistry put into it. I suddenly saw the skill and effort put into each frame. AMAZING talent I tell you!

I was very fortunate to have had the chance to meet Manix Abrera during the exhibit and lecture. I never read a Kikomachine comic in my life so I was a total poser during the event. Lol! When my friend pointed him out to me, I bought his book and had him sign. And guess what? He signed it on the spot!-- caricature and all!

My name never looked cuter! I bought his first book a few days after and had him sign again. This time, I requested that he address it to Nininja :) So cute! More so because his drawings are very much like how I draw so you know how everything he has been putting forward up to this point is all up my boat. GAAAH. Like I told Manix when we first met, "you are amazing!"

Apart from my new found admiration for Manix, I also have to feature here the most amazing book for corny girls (like me and S!)-- the Vocabolero:

 The brainchild of another comic demi god, Lyndon Gregorio, Vocabolero is a dictionary full of funny Tagalog/English translations of some words. If you follow me on Twitter or my Facebook friend, you've probably seen me post some of the words. For this post though, I leave you my ultimate favorite, and the same word featured on the cover: MESMERIZE.

MESMERIZE. Tagalog of "ale, is there kanin?"
Used in a sentence: Mesmerize? Puro ulam lang ito!

The moment I bought that book, I couldn't stop quoting from it. I actually sat down and read it from start to finish cause it was really, really funny!

There's so much talent out there and it's sad that the comics industry has not been given its break yet. But I believe if these artists continue being the amazing people they are, it will not be long until Pinoy Komiks gets the attention it deserves. A big shout out to our Filipino artists! You guys make me so proud! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Movies

Thinking of going on a movie marathon? Well, I've compiled here some "unusual" but really cool films that you could consider watching. These are more "indie", if you know what I mean. But then again, all of us could use a break from all the cliche Hollywood flicks once in a while :)

1. Last Stop for Paul

Yes, this movie is another backpacking film. I know, I know, I have a penchant for travel-related films. The idea is, there's two friends who decide to travel the world, while tagging along the other guy's DEAD best friend's (Paul) ashes and spreading it all over the places they visit. It's designed like a travel documentary, and in fact it is. Well, partly. The idea is, when they made this film they only had an outline for it. So they just made up the scenarios and the script as they go along. Yeah, it may sound boring but believe, it is NOT! If anything the film is HILARIOUS! Best laugh I had in a long while. You should wait until the end so you'd see the behind the scenes footage! Epic!

2. Catfish

If you watch MTV, you've probably heard about this. Catfish the tv show is amazing, but Catfish the MOVIE is beyond words. So as not to confuse this with the tv show spin-off, I'll concentrate on discussing the movie. Catfish is a documentary film about Nev Schulman and his relationship with Megan Faccio, this girl who he met through Facebook. To make the story short, Megan didn't turn out to be who she said she was. I won't delve into the details cause it will spoil it for you. Let's just say the girl in the picture, the girl Nev has been talking to for months and all the other things she said she was, was make believe. You'd be surprised to know who the real "Megan" is!

The appeal of this film for me is that it was a documentary. That it was real. And that it was a love story. And as Nev slowly discovered the lies about Megan, I saw in his face genuine hurt and in some parts of the film, I got teary-eyed. Nev is such a great guy and during the documentary you'd see how in love he looked and how he was trying hard to camouflage his hurt when everything came crashing down.

There are so many stories about people finding love through the internet and it's not often that you hear about tragedies. Then again, times have changed. And the harsh truth is, it's hard to trust relationships that are built online. Definitely a film worth watching. Would make you think big time.

3. Paper Heart

Paper Heart is a love story. How can it be anything else? Lol! At first I thought it was a documentary because that's how it's played out. Charlene Yi, the girl in the poster and the star of the documentary, claims that she doesn't know what love is. So she goes off researching and interviewing people about the topic. While they are doing the documentary, Michael Cera (who is so cute in this film!) decides to pursue her. So from being a documentary about love, it became a film about their brewing relationship. Their love story is so cute! They look so awkward and yet it is their awkwardness that makes them such a cute couple!

I have yet to confirm whether or not they really are a couple (google, you're not helping!) but whether or not this is a story or a fictional film, I don't care so much anymore. In the end, it's a nice film. You'd pick up a couple of lessons on love and on things you didn't think about before. It also doesn't hurt that Michael Cera is especially charming in this flick ;)

So there you go! Three films I highly recommend for a special movie marathon. How 'bout you, do you guys have any "indie" films for me?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Music of my Heart: Kina Grannis and Imaginary Friend

The moment I heard them sing, I knew it was love.

You may already be familiar with Kina Grannis. She has been making the rounds in You tube through her covers and duets with other up and coming singers in the US. Her collaboration however with Jesse of Imaginary Friend is by far my favorite.

I was led to this video through an episode in MTV's Catfish (which I am a big fan, btw! Hi Nev!) It was the episode which had a happy ending. While the girl and the boy were frolicking in their new found love story, this song played in the background:

Wow. What powerful lyrics! All at once, it made me want to be IN LOVE. Everything about the song is perfect, the melody, Jesse's voice, the lyrics-- everything!

Wanna hear something cool? Kina and Jesse just got married :) Talk about a match made in music heaven!

photo credit to
These two people, individually they make good music but together, it's like a collision of particles-- a big powerful force in the universe. I just love them both so much!

You should definitely check out their music. Imaginary Friend has been on loop in my playlist, it's like every song is better than the last! Apart from those above, I recommend "We'll Be Okay" and "We Are the Love We Give". Seriously, the songs are so amazing!

Here's to the feeling of being in love! And to staying in love for always :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vegetarian Cuisine Done Right

Pipino- vegetarian cuisine by Pino, oh how long have I wanted to visit you! I've posted about ordering from them before through and Sophia also raved about them in her post here, but I guess we will never get enough of Pipino so here goes another post!

As I've said, I've been wanting to go to Pipino for the longest time but hasn't had the chance to do so, until now. My colleague got hooked on the vegan bagoong that went with my kare-kare last time and she wanted to buy a bottle of it so we decided to have lunch at Pipino one fine day while our bosses were not around (hehehe).
Bad angle! lol! Sorry the resto doesn't look as shabby as this photo suggests it does.
  I'll go straight to what we got, okay? First off, cheese sticks with nori from Pino!

OMG! I died! It was so good! The nori was wrapped inside with the cheese. It was topped with pesto and a bit of this strawberry (I think) sauce which just made the flavors pop! This one is actually from the Pino menu but since I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian (I eat cheese), I got these too. 

Next appetizer!

Brown rice rolls! It's a rice roll with mango, cucumber and carrots. This is really good! Although I have to say it's very filling and can even be eaten as a main course rather than just an appetizer. Speaking of main course, what did I get?

The famous vegan lasagna! It's so big! It's like a block of lasagna! The cool thing about this is that it has no cheese (since it's vegan) and instead has silken tofu. I find it really cool how they were able to successfully replicate lasagna with pure vegan-friendly ingredients. I only have an issue with the portion size! Seriously, it's  too big! I felt I was force feeding myself just to finish it. Still, good job Pipino!

My colleague and I even got vegetarian kare-kare for take out. We just couldn't get enough! We wanted everything on the menu!

I can't wait to go back to Pipino for more vegetarian meals! I am really getting the watermelon steak next time. And the soba noodles. And the tempura. Aaaaaaaah, there are so many options!

Here's to good vegetarian restos in the Metro! And here's a big shout out to fellow vegetarians! :)

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