Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mentos Mystery Flavor

So I saw this in the grocery and my life changed after. (hahaha, joke)

Mentos Rainbow Mystery! This is special because it has a mystery flavor! I couldn't wait that long to get to the mystery flavor so I had my office mates eat the rest. Hehehe

There are only two of them so I had only two guesses! So what is it? What's the mystery flavor? I don't know actually. Hahaha! It was citrusy, my first guess was lemon. But my office mates claim it's not. Other guesses were pomelo and grapefruit. In the end, we still couldn't tell!

I searched online to end our speculation but guess what? No one knows for sure! Apparently the mystery flavor is a new campaign of Mentos. So everyone in the world right now is also busy guessing. I saw one who had a whole tube of Mentos mystery flavor. Having more than two pieces would have been helpful for us. We had such a hard time cause we split it into 5 just so everyone could guess. Hilarious!

Please buy these when you see it in the grocery and comment here with your guess! I really want to know what flavor this is!!!

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