Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinoy Komiks

Most of my friends know that I like to draw. In that same level, I am also into beautiful drawings, paintings and other art forms. I like art. A lot. But it was only recently that I realized I may have a thing for comics.

It was brought about by our exhibit at the office on Pinoy Komiks. I saw different kinds of drawings and in some of them, I felt at home with-- you know... gave me that sense of "belonging".

The Filipino comics industry is not really as big an industry as others. As mentioned in one of the speeches, the Philippines doesn't really have a "comics industry" per se given that to be considered such there is a need to infuse capital. However, it cannot be denied that the talent is there. And what talent do our Filipino comic artists have!

To be truly honest, before this week I had very little knowledge of Pinoy comic artists. Never was a fan of comics. Or of anime. Which is a bit weird considering I like drawing. So when I think about it now, maybe I just didn't "appreciate" the art in comics before. I saw it more of a commercialized cartoon. Now that I've been introduced to the world of comics, I saw the artistry put into it. I suddenly saw the skill and effort put into each frame. AMAZING talent I tell you!

I was very fortunate to have had the chance to meet Manix Abrera during the exhibit and lecture. I never read a Kikomachine comic in my life so I was a total poser during the event. Lol! When my friend pointed him out to me, I bought his book and had him sign. And guess what? He signed it on the spot!-- caricature and all!

My name never looked cuter! I bought his first book a few days after and had him sign again. This time, I requested that he address it to Nininja :) So cute! More so because his drawings are very much like how I draw so you know how everything he has been putting forward up to this point is all up my boat. GAAAH. Like I told Manix when we first met, "you are amazing!"

Apart from my new found admiration for Manix, I also have to feature here the most amazing book for corny girls (like me and S!)-- the Vocabolero:

 The brainchild of another comic demi god, Lyndon Gregorio, Vocabolero is a dictionary full of funny Tagalog/English translations of some words. If you follow me on Twitter or my Facebook friend, you've probably seen me post some of the words. For this post though, I leave you my ultimate favorite, and the same word featured on the cover: MESMERIZE.

MESMERIZE. Tagalog of "ale, is there kanin?"
Used in a sentence: Mesmerize? Puro ulam lang ito!

The moment I bought that book, I couldn't stop quoting from it. I actually sat down and read it from start to finish cause it was really, really funny!

There's so much talent out there and it's sad that the comics industry has not been given its break yet. But I believe if these artists continue being the amazing people they are, it will not be long until Pinoy Komiks gets the attention it deserves. A big shout out to our Filipino artists! You guys make me so proud! :)

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