Monday, October 28, 2013

Amateur DJ-ing

I like multimedia. I think you've kind of figured that out by now. I like playing with Photoshop, movie maker and just recently, I've gotten into mixing songs.

Introducing my latest addiction, Mixpad:

Mixpad is an audio mixing software that allows you to mix songs, much like how it is in clubs. I downloaded the software because I wanted to do a remix of this song we recorded a year ago and I wanted to make it more hip. I first intended to just edit it in movie maker but it was quite difficult and so I looked for a program online and found Mixpad!

The interface is so easy to use! You can create clips easily and slice the songs in a jiffy. I got the hang of the program in an instant, I didn't even feel like I was using it for the first time.

I feel like a dj now! So cool! Sorry I can't let you hear the first track I did because the remix is meant to be a surprise. I'll try to do another one and I'll share it with you guys :)

That's me on the left btw in a party we went to in July. Can't wait for the next time!
 How 'bout you guys, have you tried your hand at doing remixes? What program do you use?

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