Friday, January 30, 2009

Countdown for the GREAT REVEAL..

Yes PK Girls, we have finally made up our minds... Today is the start of our countdown for the GREAT REVEAL... Mark your calendars, V-day won't just be about single awareness or couple love.. that'd be OUR day too ;)


Can't wait, can you? We can't too! Haha ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

UP Fair 2009

The UP Fair is not THE UP Fair for no reason. Here's the line up of bands slated to perform at this year's event :

February 9 (Monday) - EUFAIRIA by Delta Pi Omicron Sorority and Indios Bravos Multimedia

presents Rico Blanco
with performances by
Slapshock, Queso
Intolerant, Razorback
Typecast, Markus Highway
Hilera, Reklamo
Franco, Stonefree
Chubibo, Brigada
Badburn, Dissent
Sin, Manila Bus
Peligro, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
Meat Balls, Falling at Zero Degrees
and many more.

February 10 (Tuesday) - ROCKULTURA by the UP Engineers and Men for College and Country Fraternity (EMC2)

Pupil, Urbandub
Sandwich, Chicosci
Queso, 6cyclemind
Itchyworms, The Wudz
Imago, Callalily
Mayonnaise, Soapdish
Silent Sanctuary, Greyhoundz
Cambio, Pedicab
Markus Highway, Datu’s Tribe
Zelle, Join the Club
Peryodiko, Kelevra
The Ambassadors, Archipelago
Nicty Nasty, Paraluman
South Superhighway,
and so much more!

Tix @ only 80php.

February 11 Wednesday - AMPLIFIED by Alpha Sigma Fraternity

performances by
Parokya Ni Edgar
Moonstar 88
Out Of Body Special
Blue Boy Bites Back
The Ambassadors
The Youth

February 12 Thursday - RAMBOL by UP Brotherhood of the Filipinos 1955 (or aka Pinoy ‘55)

with performances by
Parokya Ni Edgar, Francis M.
Gloc 9, Urbandub
Greyhoundz, Typecast
Pupil, Brownman Revival
6 Cyclemind, Imago
Hilera, Up Dharmadown
Radioactive Sago Project, Giniling Festival
Paramita, De Lara
Stone Free, Mayonnaise
Cambio, Zelle
Nicky Nasty, Ambassador
Protein Shake, Space Flower Show
Paraluman, Manibela
Duster, Blue Ketchup
Tanya Markova, Chubibo
Juana, Hidden Nikki, Melanie
Tix @ only 90php.

February 13 Friday - LOVERAGE 3 by UP Pan Xenia Fraternity, UP Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority and UP CURSOR

Break the Curse
featuring Bamboo, Sugarfree,
Urbandub, Kjwan,
Itchyworms, Greyhoundz,
Razorback, Typecast,
Moonstar 88, Silent Sanctuary,
Kitchie Nadal, Stonefree,
Mayonnaise, Cambio,
Hilera, Soapdish,
Giniling Festival, Delara,
Valley of Chrome, Fuse,
Zelle, Salamin,
Fuerza, Chubibo,
Top Junk, Intolerant,
Menaya, Playphonics,
Sopiz, Kelevra and many more!
Tix @ only 90php.

Wow. What an exciting line up of bands! So will we be seeing you there? :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Clear Shoebox Project

I'm getting addicted to shoes. I don't know if it comes with age but somehow I'm taking a liking for glorious ultra mod shoes. So I'm slowly saying goodbye to flipflops, rubber shoes and casual sandals. It's all about the glamorous pairs for me right now!

Well, while I was feasting my eyes on glorious shoe sites online, I chanced upon something wonderful! No--they're not shoes. But right now, I think they're soooo much better!

Introducing, my favorite fashion find of 2009 (so far):


You know how we always try to organize our shoes but can't find the best way? Some even label their shoe boxes or put pictures of the shoes on the sides. But it still doesn't work! It's still so hard to look for that particular pair especially when you're in a rush! Also, putting your shoes back in their right boxes takes a LOT of time. In my case, they don't even go back to their right boxes anymore. hehe :P But since I'm turning a new leaf and getting more posh, sophisticated shoes, I can't go on my habit of not putting them in boxes lest I want them to get damaged. So you just know how happy I am when I found these perfect clear shoe boxes!

The coolest thing about these shoe boxes is that they're stackable and you can stack up to ten boxes without them losing their shape! I just totally love them!

So I contacted the ones selling these here in Manila and found out that each box costs only 75php each! You can even get them for 70php for bulk orders. Wow. I tell you, I totally fell in love with these when I saw them. Soooo perfect!

You can contact them through:
The Clear Shoebox Project
Contact number: 09178811610
or visit:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Down under..

Forgive my backtracking but I need to tell you about this to justify my addiction to shopping for it. :) After I got my birthday presents, one of my good friends gave me topshop undies. I know I've been buying stuff from Topshop for a while now but never did I actually consider to buy undies there, until after that fateful day. So, yes it is true. I'm in the phase of buying cute undies for moi. haha. It's actually quite a grand experience. You get to find cute bottoms and you get to spend for your comfort. In Tim Gunn's show, Guide to Style, he can't stress enough the importance of a good underwear. As he keeps on saying, a good foundation/base (a.k.a. underwear) makes your clothes' appearance much better. The way it fits, hugs or falls on your body is affected by your lingerie.

So, if I've caught your attention (and interest) and you want to buy cute undies too, well here's a short list of stores I checked.

1. Topshop
They carry a wide array of women's underpants. It varies from thongs and minis to shorties and girl boxers.

Debenhams undies are usually more conventional pieces than Topshop's and they come in multipacks.

You know how the nationalists always tell us to love our own? Well, some of the Bench singles lingerie are worth almost as much as Topshop's. But hey, think about it, you'd be able to help your own countrymen if you opt for the Bench undies ;)

So far, that's my lingerie stops list. If you want to add any shop, just feel free to comment. Happy lingerie shopping, y'all!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raid the closets

As the year opened, we at PK listed the up and coming trends this `09. One of the styles I was most excited about was the tailored pieces. I've been looking at tailored jackets since forever (haha, not. more like since the last quarter of last year) but I can't seem to find the perfect one because what was more rampant during those months were graphic jackets.

I've been seeing in magazines that you should try to check the wardrobe of your brothers/mothers/fathers or even grandmothers for key fashion pieces. Last night, I finally gave my mom's (and dad's) wardrobe a look and boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It was in there that I found the perfect blazer jacket! However, here's my main dillema: my mom's clothes are too big on me. I checked the tag on the blazer and I saw that it was from Black Shop. Fortunately for me, they have a great customer assistance system. They would gladly alter pieces you bought from them, no matter how long ago you bought it from 'em! When I visited their store today, I chanced upon 2 more blazer jackets (cropped jackets, that is!) that fit me so well. I tried to search online to give you a clue of how blazer jackets in Black Shop look. I was able to find some in Topshop's site (only, they call it casual jackets) instead.

You wanna know what my next key item to purchase is once I claim my altered pieces from Black Shop? Leather jackets ;)

Now, that's just one piece of clothing..don't you wonder what else I saw when I kept looking? Just keep reading PK, then and wait for my next post ;) Til my next 'raid'!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give your crowning glory a treat!

Not to be arrogant but I used to have really silky smooth hair so I never really needed to have my hair relaxed, rebonded (or simply treated). Unfortunately, as college (and life) happened, my hair slowly became less and less as silky as before.. I've tried to shrug its state off by having it cut, by buying hair products to retain the shine and by planning to have it curled. Until one wonderful I was surfing the internet, I chanced upon an article about the beauty salons in the metro. I've been to the 'best haircut' and 'best make-up' salon but I've never been to the 'best hair color and hair treatment' salon. So, I headed to Crowne Plaza Galleria and set an appointment at Essensuals Toni & Guy.

When I arrived on the day of my appointment, the first thing I noticed was how they treat their customers. You'd feel like V.I.P., baby. They'll give you a free consultation, offer you drinks and other services that could help you feel more comfortable. So, what treatment did they make me try to solve my not-so-silky-hair-problem? The Biolage Treatment. This treatment uses one of L'oreal's premium lines, the L'oreal Matrix Biolage. This line strengthens and adds shine to your hair to get it to its optimal condition. My friend, on the other hand, had her hair colored, treated and trimmed. Not only did she get a new banging hairstyle, she also got a vibrant new color! Before having her hair colored, the stylist suggested different shades that would fit her skin tone. I found that good because I think that makes the customer feel that the salon is really customizing the service to the customer's needs.
To tell you the truth, what did it for me (more than the treatment itself) was the scalp massage and the back massage (haha, yes, that's cause I'm a sucker for massages). But I have to admit, I'm still observing if my hair's condition would drastically improve or not but so far it's good. Also, I have yet to ask my friend how her new color's holding up.

If you have similar problems and can't seem to find the cure, why don't you give them a try, too?Check out their salon or go to their website by clicking here. It was such a great first time for me and I just wanted to share this with you, hoping that it'd be a great experience for you as well ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our apologies...

Yes PK girls, we are so sorry (yet again). I know it's not a valid excuse but we're really really super busy with school lately. bummer.

Please please please, oh pretty please bear with us.. in the mean time, here's a little teaser.hehe. hope you'd hang on for our great reveal.

Regards pk girls! hope all is well ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chick Flicks `09 (part 1)

I am always excited with new years and I'm extra excited with 2009. Why? Well, it's because 2009 is jampacked with lots of much-awaited movies...especially our fave kind..carefree, light-hearted movies also known as chick flicks. To give you a sneak peek of what's to come, here's one of the many we've listed.

Wild Child!

In the beginning of its trailer, I have to admit, I didn't notice that it was Emma Roberts. Wild Child's story is sorta like Serena's in Gossip Girl. She's a rich girl living and studying in NY and is too bad of a girl. She commits mistake after mistake which becomes the reason why she has to be shipped to a different country and go to boarding school. Now, the difference of Wild Child to Gossip Girl is that it focuses on Poppy Moore's life in boarding school. What I'm looking forward to is how this all-American girl adapts to life in a country where people don't want her.

Can't wait to catch this, can ya? I can't wait too! ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fallout hits Manila shores again!

I don't even think it has been a year since the boys came to Manila BUT they're back! Yes girls, our favorite punk rock band Fallout boy will be rocking the Araneta Colliseum once again on the 13th of February!

Here are the seat prices:

Patron (Reserved Seating) 4725
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3675
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 2625
Upper Box B (Free Seating) 1050
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) 525

So girls, you know what do now! Go! I said goooo! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Head banging no more

I've just had the most painful migraine-filled week ever in my life. I had the worst migraine that just wouldn't go away! If I'm not in the mood to bang my head on the wall, it would probably be because I'm too nauseaus and keeping myself on my toes is top priority then! Ugh. The perils of being a girl.

I know I shouldn't really blame it on hormones but I can't! Majority of migraine sufferers are women and migraine attacks often coincide with menstruation which suggests a hormonal trigger! See? See? Argh. Well, I'm not here to rant. Because of my recent major migraine attacks, I found myself awake at dawn reading all about migraines. Here's what I found out:

1. Migraine attacks are triggered by food, hormones, weather or stress
2. Some symptoms accompanying migraine are: nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, dislike for bright lights
3. A drop in blood sugar may bring on an attack (this I found really interesting!)
4. Early warning signals of a migraine attack includes: excessive hunger or thirst, exhaustion, or inexplicable mood swings

So with those information, I share with you the prescription for these nasty migraines!

1. Take plenty of light meals or have a hard candy in your bag to prevent a drop in blood sugar (a drop in blood sugar will make you feel like you're about to faint)
2. Eat food with ginger! Or boil it as tea (salabat for us pinoys!)
3. Eat plenty of oily fish such as salmon and mackerel (though the effect is not immediate)
4. Put anything cold on your forehead during attacks
5. Try to lie down with your back straight
6. Keep your eyes shielded from any bright light

1. Avoid the 4 c's: chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits and caffeine (this is sooo true! huhu)

2. Never drink alcohol especially red wine and port
3. DON'T DO ANY OF THE DON'TS! (haha, really!)

I cannot tell you girls just how hard it was for me to last a week like that. I could barely do anything else! I was feeling bad all the time! What makes it worse is that I had to stay away from the 4 c's which are actually some of my all-time favorites! No more caffeine or cheese? Are you kidding?!? hahaha :P Well, I'm keeping myself good and well so I'm being a good girl and following those prescriptions. But if it comes to worse, remember girls, there's always DOLFENAL *wink!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stylin' oh-nine!

Another year, another trend. It's always the mantra every year. Soooooo, what do we forecast to be hot in oh-nine? Read on to find out!

Basically, the thing to remember with fashion in 2009 is class. It's all about being feminine (but not too much), looking sophisticated and put together. Fashion is shifting from the laidback look to the more posh and glamorous (and rich $$$) styles.

Tailored pieces are a staple in every fashionistas wardrobe any day of any year. But it will be extremely in this year taking inspiration from outfits worn by our favorite celebrities like in Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle and Gossip Girl. The thing with tailored pieces is that they are easily mistaken for ones that are worn in work but that's not really the case. Tailored pieces by definition are those that have clean lines and have their own form which gives illusion of shape simply because tailored pieces are actually those that were MEANT to be for men! So do you get what I mean now? Think blazers, coats, "stiff" shorts, dark pants, the works! It's easy now because these pieces have been given a more feminine vibe. Be a man. But a very sexy man.
key pieces: pencil skirt, blazer, button down shirt, slim belt

50's fashion are in this season with emphasis on ruffles, pearls, cinched waists, high waisted pants, and overall pin up girl "sexy" look. And oh, I'm seeing a lot of HUGE buttons making a comeback too so it's a cool trend to watch out for in stores ;)
key pieces: high waisted shorts/skirts, ruffled top, pearls, waist belt

Form fitting pieces are going to be very hot this year! And I'm not talking about skin-hugging pieces but more of tailored outfits that hug the body in the most flattering way. Think of cotton or silk fabrics that do NOT cling to the body, and instead DICTATES the shape. This year is about showing every girl's asset! The best way to do this of course is through beautiful and tailored dresses, tops and pants. So say goodbye to your baggy tops because their are sooooo last year! (haha, I love saying that)
key pieces: corset tops, cinched dresses, rompers

Navy colors will be hot in oh-nine! Blame it on the recently held American elections but the navy look is creating ripples in the fashion scene! There's going to be a lot of navy blues, reds, and whites everywhere! And of course, it all culminates into the "navy" costume with the rounded/triangular collar and slim fit waists!
key pieces: anything in navy blue, white or red, and a more polished look

Black is definitely back this year! ...and I couldn't be more glad! :P Classic styles in black are coming out. We're seen how black has deteriorated into a more punk genre in the past years but '09 will be seeing this color staple back with a vengeance! Think sexy, classy, and upper east side-ish styles :)
key pieces
: blacks with embellishments, sequins, ruffles, big metallic buttons (think texture)

Leathers won't be too icky this season as we'd be seeing them in their most beautiful styles and designs! Patent leather will be big especially in accessories, bags and shoes. But what's interesting is the appearance of shiny faux leather leggings and jackets!

Purples and its entire family will be the hottest colors for the year!

Shoulder bags are also going to be big this year! And I'm talking about those vintage old styled pieces that have long straps! They can either be worn over the shoulders or across the body. The key here is to have really clean and simple looking pieces that would go with all your outfits and would not take attention away from them. So go take out the detachable straps of your shoulder bags and attach them again!

So there goes our 2009 PK fashion forecast! I am super excited for this year especially with all the classy styles that are emerging. Don't you just think the whole grunge, "just woke up from bed" is so last season already? I do.

Have a very fashionable 2009 PK girls! Here's to a brand new, and more classy you! :)

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