Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give your crowning glory a treat!

Not to be arrogant but I used to have really silky smooth hair so I never really needed to have my hair relaxed, rebonded (or simply treated). Unfortunately, as college (and life) happened, my hair slowly became less and less as silky as before.. I've tried to shrug its state off by having it cut, by buying hair products to retain the shine and by planning to have it curled. Until one wonderful afternoon...as I was surfing the internet, I chanced upon an article about the beauty salons in the metro. I've been to the 'best haircut' and 'best make-up' salon but I've never been to the 'best hair color and hair treatment' salon. So, I headed to Crowne Plaza Galleria and set an appointment at Essensuals Toni & Guy.

When I arrived on the day of my appointment, the first thing I noticed was how they treat their customers. You'd feel like V.I.P., baby. They'll give you a free consultation, offer you drinks and other services that could help you feel more comfortable. So, what treatment did they make me try to solve my not-so-silky-hair-problem? The Biolage Treatment. This treatment uses one of L'oreal's premium lines, the L'oreal Matrix Biolage. This line strengthens and adds shine to your hair to get it to its optimal condition. My friend, on the other hand, had her hair colored, treated and trimmed. Not only did she get a new banging hairstyle, she also got a vibrant new color! Before having her hair colored, the stylist suggested different shades that would fit her skin tone. I found that good because I think that makes the customer feel that the salon is really customizing the service to the customer's needs.
To tell you the truth, what did it for me (more than the treatment itself) was the scalp massage and the back massage (haha, yes, that's cause I'm a sucker for massages). But I have to admit, I'm still observing if my hair's condition would drastically improve or not but so far it's good. Also, I have yet to ask my friend how her new color's holding up.

If you have similar problems and can't seem to find the cure, why don't you give them a try, too?Check out their salon or go to their website by clicking here. It was such a great first time for me and I just wanted to share this with you, hoping that it'd be a great experience for you as well ;)

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