Monday, January 26, 2009

The Clear Shoebox Project

I'm getting addicted to shoes. I don't know if it comes with age but somehow I'm taking a liking for glorious ultra mod shoes. So I'm slowly saying goodbye to flipflops, rubber shoes and casual sandals. It's all about the glamorous pairs for me right now!

Well, while I was feasting my eyes on glorious shoe sites online, I chanced upon something wonderful! No--they're not shoes. But right now, I think they're soooo much better!

Introducing, my favorite fashion find of 2009 (so far):


You know how we always try to organize our shoes but can't find the best way? Some even label their shoe boxes or put pictures of the shoes on the sides. But it still doesn't work! It's still so hard to look for that particular pair especially when you're in a rush! Also, putting your shoes back in their right boxes takes a LOT of time. In my case, they don't even go back to their right boxes anymore. hehe :P But since I'm turning a new leaf and getting more posh, sophisticated shoes, I can't go on my habit of not putting them in boxes lest I want them to get damaged. So you just know how happy I am when I found these perfect clear shoe boxes!

The coolest thing about these shoe boxes is that they're stackable and you can stack up to ten boxes without them losing their shape! I just totally love them!

So I contacted the ones selling these here in Manila and found out that each box costs only 75php each! You can even get them for 70php for bulk orders. Wow. I tell you, I totally fell in love with these when I saw them. Soooo perfect!

You can contact them through:
The Clear Shoebox Project
Contact number: 09178811610
or visit:

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