Sunday, January 25, 2009

Down under..

Forgive my backtracking but I need to tell you about this to justify my addiction to shopping for it. :) After I got my birthday presents, one of my good friends gave me topshop undies. I know I've been buying stuff from Topshop for a while now but never did I actually consider to buy undies there, until after that fateful day. So, yes it is true. I'm in the phase of buying cute undies for moi. haha. It's actually quite a grand experience. You get to find cute bottoms and you get to spend for your comfort. In Tim Gunn's show, Guide to Style, he can't stress enough the importance of a good underwear. As he keeps on saying, a good foundation/base (a.k.a. underwear) makes your clothes' appearance much better. The way it fits, hugs or falls on your body is affected by your lingerie.

So, if I've caught your attention (and interest) and you want to buy cute undies too, well here's a short list of stores I checked.

1. Topshop
They carry a wide array of women's underpants. It varies from thongs and minis to shorties and girl boxers.

Debenhams undies are usually more conventional pieces than Topshop's and they come in multipacks.

You know how the nationalists always tell us to love our own? Well, some of the Bench singles lingerie are worth almost as much as Topshop's. But hey, think about it, you'd be able to help your own countrymen if you opt for the Bench undies ;)

So far, that's my lingerie stops list. If you want to add any shop, just feel free to comment. Happy lingerie shopping, y'all!

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