Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restaurant Review: Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Last week, a friend of ours introduced me and 2 other friends to a yoghurt store in Glorietta. Tutti Frutti is unlike your regular yogurt place wherein you place your order and wait by the cashier. Here you:
Get your own yogurt cup
Fill it with your chosen flavor
Choose your toppings
Weigh it and pay

So what did my friends and I get?
Clockwise L-R: Death by chocolate yoghurt with almonds, Taro yoghurt with almonds,
Original yoghurt with almonds, chocolate syrup and marshmallows,
Original yoghurt  with hard shell chocolate sauce, almonds and walnuts

One of our friends appreciated the flavors offered by Tutti Frutti because she can't seem to like the taste of regular yoghurt (a bit sour). So, I feel that that is a plus for this yoghurt place...more people get to appreciate it! Also, another friend pointed out that their flat rate of 20PHP per ounce is good because you can control how much you get. So this is good for those on a diet and for those who are just craving for the taste of yoghurt. If you wanna try their yoghurt, visit them at Glorietta 4, 3rd floor (near Italliani's and infront of Bizu).

How about you, what flavor and toppings have you tried in Tutti Frutti?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nail Salon Review: Beauty and Butter

I've been going to the same nail salon whenever I want to relax and have my nails done for years now.  But lately, I've been going to other nail salons to try their nail art. Although I couldn't help but compare it to my favorite nail salon, I was able to objectively review this nail salon in SM Megamall called Beauty and Butter. It is conveniently located at the 5th floor of Mega A, away from the bustling crowds.

To be honest, even though I've been loyal to one salon for the longest time, I was quite excited to have my nails done at B&B because of their highly detailed hand-painted nail art designs. So it was a good thing that we had reservations for Friday afternoon because it's one of their busiest time slots. One observation I had when we arrived there was that it seemed like they lost our reservation along with our customer form but fortunately, they still accommodated us. We availed the Hand and Foot Spa with Manicure and Pedicure for Php999 and Designer Nail Art for Php600.

We were given four choices for the scrub that they were going to use for the hand and foot spa and these were: floral, fruity, minty or chocolate. My sister chose mint while I chose chocolate. The process is the same as other hand/foot spas. They soak your feet and fingernails, then they use your chosen scrub, rinse and then apply the mask and wrap you.

If there's one part I'd remember about my Beauty and Butter experience (apart from the nail art part itself) it would be that they wrap your feet and hands in a very cute manner which temporarily makes you look slightly like a mummy.

Anyway, after wiping the mask off with a wet towel, they massage your hands and feet and start to focus on your digits. I was a bit uneasy because the buttercups (that's how they refer to the nail technicians) assisting us didn't ask if we wanted our cuticles to be removed and just proceeded to do so. Luckily, everything went well and no one got injured. So, if you are also critical about having your cuticles removed, don't forget to tell your buttercup beforehand.

Beauty and Butter has their own nail polish line. It doesn't matter if you're getting a manicure, pedicure or nail art, they'll give you the freedom to choose the color they'd use on you. But keep in mind that when it comes to the nail art, this 'so-called-freedom-to-choose-the-color' also depends on the design of your nail art. With the design I chose, I didn't have the luxury to choose what colors they'd use for my nail art (hands only). I did, however, choose brown for my feet but the shade I chose turned out to be copper-ish.

I was surprised to see two male nail art design technicians. The two guys are their experts when it comes to painting the intricate designs. Instead of the usual nail polish and nail art pen, they use acrylic paint and fine tipped art brushes. (I was a bit hesitant about them using acrylic paint on my nails but I researched about it and found out that it is actually safe to use on nails. In fact, there are acrylic nail polishes in the market.) After patiently waiting for 45 minutes, my nail art was done! Once the acrylic completely dried, my buttercup applied the top coat and placed my nails under the nail dryer.

For the 3 hours that I stayed there, all I can say is that I enjoyed my first try. I loved watching Ace Ventura on their flat screen TVs, I enjoyed the yummy scent of their chocolate scrub and most of all, I loved how my nail art turned out.

Voila! Here's how our nails look like:

Wanna have your nails done too? Visit their site by clicking here .

Friday, August 27, 2010

Restaurant Review: Cafe Breton

There are days when my taste buds crave for something so totally out of the blue that I end up having one of those "spontaneous-slash-weird" food trips.

This time, I found myself wanting to eat crepes at lunch time.

My incessant prodding got me what I wanted and although the thought of eating crepes for lunch didn't go well with my mom, we still ended up at Cafe Breton-- one of the best places to go to for crepes in the metro!

Cafe Breton as most may know is well known for their French crepes but don't think that's all they offer. They have other options too (that are more 'lunch' appropriate) but really, since you're in a place known for crepes, then you SHOULD eat crepes!

For my "main" meal, I got a savory crepe filled with garlic, tomatoes and cheese:

Vampire Crepe (tomatoes, cheese and garlic) Sooo good!  Notice how it's nice and brown on the outside. 
It may look "glossy" but believe me, it's not oily--at all!
The inside looks so modest but the taste is incredible! I'm such a loser for being vegetarian and not having more options for the savory crepes but honestly, I was so surprised to find out that the seemingly 'untasty', simple treat could be so  good! It's like there's an explosion of flavor in your mouth!
For dessert, I got the heavenly crepe (mangoes, special cream, caramel ice cream and caramel syrup)! Normally, I don't like mangoes but since this is a "special" day, I tried this one instead and boy was I not disappointed! It was amaaaaazing!
Yum yum yum yum! Just looking at it now makes me hungry!

I am super glad my taste buds were acting weird that day because I couldn't be more satisfied with my lunch! Cafe Breton does live up to its reputation of having really good crepes. I tell you, if you haven't been there, you should schedule breakfast/lunch/dinner there some time soon! It's that good!

PK rating: 9/10!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turning the basic into art

When I was a kid, I didn’t really like to read newspapers mainly because I didn’t understand all the serious stuff yet. I did, however, like to pretend like I was a grownup so what I’d do was get the paper, find the illustrations and act as if I was intently reading the articles. That’s how I got to know about the famous Slice of Life portion in the Weekend Magazine of one of the prominent broadsheets. Larry Alcala, a graduate of UP Fine Arts, was well-recognized locally and internationally for his contribution to the cartoon industry.

We recently got news that SOLO created a memorabilia collection of the Pinoy Cartoonist’s works. I can't wait to visit one of their stores because of the following items I saw in their site:
I'd love to wear this BUTTON DOWN BUBBLE DRESS (Php1,795) with black sheer stockings and my metallic pink flats

Wear this GRAY/TEAL SLUB DRESS (Php1,595) layered or on its own.

Can you rock this funky pair of PRINTED LEGGINGS (Php795)?I wonder if I can..
A SLEEVELESS COLLARED BLOUSE WITH A FRONT POCKET (Php1,595) in red brings a wonderful pop of color to my wardrobe.
I'd love to have this: LIMITED EDITION UNISEX WATCH (Php1.195). Who knows, we might be able to give one away to a lucky reader!

They also have a collection for men. I looked at it and saw numerous His&Hers shirts for the collection.What caught my attention though, was this:
If the photos above aren't enough to get you giddy then maybe this next bit of information would...SOLO officially launched their Online Model Search (feat: Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia) 2 days ago! If you wanna be a model just like the new Miss Universe, Jimena Navarrete (yup, she has been modeling since 15), why don’t you try and check the mechanics at SOLO'S ONLINE MODEL SEARCH PAGE. You can also follow them, if you please, on Facebook or Twitter. Or check their other Larry Alcala designs by going to their website.

Hope to see you in one of the SOLO branches and hope to see your entries in their online model search page!

Congrats to Ms. Philippines’ Venus Raj for making it to the Top 5. Also, Kudos to Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete for besting 82 equally gorgeous participants in the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Must see?

Was at the mall today and this movie poster caught my eye:

Seeing that it's a movie from Friedberg and Seltzer (the men behind scary movie, etc) I feel compelled to see it. But then I'm not in the mood to watch something funny (I think it's because the weather's too gloomy) so I'm not sure with this one.

What do you think girls, is it a must see?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Share my outfit day: I'm a barbie girl

C'mown Barbie let's go party! Super love the Neon pink color of this dress. When I saw it on the shop window, it was a no-brainer, I rushed inside and got it!

I feel inspired to buy more "barbie pink" clothes. The color looks so much fun!

Dress: Shapes
Shoes: SM Dept. Store
Bag: Random

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleepless in Seatt..err..Manila?

Do you ever have nights wherein you just can't seem to fall asleep? I've been having those nights since last Monday and it's taking a toll on my skin, sinus and weight. Yes, girls..in case you didn't know...lack of sleep causes us to 1. get more pimples 2. seem like we have a darker complexion 3. weaken our immune system (easier to catch colds and cough) and 4. gain weight (we tend to eat more when we're sleepy because our body unconsciously wants more food so it can have more energy).

So, it was such a coincidence that I saw an article in Yahoo which gives tips on what to do to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Reading it gave me an idea. I tried to come up with my own list of do's and don'ts to help you fall asleep. Most concepts are similar to that of Yahoo's but I included it in the list because I find it useful.
Wanna get a good night’s sleep? Then follow these tips:

  1. No caffeine after 7:00 P.M.
The guilty dog barks first. No caffeine after 7? Guess that means no more coffee-while-chatting-with-friends-after-dinner for me. But hey, I’m still up for the chatting-after-dinner part. It usually takes about 6 hours for the caffeine of half the amount of coffee you take to last in your body. So think about the other half left in your body. This also means that you may be able to fall asleep but according to experts, your body isn’t getting the benefits it can get during deep sleep.

  1. Avoid doing any kind of work that takes alert thinking AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME.
You can fold laundry or put your clothes in your closet or sort the mail but stay away from budgeting your cash for the month or planning next month’s out-of-town trip.

  1. Adjust your bedroom temperature to be slightly chilly.

  1. Keep your bedroom dark.
I am aware that others sleep with the lights on but did you know that studies show that even a digital alarm clock’s light can disrupt your sleep cycle by disrupting cell division (making you more prone to having cancer!). Somehow our biological clock and brain attribute darkness to a calm environment which helps our bodies to relax and regenerate.

  1. Slather lotion on if you’re having trouble sleeping.
I’m not sure why but slathering lotion relaxes me and makes me feel sleepy.

  1. Gently stretch
Your whole body (once, twice or as much as you’d like) or your toes up and down (for several times). I love how stretching helps me relax. When I’m tired at work, I impulsively stretch my arms while preparing to yawn loudly, only to realize that I’m IN THE OFFICE. Also, I try to stretch my whole body (yes, from fingertips to toes) whenever I can’t sleep. Stretching relieves stress and in turn, induces sleep. It helps you feel less stressed by increasing the flow of oxygen in your body.

  1. Just keep yawning!

  1. Imagine that you need to get up already.
The thought of being rudely awakened by your alarm, the act of having to turn it off, the feeling of dragging yourself out of your bed and into the shower is actually an exhausting prospect. But that’s also why it works. Knowing that you have to do it soon makes you want to sleep early to get the most out of the night.

  1. Take a warm bath.
Remember that you should take a warm bath, not a quick cold shower. You know how spas give you warm baths to relax you instead of cold showers? The same concept applies here.

  1. Keep a small jotter and pen beside your bed.
Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because there are a lot of things running in my mind. To clear my head, I usually write down my thoughts or the things I want to remember. What’s great about this technique is that I get to remember the bouts of ideas that came to me the night before because I’ve already noted it down.

I hope these tips help you get to dreamland faster. May you also notice clearer, fairer skin and a slimmer, healthier physique. Happy snoozing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Melissa shoes and the Little Prince

I practically died when I saw this on Melissa Shoes' site!
OHMAYGAWD. I NEED THOSE SHOES!!! (also comes in red and black)

You might not know it but I have this weird fixation on the Little Prince and his rose. I even created a shirt design based on it but instead of the little Prince, I turned it into the "little princess". So you see how finding these Melissa shoes with the Little Prince on it drives me insane!

I need this. Seriously. Please, please, please give me a heads-up if it turns up anywhere in the Metro!

You may check out Melissa shoes online for more amazing styles! These shoes are perfect the rainy season. Jelly shoes are sooooooo in!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Share my outfit day: Take me to the sands

Took out my favorite "default" lazy pants, paired it with brown strappies then off I went on a day of serious shopping :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broccoli juice, anyone?

Fruitini... making vegetables cool!

Since I took home my first three boxes of Fruitini, I've been addicted to it ever since. I mean, who could resist Broccoli juice?? (hahaha!) Seriously, it tastes wonderful! Doesn't even taste like broccoli at all, it actually tastes of apple juice. It's just unbelievable that something so tasty could contain so much nutrients!

This personifies the phrase, healthy can be extremely tasty too!

Fruitini is available in SnR

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