Friday, August 15, 2008

The best damn clothes

Since you guys are already revved up to see Avril's concert in September, why don't we up it a notch by going a la Ms. Lavigne herself? Yes girls, you can now don your favorite Avril look with less hassle! Introducing, Abbey Dawn, Avril's own line of Apparel!

Abbey Dawn is the name Avril's dad calls her. The line reflects Avril's "best damn thing" style to the letter with graphic clothing, funky pieces and fun colors! The line is available at Kohl's and sells for about $20-$60 a piece. Pretty cheap for dollar-earners but when you convert it, it would set you back 900php-2500php. Still, it's a pretty decent price, if I say so myself.

The line is really cute! Very punk rock but not "messy". Too bad it still hasn't reached Philippine shores yet, but I'm sure it would soon. As for now, let's just satisfy our eyes by checking out Avril's other pieces here :)

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