Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My youngest sister and I attempted to make Wicked Oreos.. Here's what we used..

For those who are interested to make some Wicked Oreos for themselves, here's the recipe:
1. Follow the instructions on your pancake mix box (mix eggs, water/milk, pancake mix).  
Mix until there are no lumps but try not to make the mixture too watery. 
2. Preheat the pan or the deep fryer.
Use EVOO if you have some.

3. Dip the Oreos in the pancake batter. Make sure both sides are covered.
We used regular sized reduced fat Oreos and bite sized Oreos for variety.
4. Put the Oreos in the deep fryer.
Maybe it was because our batter was too watery but I noticed that the Oreo coating was too thin so what we did was after we flipped the Oreo, we poured more batter (we layered the pancake batter) on it and re-flipped it again.
5. Watch the cookies and take it out once both sides are golden brown.
Yes, watch because it cooks fast so you should be ready to flip it or get it from the pan/deep fryer.

P.S. Best served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
P.P.S. Sorry for the low quality pics. I dunno what happened.

Suffice it to say that I cannot show you any finished product not because we failed (well partly, we did) but because the finished products don't look appealing at all. But, I assure you that it tastes delicious. My sister tried to make a new batch the day after and she nailed it. Only problem is that we finished it before I remembered to take a picture of the Wicked Oreos.


  1. woooow! yummy! :) :) :)

    i think i know why it wasn't a success the first time. must be the oil! deep frying works best when the oil is at LEAST 3 inches deep. you won't even have to 're-dip' the oreos in batter, coating it will be enough :)

  2. hahaha. i guess so. looks like i really have to find that deep fryer of ours or use a deeper pan.lol. rar.

  3. How was the skin of the Wicked Oreo? We used to do this with Flour+Pancake mix and our first few batches looked like big rocks because the coating bloated T.T

  4. Oohh..the coating of ours ended up looking thinner than crepe so we resorted to pouring more batter on the oreo. That's what we get for not following instructions. Hehehe.


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