Friday, April 1, 2011

My summer reading list..

I have this bad habit of hoarding books to read.. The other day we went to the bookstore to buy some of the books in my sister's summer reading list (a school requirement). While she was looking for the books she needed, I took it as a sign to grab as much books that's in my list as I can.

Here's what I got to bring home with me...
Sometimes, it feels like I have "Book ADHD". I can't seem to finish a book before starting a new one. Case in point, I started to read Lolita, Ada or ardor and HP book 7 all at the same day. I am happy to report, however, that I've put Ada on hold, finished HP book 7, and am at the middle of finishing Lolita.

I know that it's good that I'm so excited to read all of it. The only problem is I still have a boxful of unread (and unopened!) books. Nyaa...must finish reading Lolita so I can start reading these, then. :)

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