Friday, April 29, 2011


I like gold. I like the opulence of it and how it looks so regal and beautiful.

Since it's summer though and I can't go "golden" all the way, so I just decided to go all out gold with my accessories :)
This dress is one of my favorites because I think the color is just lovely. Whenever I feel "girly", I gravitate to this kind of pale salmon shade.

Wore this for Easter lunch with the family. I deliberately posted this today, which happens to be Prince William and Kate's wedding day, because if I were to go to London right now, I'd probably be wearing this-- not a big show stopper but enough to blend in the crowd ;)

Here's to the new royal couple! I would have died if Prince William looked as good as he did ten years ago, but since he's no longer the hunk he was, I don't mind so much anymore. lol! Still, you're so lucky Kate!

Salmon dress: Glamour studio
Brown and gold wedges: Parisian

p.s. I'm not that pale in real life, I can't seem to find the best setting for my camera co'z the sun is TOO bright!


  1. Lovely dress!


  2. Love the dress! It looks so elegant! New follower here :)

  3. thank you Tricia! hope to hear from you again. welcome (?) to TMF!

  4. I loooooove this dress!!! The color is soooooo perfect for you!!! :)


  5. thank you Andi! it's just a bit difficult finding the perfect shade of salmon pink. this one has a touch of brown to it which makes the shade doubly hard to find!


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