Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Side Down

Sometimes, thinking of what to wear doesn't depend on what's hip or what looks good together, it boils down to the weather-- and oh, what a wonderful source of inspiration the weather is!

It's a weekend and you know how I always am during weekends-- I gravitate towards my go-to color: BLACK. But since it's summer and black is a bit inappropriate for the sunny season, I picked its soul brother, brown, instead :)

I grabbed this long shirt/tunic/mini dress (or whatever it is) from my closet with no second thought. I don't normally wear brown but like I said, it's better than black, right? I tried to keep the look light and summery despite my urge to go the "rockstar" path again so I grabbed a sunny yellow skirt to offset the "darkness".

I slipped on my trusty clogs grabbed a hat and voila! 
Seriously though, it is TOO hot! If there wasn't anything fun to do in summer, I would totally hate this season. Gaaaah, must.go.swimming.soon.
brown top (I don't know if it's a dress/tunic/whatnot) - Candy contemporary
yellow skirt - Revenge Fork
black studded clogs - Parisian
hat - SM department store
Hope you're having a fun summer so far! :)


  1. Hi nin! I checked out revenge fork website but everything's sold out! sayang i love the pink skirt pa naman. :)

    Love the outfit by the way! ^_^


  2. It's really so hot and I'm not loving it. :( I LOVE your outfit tho!

  3. @ate mel: sorry! actually, she hasn't restocked since last year, will tell her you want one though :)

    @ishna: huhu, it IS hot!


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