Saturday, April 9, 2011

A MissFit trying to stay fit.

Lately, I've been thinking about lifestyle changes to be more fit. It is, after all, redundant to be one of the two bloggers called 'Miss Fits' when I'm aware that I don't do anything to stay fit.

We all know that to be fit one must be healthy in all aspects of life.. One must eat well, sleep well, exercise well and have great vices. But I'm no Barbie. I need my sweets, I have cravings, and most of all I am stubborn!

So to ease my way into having the healthy lifestyle, I made a list which I would like to share with you.

Eat well

Suggestion 1: Keep a meal journal so you can keep track of your daily calorie intake.
Last week, there were several nurses who came to our office to administer a 'healthy lifestyle' check. I was informed of  the range of my total daily calorie intake. I was also given a Calorie Count checklist and was suggested to keep a meal journal.

Suggestion 2: Don't completely deprive yourself of your favorites.
I'm a big follower of this advice because I don't think I can ever give up Starbucks or chocolates or chips. What I did was I checked which of my favorite SB drinks had the least calories and noted it. I was surprised to find out that hot coffee has more calories than cold coffee (all this time I thought it was the other way around!). Also, tall is the way to go. I used to get venti coffee ALWAYS but I'm now a changed woman. I go for tall :( It's such a sad sad compromise for me but hey at least I still get to drink a cup (once a week, thrice is max).:)

Sleep well
Suggestion 1: Get 6-8 hours of sleep.
Stress is one cause of acne breakouts. Lack of sleep is another. Makes sense right, because you're cranky when you're tired and when you lack sleep. And when you're cranky and can't focus at what you're doing, you get more stressed easily.

Suggestion 2: Sleep as early as 9 PM.
Our body regenerates hormones when we induce deep sleep. The prime time our body regenerates is at 10-11 pm.

Exercise well
Suggestion 1: Try a physical sport you're interested in.
Football is gaining attention. There are a handful of running events in the Metro. Frisbee, laser tag, airsoft..there's tons of things to choose from.

Suggestion 2: Get those dancing shoes on!
I'm more into dancing than sports. That's why I've been planning (haha, I' m still at the planning stage) to try a class being offered at a dance studio near my office. Dance ideas: Hip-hop, jazz, pole dancing, striptease, belly dancing, street dance.

Have great vices
Huh, what? "Great" vices?? Yes, do not smoke. Don't drink or alright, drink only when absolutely necessary. Do not do drugs.

Suggestion 1: Have a hobby 

Suggestion 2: Travel! Enjoy the nature.
Don't ask the parenterals for money. Save for it. :)

Suggestion 3: Support a good cause.
Give back to Mother Earth or help the kids. Whatever it is you decide to support, make sure you believe the cause 100%. Just please, learn to support the positive sounding causes such as pro-peace (instead of anti-war). I think that matters because if the cause you're supporting has a positive view on things then their programs and the results they would get would also be much more positive.

What do you say? Am I on the right track to living a healthy life? What are your suggestions?

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  1. I believe this is definitely the right track. :-) I adhere by the same rules, though I tend to overindulge, as is obvious from my blog haha, and can't sleep early all the time due to my schedule. Here's to a healthier and "fitter" us! :-)

  2. Hahaha..yes, that's what usually happens to me too..I overindulge. I tend to look at my food intake as a daily matter instead of as a weekly or monthly or long term thing.
    Yes, cheers to a healthier and fitter us! ;)


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