Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gifts Unwrapped

For Christmas, I decided to create my own wrapping paper by using kraft cartolina or kraft paper, stamps, washi tape and bakers's twine. Here's a simple technique I did, which I figured could be easily customized for other occasions.

I bought these rubber letters months ago in a bookstore's scrapbooking section.  After finishing a half sheet of kraft paper, I realized that I can try alternating stamp colors for the phrases or jumbling the letters up. Then I got another idea, I'd like to do something similar with the rubber letters but this time it'd say Happy Birthday or Congratulations or Happy Valentine's. The possibilities are endless! Haha.

To close this post and to give you other suggestions I'd like to share the other Christmas wrapping papers that I've handmade. It feels like I have stamping ADHD, I can't stick to one print!

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