Sunday, December 9, 2012

Starbucks Pilipinas

Was at Starbucks the other day and saw these:

*gasp!* Pilipinas tumblers!!!
So happy! I've always been  thinking of how drab the "country" tumbler of Starbucks was so I was doubly happy when I saw the design!

From these:
To this:
So pretty! I love that the colors are not cliche-- red, blue, yellow, white. It's more festive and the reference to the Philippines is so tastefully done, I absolutely love it!!!

These are limited edition you guys so if you want one, you better hurry! One thing I've learned with Starbucks tumblers is that they run out really fast-- and I'm not talking weeks. I'm talking days!

Thank you Starbucks for the cutest Tumbler! My collection is growinggg! Happy 15th!

...because at Starbucks, they always know me as Ninia :)
♥ your loyal patron,


  1. love the patriotic tumblers!:) SB always has nice ones :)

    1. functional and pretty tumblers! love SB! :)

    2. how much will cost that tumbler? thanks


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