Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Treat yourself to a Brazilian

I've been wanting to do something to my hair for the longest time but I didn't quite know what. I deliberated on getting it colored but based on my experience, my hair resists hair dyes and after a few weeks, it's back to its original jet black color. I thought of having it digipermed but since I've discovered the convenience of using a curler, getting it permanently curled no longer sounds enticing. So, what to do?

Get a Brazilian blowout.
Got my brazilian at Edwin Samot salon in Imus, Cavite

I first heard about the Brazilian blowout when I got a haircut a few months back and the stylist offered the treatment. She claimed that it would be good for my limp hair because it will smooth out the frizz, straighten it a bit and generally make my hair healthier. The moment she told me about it, I was sold! That's exactly what I need!

I researched about the treatment and the first thing that made me happy was when I learned that it will only take 1 to 2 hours. Yes! Just 2 hours! The last time I got my hair rebonded I had to endure being in the salon for more than 5 hours and I tell  you, it ain't fun!

The procedure itself is very simple. The stylist applied the solution which was just like hot oil cream on the hair. After around an hour, he blew dry and flat ironed it and voila! Perfection! (Sorry, no pictures! Everything happened so fast, I was done before I knew it! haha)

The peculiar thing about it is that the treatment is left on your hair for a day. You mustn't rinse it off. To be honest, I felt a bit bummed out about this at first because it was a bit sticky and I had a jampacked day then and I didn't want to look so unkempt. So big advice, if you're getting a Brazilian blowout, do it on a free day when you don't have other plans-- especially when those plans include getting photographed. Flat sticky hair on pictures is just the worst! And oh, don't worry about the smell, the solution itself smells good actually so even if you haven't rinsed it yet, people won't think you just came from the salon.

I rinsed and shampooed my hair the next morning and I was so happy with the results! It was so soft! Plus it didn't look like I had a treatment-- unlike when you get your hair rebonded and people can tell. My hair looked like I just flat ironed it. It looked so natural and beautiful :)

I cut my hair after this photo. It's a bit shorter but the effect is still the same.

The treatment is said to last just around 2-3 months, a bit short compared to other treatments but I'm okay with that. I absolutely love how beautiful and manageable my hair has become. It just feels so healthy and naturally beautiful, I don't mind getting another Brazilian in the next few months :P


  1. Hi Trixa, so sorry I just saw your comment. It costs P3,000 at Edwin Samot Salon in Imus :)


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