Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color me happy!

I like to believe I'm an artist. I just like doing stuff with my hands and that includes sketching and drawing. But I also have to admit, I'm not great. I draw pretty much like a kid-- meaning, I can't do complicated stuff or images that come close to reality. Mine are always "cartoon-y".

Well, I've recently been sending designs over to a friend for her business. She liked the first batch I made for her and so she's asking me to do another batch. So sure, why not! Drawing is easy but the one thing that I really hate is transferring the sketches to the PC and making them into more professional stills by tracing over them with the brush tool. Ugh!

Blame my new character's curly hair but I just couldn't begin to imagine me slaving over each of those curls with my mouse. Goodness! Can you? Just the thought of it makes me nauseous. Well because of it, I found myself in an impromptu trip to the mall to finally get myself my very own drawing tablet :)

Thanks to my dearest friends who were online on Facebook and whose advice I gladly took, I got myself the perfect Tablet!

Say hello to my newest graphics buddy, ...err--Tablet! (haha, I don't really name my stuff except for my car, Soi)

My friends said I should get WaCom but because it Genius was waaaaay cheaper, I couldn't resist. The money I saved, I spent on new clothes. hehe :P

You should also notice how it's indicated on the box that it's a Graphics Tablet. See these tablets have all these fancy words on them which I have no idea what they mean so I just gravitated towards the one which practically screamed at me saying it's the one for drawing! (there's this one that's supposed to be perfect for signatures.err?)

Another dilemma I had was what size to get. I didn't know if it was too small or it was just right. However a friend said that a 4x6 tablet would be perfect co'z it's harder to draw on a bigger one. Well, after testing it, I say she's absolutely right! You don't really need much hand room co'z one thing I learned is that you should actually zoom your image to 200% if you want it to look perfect. So you see, you'd only be making a few strokes per area. A 4x6 tablet would be enough for that :)

I am obviously very excited about it! Here's a short message I made! I am still in awe at the fact that I can actually show you all my handwriting! Surreal!

The drawing tablet is amazing! It's one of the best purchases I've made my entire life! Totally worth every cent!

Wallet damage: 2500php (mind you, this is cheap already!--cheapest actually)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Online shopping made easy!

During the first quarter of the year, I got hooked on online shopping! It started with a bag and then all of a sudden, I find myself purchasing other things online from shirts to knick knacks. It is absolutely addicting!

Well, of all my online purchases, I've always chosen to pay through bank deposits. I think it's safer and easier for me. But one time, I was in a hurry to pay for an item I reserved and was practically forced to pay through whatever means possible-- and in that case, the easiest way for the sellers: GCASH.

Alas! To my surprise, paying through Gcash is actually much more secure and easier than bank deposits! HAHAHA. Stupid me.

Well, guess what? Gcash is making our online shopping lives easier by introducing, the Globe Gcash Click!

What is it?

First, it allows direct transactions from seller to buyer through simple SMS,'s the good part: has its own pick-up and delivery service! It's not only great for sellers (not having to leave their homes anymore), it's also great for buyers co'z part of the service is having the merchandise hand delivered to you for inspection while holding payment for the item until you give it a go! Now that's what I call SAFE online shopping! No more fear of getting tricked by mean sellers, it's a great way of protecting buyers too!

The whole idea is just amazing! I almost want to convert to Globe (sorry, I'm a perpetual Smart kid)

How 'bout you PK girls, have you bought stuff online? If so, what?

For more information, check out their site:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I gotta feeling...

That you girls are gonna enjoy this too. Hehe. Here's another video which was celebrity-endorsed. Since Ashton Kutcher tweeted about this vid, it has gotten tons of hits! I'm amazed with this guy, he did goooood with the song! Hehe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens update..

I've been seeing promotions for her new flick on Etc. constantly (The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, The Daily Ten).. So what is this film going to be all about? I'm not sure.. it's just that I heard that a 'geeky' guy wants to create a band and he happens to be lucky enough since the popular girl wants to form a band of her own too. I guess we can categorize this movie as a 'no-brainer-chick-flick' then, huh..

Are you excited to see this? Or are you even remotely curious? NJ and I admit that we are curious enough to go see it. Yes girls, it's out in theaters today ;)

P.S. I also heard that Twilight fanatics are dying to see this because New Moon's full-version trailer will be shown here. My question is, hasn't the trailer been shown already? Hmm.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celebrity-endorsed videos!

I don't really watch videos on Youtube unless someone GREAT endorses it (in my case, it's usually my friends. hehe!) Well, hooray for my Celebrity twitter friends, I always get on the loop on the cutest, unofficial, & "homemade" videos!

It started with Taylor Swift posting a link of a guy with his own version of Love Story and now, we find other celebrities posting links to "versions" too!

Here's one tweeted by Perez Hilton and Miley Cyrus (oh yeah, they're friends again! lol!)

I think this video is awe-mazing! I would usually get bothered with seeing guys--ehem, being all girly on screen but not this time! I actually think this video is well made and not too cheeky! I guess that's why they get such amazing endorsers! lol :)

For some reason, I also got a new appreciation for Miley's song! Second time she doesn't sound "disney" (first was with The Climb)

Your thoughts on the vid PK girls? :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Starbucks day

One very lazy day, I found myself at Starbucks. Just one of those times I want to relax and enjoy a couple of my favorite Starbucks staples among some new "discoveries" and items at the cafe.

These are my favorite Tumblers ever! They're made from 78% recycled materials! It's even taller than the usual Starbucks tumbler so yay! (but it's pricier too. hehe)

This next one is S and I's favorite fun Tumbler from SB! The "body" of the tumbler can be twister so you can mix and match different heads with different torsos and legs! So cute! Heads up though, they're running out of it already. Last month, they had about two other designs but now, only one design is left! So if you want one, you better hurry!

Ahhh... my favorite find! These are the Starbucks Collectors' Series mugs and tumblers. When we visited Thailand, they had these at their stores so I was greatly disappointed when I found out the Philippines didn't have the same designs! I mean, it makes for a GREAT souvenir for tourists! Well, here's my prayer answered! Not only do they have the mugs (which has been around for a while), they now have Tumblers to go with it too! Yehey! Remember, like the other Tumbler designs, you better hurry if you want to own one. Starbucks Tumblers have this quality about them which makes them sell like hotcakes.

I'm sharing my ultimate favorite Starbucks snack-slash-lunch: Cheese Quiche! (it's pronounced as kish/kisch) It's so good! This is one of my favorite duos realized: Vegetables and Cheese! Woot!

So there goes my Starbucks day!

Tell me, what's your favorite from Starbucks?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eco find at SM

It's been a while since I visited SM Department store. Not that I don't like going there, but I've just been shopping elsewhere these past few months. Well, the other day, I had to kill time while waiting for my mom so I found myself checking the racks at SM and look what I found!

What are those? Reusable shopping bags!

It was like gravity pulling me. I couldn't resist! I think I even got too excited about it co'z two sales ladies immediately approached me to "advertise" the goods. Well girls, no need to do that! I'm already sold!

There are a lot of designs and bag styles but the Eureka moment for me was finding this one particular style!

Wait for it...
Unfolding.... Tada!

Isn't it adorable? I particularly like this style because it is shaped like a real plastic bag. I like it because it actually looks like a grocery bag but cooler. I'm sure people would wonder where you got your "funky" plastic. :P Besides, it looks a lot like my favorite Baggus, only cheaper!

The only downside to it is that it's a little too small. You can't pile in a lot of junk in it so it's not very practical for bulk shopping. However, because it is very small and folds back into a little pouch, it makes for a GREAT emergency bag.

Wallet damage: 99.00 php

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife showing now!

We've all waited for it for so long and it's finally here! Don't miss out on the screening okay?

As an avid fan of the book, I can't say I was satisfied with the film version (we never are satisfied with film versions anyway), but overall I think it's not bad. Just a little heads-up to fellow book lovers, there's a small revision in the ending which you might not like but try to see it from the point of view of those who haven't read it okay? I say the book is so much better but the movie did try its best to come to par.

Overall, I say, book or film, the Time Traveler's Wife is still one of the sweetest love stories ever told. So don't forget to schedule in a moviedate with your family or friends! You shouldn't miss out on this one! :)

Spoiler alert: butt exposure for both Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams!
PK rating: 4/5

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freeway National Artist Collectors' Series

To commemorate the heroes of Philippine Art, Freeway launches its National Artist Collectors' Series featuring past National Artist Awards recipients. The collection is launched in perfect timing amidst the growing controversy over the National Artists Award (dont' get me started on this!). To show support for the real and deserving past National Artists, Freeway reveals its first pocket collection featuring National Artist for Literature, Nick Joaquin.

A Tertulia (poetry reading) was staged at The Row, Glorietta 5 yesterday to formally launch the Collectors' series and guess who were there to cover it? *wink!

They transformed The Row at Glorietta 5 into a "poetry hub" reminiscent of quaint cafes in old New York neighborhoods!

You want coffee? They had coffee! Overflowing Bo's coffee, perfect to set the mood for a poetry reading session :)

You can hardly recognize the inside of The Row with its new and dramatic set-up. Good job to the organizers for pulling off "the look". Very, very chic and artsy!

The tertulia was hosted by Mo Twister. It started with a performance by Noelle Cassandra, Asia's only harpist, singer and song-writer.

The readers invited for the event were G Tongi, Jocas de Leon (Joey de Leon's daughter) and Nick Joaquin's nephew, Bing Villegas

G Tongi is by far our favorite reader! Her reading of the The Woman with Two Navels was moving and heartfelt! The whole experiencing with G reading, Noelle playing her harp in the background and the dimmed lights was simply magical!

Here's the full collection!

There are 7 pieces overall with the addition of one for MEN!

Freeway reveals that this pocket collection allows the generation of today to wear a little bit of history as well as a heritage to be proud of while looking stylish!

These great teasers can be a testament to that:

We are just in love with how these are styled! So stylish and forward indeed! (and the model did a very good job don't you think? love her!)

The next in the Series is Ang Kiukok, Visual Arts genius. The collection will be launched during the Holidays so that's something we could all look forward to! So PK girls, head over to Freeway now! You shouldn't miss out on this one of a kind collection! It does not only make for a stylish ensembles, it's also a great gift idea! I mean, it isn't often we all get to wear a literary genius' piece on our sleeves (or other parts of our body)!

Thank you for the free gift Freeway! We're loving our limited edition Nick Joaquin clutches! Adorable!

XOXO, Hilary?

Blame the Gossip Girl reruns on ETC but somehow, I am starting to get impatient for Season 3 of the show! Why wait I say? There's always the internet! Hehe :P

Well, our girls from the other side of the world are as excited as we all are about the 3rd Season. Apparently, the show won't be aired until October 5 in the States but that doesn't mean there's no spoilers for us to feast on! Apart from the usual, "expect new characters", "chuck+blair is back!", "serena+dan is a no go" and other expected twists on the show, here's one you'll be delighted/dismayed to hear: Hilary Duff joins the cast!

Yes, yes! It's confirmed that Ms. Duff will be going on the show to play Olivia Burke, an actress that enrolled at NYU for a traditional college experience. There, she rooms with Vanessa and reports say she would also be Dan's new love interest! (Apparently, Olivia likes that Dan doesn't know she's a celebrity. doh!)

Hilary's character will come out on the 4th episode of Season 3 so it's something to look forward to. Gosh, Gossip Girl has really spun away from its original plot. As a Gossip Girl novel reader, I feel confu-fused!

So girls, what do you think about Hilary joining the show? Yay? or Nay?


your favorite gossipgurls,
S & NJ

photo credit: celebuzz

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Flying Pig

Just in case you feel hungry right are some pictures of what my friends and I and my sisters and I, in two different visits to The Flying Pig, stuffed in our mouths a few months make you more hungry! Haha.

The Flying Pig is located at the Ground floor of the New Eastwood Mall in Libis. It's a bit pricey for a simple lunch or dinner so I suggest that you go and try this when there's a slightly special occasion (let's say you aced your test or your group won the debate). Don't worry though, if you want to celebrate a real s

pecial occasion (such as your birthday or your anniversary with your lovie) here, the place is good for that too. I promise you, you won't regret it as the food there is real good. So, are you ready for the scrumptious pictures? Go right ahead and scroll some more ;)

Ain't it cute?
Fried Oyster Rockafeller
I know, I know..too much of a fried thing is bad for you.haha. but seriously, try this. It's so good. BTW, that's spinach underneath.

Yum! But sadly, there were only 3 (if I remember it correctly) pieces of shrimp.


Classic pasta :)

Sally Smoked the Chicken

Delicious chicken but be careful of the side dishes. Do you know the famous beer's commercial with Manny Pacquiao and other famous personalities? Haha. We were amazed with the term, Pork-somethin'-somethin' and somethin'-somethin'-beans. As it turns out, it's just Pork and Beans in simple terms! Haha!

Back Ribs

and my new favorite, the Mashed Potato with a twist - it has cheddar bits in it that melt in your mouth! Sorry though, I forgot what that side's name is.

House Blend Ice Tea

Ohhh...this is LOVE. Tastes a bit like CPK's raspberry iced tea but this one has a A con though, is

Ahhh..looking at the pictures alone, make me want to go back as soon as possible!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brewing catfight?

Celebrity tweets are what's keeping the rumor mills alive in Hollywood nowadays. We've seen it start new friendships (as in the case of Demi Lovato and Hayley Williams) and even put ammo to gun wars like in Spencer Pratt's case and whoever it is he is currently at war with (he's always mad at someone). Well, I see there's a little "spark" igniting in twitter world between Miley Cyrus and Perez Hilton! Look at their tweet exchange last night (or this morning, Western time):

*read from bottom, to top*

Click image for a better view!

I don't want to take sides but I want to point out a couple of things:
1. Miley does like to twitter quotations everyday, and not just one, she sends a couple consecutively. It can get a little "preachy"/"fake" sometimes.
2. Perez, it's soooo common for teens to use quotations and song lyrics as status messages. I don't know why but we just like to. Give Miley a break.

It would be interesting to see these two fight. It's always amusing to see the claws come out in Hollywood. But because we're PK girls, and we like to keep peace everytime, let's just hope this very little "dispute" would remain as it is: a brewing catfight. Keep your claws to yourself little kitties!

Listen to your novels!

I have been reading a lot of novels lately that I took my addiction to greater heights by downloading e-books and recently, audio books. I mean hey, it's a nice break from listening to songs on your mp3. Besides, isn't it cool to catch up on your reading while literally driving/riding in a car?

Well, I tried Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper because I didn't get to see the movie and I heard it was heartbreaking. I was very excited to start listening to it already, and to my delight, it was very good!

I was right thinking that audio books give you the overall experience: great narrator, different characters speaking, sound effects, etc, etc ! Well, the effects weren't there but the experience wasn't too bad :) I just didn't appreciate the fact that the narrator speaks too slow! With nothing else in tow, it gets boring just waiting for her next words!

I think one of the things you could do while listening to audio books is to sketch something or do something with your hands so you'll have better use of your time. Another idea is burning a CD of it and listening to it on your car's player. Then, you can even share the experience with your best pals while cruising down the highway! Just bear in mind that for one audio book, there are about 12 cds, each an hour long so burning a cd would necessitate a good number of available blank disks.

If you want to know what an audio book sounds like, I have here a snippet from My Sister's Keeper:

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