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Project: Digiperm

Since 3rd year college, we've been dreaming of getting our hair permed. But everytime we seriously think about it we chicken out. Instead what we do is we just curl our hair with curling iron or curlers. Lately, my curly hair fantasies have relapsed.

I'm set to have my hair digipermed before June ends but to appease my longing, I googled tips, read magazines and asked around about stuff related to digiperming. To make it much easier for us to understand, I've divided the tips (do's and don'ts) according to 'timeframe'.

1. Pre-Digital Perm
Perm?What perm?
You're probably asking yourself "Am I sure that I want to have my hair permed?" Here are some facts to help you decide. First of all, there are two types of perms. The first one is a cold or traditional perm. The other one is the hot or digital perm. Some say the cold perm uses less chemicals, some say it's the other way around. The correct definition though is that with a cold perm, a solution is applied to your hair and makes your curls appear more prominent when it is wet. The cold perm is for you if you want tight curls. However, a number of people say that cold perms are not for recently treated hair nor for 'unhealthy' hair. A digital perm, on the other hand, is the process of applying a solution and heat to your hair, which in turn, makes the curls appear more prominent when it's dry. People say that with digiperm, it is easier to recreate the curls styled with a curling iron. So obviously, this is for you if you want to get loose curls. Most Japanese/Korean salons in the Metro also claim that digiperm is safe to use on hair that has been treated. Which brings us to our 2nd point..

Where shall I get my hair permed?
A lot of Korean salons and several Japanese salons have spurted around Manila. In considering where to get your perm, try calling the salon first or searching for reviews (consider the raves and rants) about their services. So far, I've read about the following:Tony and Jackey Hair Salon, Lee Chul Hair Ker Ker (1 Constellation St., cor. Makati Ave., 403-3728/29), Shine Girls (3/F Don Rafael Bldg., Guerrero St., cor. Makati Ave., 467-4302), Hair News Korean Salon (103 G/F, Raffles Bldg, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Pasig, 916-4582), Beauty Brick Hair Art (Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg, 122 Jupiter St., Makati, 473-5108), Genic (G/F Pan Pacific Hotel, M.Adriatico cor. Gen.Malvar St. Malate, 4965853), and Shunji Matsuo (17 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig, 631-9424).

If you think you've found the salon that fits with your needs, go right ahead and book an appointment.

Among those on the list above, I'd love to try Lee Chul and Shunji Matsuo (if I had moolah to spend) and Beauty Brick and Hair News. However, the only one I've tried is Tony and Jackey. My tita has tried Hair News, though. Also, even though digiperm's technology originated from Japan/Korea, I heard that several Filipino (??) salons already offer perming services (like Bench Fix and Azta Salon).

Still unsure?
Why don't you try using virtual make-over sites? See how you'd look like with curly hair. Try one of our favorite sites, Taaz.

2. Day of Digital Perm
Washed hair or not?
It doesn't matter if you shampoo and condition your hair before going to the salon or not because once you get to the salon, that's the first thing they'll do (wash your hair).

What to bring?
Don't forget to bring your money. Digital perm costs around P2,500 to P8,000 depending on the salon but the average salon charges P3,000-P3,500 (depends on your hair length). You can also bring a picture of the type of curl you'd like to achieve. If you can't find a picture of the type of curl you want, don't fret. Salons will give you a variety of images to choose from. Another thing that's quite important to bring is an open mind. Sometimes, the stylist will give suggestions (such as using a different sized rod or giving you bangs). Don't shut out his/her suggestions right away. Listen to the stylist's reasons for suggesting certain things and from there, compromise. However, don't be a pushover too, ayt? If it feels as if the stylist is forcing a service on you just because it's more expensive (and not because he/she has justified that your hair needs that kind of treatment), you have every right to refuse. Lastly, don't forget to "bring your patience" because you'll be spending around 2 to 3 hours in the salon.

3. Post-Digital Perm
Low Maintenance?
What sold the idea of getting a digiperm for me was the fact that I get volume (exactly what my hair needs) without having to blowdry my hair every single day. All I have to do is towel dry it. Since it's supposed to look a bit messy, I also figured that I don't need to comb it (yes, I'm THAT lazy at times). Another bonus is that it's easy to maintain with just the proper shampoo, conditioner and mousse/wax/gel/cream.

In reality though, most people who had their hair digitally permed said that it's actually quite high maintenance IF you want to maintain the curliness of your hair for a longer period of time. If, however, you want it to look wavy (and not curly) then it's not that high maintenance.

Ask your stylist (you can give them a call to ask this, if they forgot to tell you). Usually digiperms last for 4-6 months. Others say that it stays 'forever', you just have to put products to define the waves. Take note, it would only be waves, not curls.

Well, are you more excited now? Did we help you decide? I hope this lengthy post helped you with your digiperm queries. Will post soon about my own digiperm experience! :)


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  1. good thing my hair looks naturally permed hahaha :) I have natural wavy locks :DD

  2. Wow indigorocketeer! That's so cool. :) Do watch out for our next post about hair products for curly haired gals. We hope to read your comment about that, too ;)

  3. what salon you recommend for me,for digital perm curl?

  4. hi, i wanted to have a big loose waves/curls.. it's it ok to have that treatment if my hair is kinda untamed.. mejo its sabog kse.. thanks :)

  5. hi, it's best to ask the hairstylist but i'm guessing it's alright to have your hair digipermed. :) what the stylists have a difficult time perming are the rebonded hair/ relaxed hair.

  6. I came to your website searching for some tips on permed hair maintenance. I just had my hair permed today at Tony and Jackey Salon, Tomas Morato Branch. I availed their aqua setting and digital perming promo for only 1,500 that will run until end of June. Although,at first I have some apprehensions since I am more comfortable with my straight hair. I took the risk and after the treatment, gotcha! I have no regrets at all. I just love my curl. Comments from friends were all positive. By the way, Taaz virtual make-over is indeed helpful.

  7. hi! had my hair rebonded 9 months ago. u think I can now have it digipermed without damaging it? tnx! i wanna check out Tony and Jackey's promo (hi xaliahapal, u said it's until the end of June, right?)

  8. @xaliahapal: had my hair digipermed by tony and jackey too and they did a fine job with it. glad you're happy with it ;)

    @anonymous: it's not really a matter of your hair getting damaged or not, i think the problem would be if it would even get curled at all!(haha, not to scare you or anything)

    I have relaxed hair (latest was more than a year ago), and tony and jackey had to repeat the process co'z the curls won't stick! you may read about my experience here:

  9. yay! i want! :) thanks for this post. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this post. I just want to share my recent experience on digiperm service. I availed the digiperm service of EdwinLisa Salon at their JP Rizal branch in Makati using the Metrodeal voucher. It was a total of almost 6hrs of procedure and it cost me 4k (incl. root color, treatment, half rebond) but the result was frustrating. I was told that I’m okay to leave even if my hair was still dripping wet and was applied with 10-12pumps of curling lotion. When my hair finally dried, it was so stiff and heavy. My hair looked so messy and frizzy. I don’t know what to do with my hair now, I even messaged the fb page of EdwinLisa but they did not reply. I had my digiperm at a Korean Salon last year but the result was beautiful and it even cost me less (ensogo voucher 1.8k only).


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