Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Health is wealth!

Hi girls! How you all doing? I hope everyone's well and sickness-free! I can't say the same for me co'z I just got home from the hospital. Diagnosed with acute tonsillitis which gave me high fever for about a week. I'm still recuperating and waiting for test results co'z I feel other pains in my body which after my hospitalization has got me extra conscious of.

It's my first time to be hospitalized and boy is it not fun! Having an IV attached to you is the worst! It didn't help that I have thin veins that two of them popped when then inserted the IV. Gaaaaah! It was so stressful! Good thing I "apparently" have high tolerance for pain so I was able to bear it. But I swear, never again!

Just a heads-up for all you girls out there to take extra care of your health! Never ever forget to take Vitamin C to boost your immune system. It's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. And yeah, because of this, I also vow to be a "healthy" vegetarian. I know I haven't been careful with what I eat, even if I'm vegetarian, I still don't treat my body well. Need to eat healthy, no junk and exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Here's to a healthier lifestyle for all of us!

Will resume regular blogging in the following days :)


  1. Ahaha. I've always wished to be hospitalized, but not that severe sickness.

    It's good to have special treatment and have visitors visiting you.

    But I guess, It'll be better NOT be confined and just to be healthy is fine. :))

  2. lol! Actually, me too! But I didn't realize how uncomfortable it was until I was the one on the hospital bed. The IV is so painful and you can't get a lot of sleep with the nurses going back and forth your room. ugh!

    seriously, you do not want to be hospitalized! the next time I find myself in the hospital would be when I give birth! lol! :P

  3. Really? That was my friend's line too! We visited him just yesterday! Ahaha.

    LOL. Maybe, ahaha.
    Well stay happy and healthy!

  4. 錢,給你帶來歡愉的日子,但不給你帶來和平與幸福........................................

  5. 嗨!很喜歡來這欣賞你的作品,幫你推推推當上人氣王唷.........................


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