Thursday, August 4, 2011

Princess Kate's inexpensive beauty secret

There's a reason why celebrities make the best beauty product endorsers-- because you can actually see the results on their face! There is however a HUGE diffference between those who are forced to endorse a product and those who actually use them. As expected, the latter is more believable.

Well, last week Nivea sent us a gift in beautiful purple packaging:

Wow, royal power? What could it be?
I opened the box and was delightfully surprised to find a set of Nivea Visage Q10 products!
I almost jumped in joy because Soan and I use Nivea Visage Q10 anti-wrinkle eye cream so receiving one in the mail felt like Christmas in July! :)

Apparently, Kate Middleton-- you know, Mrs. Prince William, uses Nivea Visage. She was spotted buying the Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Day Cream which costs a mere 5 pounds!
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 As a journalist remarked:
 "Kate is not someone who believes in spending a lot of money automatically guarantees quality. She has never been afraid of a bargain." 

--I couldn't agree more! Personally, I've tried a good number of eye creams, even spending as much as Php2,000.00 on one tube, but I've only felt results after using Nivea Visage. What a surprise really! Who would have thought a mere drugstore product costing Php350.00 could yield the best results! This is proof that not everything expensive is effective.

Soan and I cannot wait to try the Nivea Q10 Day and Night Creams. I know some may find it weird that we're using anti-wrinkle creams at this age, but we are firm believers that the secret to ageing beautifully is caring for your skin while you're young!

We are all for Nivea's Q10 line because if Princess Kate's royal skin swears by it, then I'm sure our simple pauper skins will love it too ;)

Get Princess Kate's royal skin (and ours too) by checking out Nivea Q10's Anti-Wrinkle line in all leading  supermarkets, department stores and groceries at these very affordable prices: Light Day Care - Php385.00, Night Care - Php385.00, and Eye Cream - Php350.00


  1. i think it's a great thing that you girls are using eye creams already. i read somewhere (or was it that myra e ad?) that skin aging starts at 25 and the eyes is one of the first spots where you can see signs of skin aging so best to prevent it. :) i use pond's gold cream for my eyes.

  2. we agree totally! we must start young! is pond's gold cream effective?

  3. it is effective. no dark circles under my eyes even after pulling an all nighter. :-) although i feel like exploring other eye creams pa to see which is really the best.


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