Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Power of White Perfect

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now but for some reason, I always felt too shy. Then, I realized I really shouldn't feel shy about it because good things should be shared with the world! So, let me just go and be straightforward about it: "Thank you L'oreal for my nearly perfect complexion!"

Remember when L'oreal sent us press kits and products last year? (click to read the post here) Well, I've been using the day cream since then and I can really see and feel the results!

I can't really show a before and after picture because there's hardly any difference with the way my skin looks on camera, but it does feel smoother and softer! I also noticed it minimized my pores and gave me a nice pinkish white glow.

I know my skin isn't perfect but I'm working on it and after being introduced to L'oreal, I think I'm well on my way to achieving baby soft skin. Thanks so much Mikki for the freebies! I've never felt so satisfied with my complexion until now. Yey for L'oreal!

Promise, no foundation, no photoshop. Just good 'ol powder and L'oreal :) And oh, please don't mind the eyebags, I have yet to find the perfect product for that. haha!


  1. I envy you for having a good skin!

  2. thanks Ishna! But believe me, I didn't have good skin growing up, I used to have LOTS of pimples too. Thank God I'm over adolescence and thank God for good skin products! :)


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