Monday, January 24, 2011

Harder, darker, stronger

The past week has been extremely tiring for me. I was literally going through the motions without paying heed to any of the consequences. It feels like a blur to me, but for more reasons than one, I am just super glad that the week is over.

Whenever I feel too lazy to dress up, I gravitate to my usual picks: mini skirts, sleeveless tops and blacks. Yes, the darker, the better. Somehow, black always makes me feel more myself and I always feel happy in that color.
It's perfect too because the sun has been shining so brightly. It's actually very hot. Really, the weather has turned loony.

Sorry for my "serious" expressions. I have just been extremely tired that smiling doesn't feel natural. (eh?) haha. I'm so weird.

Top and skirt: Forever 21
Clogs: Parisian


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