Sunday, January 2, 2011

Warming bowls of ramen at Ramen Bar Eastwood

Currently, I'm having this silly obsession over ramen. I've been buying instant ramen whenever we drop by supermarkets, and I make it a point to get the Japanese brands just so I get one step closer to it being 'authentic'! I also want to watch The Ramen Girl by the late Brittany Murphy again but our copy seems to be broken.. I am so close to re-watching Kung Fu Panda for its ramen scenes.Haha.

So you can understand why I insisted to try the Ramen restaurant I read of online when our family went to Eastwood for dinner.

Ramen Bar Eastwood welcomes you with a simple, no-fuzz menu which also doubles as your placemat. I like how their menu looks so neat and uncomplicated. They listed the Japanese ingredients used per ramen but they also listed the English definitions of the Japanese terms on the lower left corner.
The chosen few, Ramen Bar's arsenal

Before we go on to what we ordered, a little prelude: Sorry for not being able to take pictures of the other plates we ordered. I was really excited to eat (and hungry!) and my camera wasn't cooperating (low batt!). Okay, here we go..

We ordered the following:

1. Ebi buns - Shrimp patty wrapped in a special white bun
I wasn't able to try this. Ordered it for my dad.

2. Yakiniku Beef - Thinly sliced beef with Chef Masa's special sauce topped with spring onions
My mom was really raving about the beef because it was really soft and tender.

3. Chahan - Fried rice with eggs and leeks
Was pleasantly surprised with the presence of bits of fried garlic. I love garlic! I could eat this without any viand. :)

4. Tempura Ice Cream
MUST dip it in the faux soy-sauce = chocolate sauce! :) Worth a try, it capped off our Ramen Bar experience.

And the stars of the night...
Shio Ramen
5. Shio Ramen - Salt infused Tonkatsu (pork bone soup boiled for 20 hours) ramen infused with:
Tamago: Soft boiled egg marinated for 48 hours
Naruto: Fish sticks
Negi: Spring onion
Chasyu: Sliced pork

I loved the soup. It's unlike anything I've ever tasted. I don't think the instant Japanese ramen I've been buying in groceries will ever be opened. Haha.

Seafood Ramen
6. Seafood Ramen
I wasn't able to read the description for this ramen. Dad saw this on the Specials/ Must-try blackboard. You can see the squid slices in the picture above. I guess my dad liked it coz he finished the entire bowl!

I really loved how comforted and satisfied I felt after finishing the dishes here. For days now, I've been bugging my sister to go back to Ramen Bar. THAT's how much I've been craving for another serving! Plus the fact that according to several reviews, Ramen Bar is one of the very few authentic Japanese Ramen houses in the Philippines.

Want to try the Ramen Bar? Head to G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City (beside  two other must-try restos, Cookbook Kitchen and O'sonho Portuguese)


  1. i don't usually get excited over ramen, but I LOVE RAMEN BAR! their ramen is the shit. :D

    boat ride through the sky


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