Friday, January 14, 2011

The truth about Starbucks Via

Since the holiday season kicked in, I found myself drinking more instant coffee than usual. I don't really appreciate instant coffee co'z I think it just doesn't compare to brewed. However, our brewed coffee in the office is a little too strong for my taste and after months of bearing with it, I just couldn't anymore and so I decided to give Starbucks Via a try.

We have Starbucks brewed coffee at home and it is just divine! It tastes really good and the aroma is amazing. I wanted to recreate that experience with something a little more instant, hence, the Starbucks Via.

I tried the Colombia first just because it's orange and orange is my favorite color (haha). I was very excited to open my first sachet because I wanted my office space to smell like Starbucks! But to my disappointment, it wasn't as aromatic as I expected it to be :( Apart from that, the coffee was very strong! Even stronger than our office's brewed Cafe Puro. I almost did not want to finish it except the price tag on each sachet was tugging on my sleeves. (costs around 40php each!)

I almost didn't want to try the other variant anymore because my first experience was a disaster! But for the sake of this post (and my wallet!), I decided to go for it!

Maybe because it's decaf, but I think the Italian Roast tastes so much better! Even though it says extra bold, it didn't come off too strong. It was just right :) It still did not have the aroma I was excited for but I say it's okay. Good for those days that you want something different.

Overall, I think I have to pass with the instant coffee. It just doesn't compare... even if it was made by Starbucks.


  1. Starbucks is incredible but instant coffee not so much. Haha. Thank you for such a sweet comment! :)

  2. Well I have nothing much to say when it comes to coffee. Am I the only one who doesn't drink one? hahaha! Only go to starbucks to hang out with friends and eat cakes/bread.

    Melai of Style and Soul


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