Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Uncommon for your iPhone

I'm a wary customer when it comes to ordering items online. However, when I read about a certain brand of iPhone protectors which are only available online, I did not hesitate. I'm waiting for my iPhone case to arrive and hopefully it looks just like this:

Uncommon uses the latest technology of 3D Tatt Printing, a printing process which embeds your image deep into the case so it won't fade, peel or chip, and lets you customize your own case. They have 4 different options for the type of protector, Capsule, Deflector, Gallery and Loop.

They also have numerous options for the protector's artwork. Most of which were designed by guest artists. What's even greater about Uncommon is that they let you upload your own design, configure it onto the protector and they'll print it for and send it to you!

I chose the Capsule protector for ultimate protection.

Although it is much more expensive (at $39.95 + shipping fee) than the available bumpers/ protectors/ cases offered in iStudio (around $30-$35), I still don't regret ordering one mainly because my iPhone protector would be one-of-a-kind indeed!

Wanna get your own iPhone or iTouch protector? Check out their site by clicking>> GetUncommon!

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  1. So cool, love the one with the little owl!
    thank your for your lovely comment!
    kisses from Sweden
    /Sara and Emma

  2. Thanks Melai, Sara and Emma! Can't wait for my orders to arrive :)


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