Saturday, January 1, 2011

Qiwellness spa: Qitranquility Package

For the last post on Qiwellness, we have a guest blogger! S' highschool best friend who also happens to be NJ's friend, Charen. Sophia chose the Qitranquility Package for Charen because she remembered Charen's ramblings on how stressful her new job is.

Hello TMF readers! I'm glad that Soan & Ninin invited me to try Qiwellness as it was a much needed relaxation. To compensate, I've agreed to give you a rundown on the two-hour treatment I had. Read on for my comments.
The treatment room

My 3 General Points: 
Service - I can't compare their service with other spas because I know that they have their differences but with Qiwellness, I can say that their practice of 'personal touch' is apparent. The masseuse will really attend to your needs from start to end.
Scrub - The treatment starts with a mineral-rich Dead Sea salt & jasmine flowers scrub. It was a little itchy during application but after showering (I was advised by the therapist to not use bath gel anymore, just water), your skin will feel very smooth and soft.
Massage - After the 30 minute scrub was the superb massage. The combination of medium and light pressure was really something I loved with the Qitranquility.  It seems that, unlike in other spas, the therapist knows exactly which part of your body needs the most pressure. The hard pressure removes the tension in some muscles (such as my shoulders and legs) while the light massage pressure helped to relax me and lull me to sleep. When the 90 minutes of massage is over, it will get you craving for more.

Ken mentioned that before suggesting a service for you, they inquire about your current health/ state/ feelings. If you're under physical stress or pressured with school or work just like I was, then this is the right service for you. I promise that it will relax every muscle in your body and send you straight to dreamland.

If you want to read more on Qiwellness, please click the links to our 2 previous posts Qiwellness spa: Impressions and Qiwellness spa: Mother of Pearl Treatment.

Qiwellness (pronounced Chiwellness!) is located at Picasso Suites, 119 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village Makati. Give them a call at 556.18.18/ 836.36.88/ 0916.793.66.66. Or visit their website.

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