Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Afternoon tea at the Shangri-la

To celebrate Soan's birthday, she invited us for Afternoon tea at the Shangri-la, Makati.

The Ambience

The Lounge at Shangri-la is just near the lobby. It's open and has glass walls which makes it an ideal location for tea.

The guests were also treated to beautiful classics played on the piano, violin and flute. My favorite piece would have to be Moonriver because it evokes warm memories of my youth :) The background music was a really nice touch. If the sun wasn't shining so brightly, the mood would have been perfect too for a romantic date :P

The tea

The tea arrived in beautiful China. The kettle contained just hot water after which the waitress poured the dried tea in front us and set the timer (left photo).

Seeing the tea made in front of you was a nice touch. It was great too that the tea were not in tea bags which gives it more authenticity.

We ordered classic Earl Grey, Peach Infusion and hot chocolate (for our non-tea drinker friend)

 The hot chocolate was divine! It was actually the first one to go, since we all wanted to drink it. Haha. I believe it was because the chocolate was not so strong, you can down a few cups easily without getting overwhelmed with the taste.

The food
We had hors d'ouerves with our tea. Since there were six of us, we ordered a bunch of food for sharing:
The Shangrila
The Classic. We got two of this just because the scones were so tempting!
We were actually all very hungry that time (we didn't eat lunch), but for some reason we found ourselves getting full. I think it's because of the diverse spread. The various tastes fool your brain thinking you've already had a lot to eat when in fact you've only downed a handful.

Overall, I believe the afternoon tea at the Shangri-la is one of the must-trys in the Metro--especially if you're tired of going to the same places all the time. The experience is different and whimsical and really does bring you back to the opulent era of Marie Antoinette.

And oh, look who dropped by our tea party:
It's Charice Pempengco! haha. Saw her twice that day, but was too shy to ask for a picture, hence the "paparazzi" shot instead

Thank you S for the treat! Again, Happy birthday!

Wait for our outfit Post in the following days! (maybe tomorrow? *wink!)


  1. Winner-that Charice photo :)

    I had high tea too but at a different place I think. It was very fancy and I felt very guilty afterwards. Bloated! How amazing that there was an orchestra.The hors d'ouerves look yummy! :)

    Bea from A plus B

  2. Decided to push through with the afternoon tea celebration at a place suggested by A. ;)

    Hehe, I agree with you. I felt so full after eating.

  3. Stumbled upon this post, so this very late (as in 6 months late) comment:
    Agree, a winner that pic is of Charice.

    Ahh, you should've asked to be photographed together. If anything, she'd probably even take the cam from you and shoot the pic herself :)

    Lovely. lovely blog overall.


  4. lol! It was actually very, very tempting at the time. The first time we saw her, she smiled at us, which kind of gave the 'opening' that we could grabbed, but I dunno, we just didn't have the guts to ask her


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