Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy-day Outfit Two: Waiting for 2011

Here's Part Deux of my 3-part not-so-special special! I wore this on New Year's Eve. I wanted something flowy (and loose, yet again) so I can enjoy the fireworks without having to worry about my outfit.

Got that shirt from Muji, a Japanese brand. Maybe that's why I felt so zen when I wore it? They recently opened branches here in the Philippines and I got mine at Muji Global City.

People I know, who see me wear this, tell me that the top looks like an apron worn improperly (really high!). Look at how it looks like from the back.

Look at my flats' puffy, starry toppers!
'Apron' top: Muji
Khaki shorts: Mango
Flats: Topshop
Worn with several bangles (not shown in images)

P.S.: Star says "Arf arf!" (which probably means Hello!)

1 comment:

  1. those slippers are so adorable!!

    xxo Tess S.


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