Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love You, ILLY

It was inevitable. I was bound to go back to Illy's at the first chance I get. And true enough, a couple of weeks after, I was sitting in Illy's again enjoying a cup of brew and gorging on a new-found favorite, their tiramisu.

I got an Expresso Freddo Shakerato. I don't really have a full grasp of what it is, I just knew I wanted to drink something cold and so I asked the barista what their top sellers are and he said that. 

Well, what have you, it's actually very very good! I loved it so much! I got sold on the frothy cream on top. It was so good! Much like all the drinks in Illy, this too was not very sweet-- and that is precisely why I enjoy it a lot. The taste was just classy and again, for lack of a better adjective, sophisticated.

*drools* Tiramisuuuuu! I love you my tiramisu! Illy's tiramisu is special with a capital S! First, you're the one who'll pour the expresso over it so you can adjust how strong the coffee flavor is. Second, dollops of cream on top are too tasty!--no wait, there's nothing TOO tasty for me. lol! It's actually cream cheese frosting which in my part of the universe means heaven. It was really, the best tiramisu I've had so far. Just thinking about it now makes my stomach growl in longing. This is tortuuuure!

At the rate I'm going, it won't be long 'til I come back to Illy's. Until my next visit!



  1. omg tiramisu is my fave cake :) this looks sooo yummy. ive never heard of illy. hopefully they have a branch near me :)

    1. Illy's is a must try place! They have branches all over the world so if there's none near your place, maybe you'll chance upon one in your travels :)


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